PHOTO: Towers are up at Spruce Mountain

Erin Cox/Sun Journal

Two wind turbines on Spruce Mountain in Woodstock are among 10 scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, Tom Carroll, project coordinator for Patriot Renewables LLC, said.

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Mike DiCenso's picture


Think of the wood supply lost and the habitat degradation, not to mention the visual impact. What a waste of the land. Maine deserves better than get rich quick schemes by the energy gamers. How could the NRCM battle Plum Creek, then sit idly by while this travesty is wrought upon the mtns? Meanwhile, the Fed money is freeing up and the bridges are getting fixed, negating the silly argument that the wind jobs are needed. Like the other pro wind turbine arguments, they make no sense when scrutinized.

Monique Aniel's picture

Towers are up on Spruce Mountain

"Later that afternoon, Jay Cashman, one of the western hemisphere's largest marine contractors, was fueling his boat at an Osterville dock, when an acquaintance walked over. "We just raised 4 million over at the club this morning to stop that wind farm thing", Cashman's acquaintance said.

Cashman did not bother to answer. He was intrigued. He himself had just started thinking seriously about developing his own offshore windfarms. Turbines could be a great way to make money, he thought, and to help free the country from its dependence on Mideast oil. Right now, we are just rolling wheelbarrows of money over there, Cashman thought to himself, and look what we are getting back for our dollar bills. " (excerpt from Cape Wind p.90 ,by Wendy Williams and Robert Whitcomb).

Jay Cashman is the owner of Patriot Renewables, the wind company
that, like Angus King and Robert Gardiner's Record Hill Wind LLC, is destroying the natural scenic beauty of the Western mountains with monstrous arm waving turbines along miles of ridgeline.

We are not saving any oil with the 20 turbines on Spruce Mtn nor with any wind turbines because our electricity is not produced with oil.

Wind turbines are creating sleep disturbance to people located too close to them. The regulatory agencies know that, so do the developers, the legislators and the Law Courts judges.

Jay Cashman, like Angus King and Robert Gardener, is getting richer at taxpayers expenses with their projects.

Monique Aniel, co-chair
Citizens Task Force on Wind Power

MICHAEL FOX's picture


If people would not have put up such a fuss, we could still have more Hydro-Electric producing dams in our rivers. They were and still are the most reliable for producing electricity. I'd much rather look at a dam than a wind turbine anyday.

Turbines in the Urbines

Another commercial for turbines and how green they are to the people of Maine. That mountain top cost the people of Woodstock a high price. When you consider that the town will take in $440,000 in taxes, have to deal with the possible loss of 75% if Patriot files for Open Space Taxation and decommissioning doesn't begin until year 15 of a 20 year life span project, it would seem that the deal has gone SOUR. As I have said before it is a MATTER of TIME and the charade will play out. The representativeS of the town have not taken the safe steps needed to protect the people that will be affected by this project. Depreciation of camps on Shagg Pond, Concord Pond, Eagles Net, which sits just below this project,along with the view tax received to nearby towns, possibly being lost, there are a lot of things that have been overlooked.
People need to know that the electricity made by this facility is not for the people of Maine. Just because it is built on Maine soil doesn't equal a gain for Maine. This is a Massachusetts company, owned by an international company, who will sell the electricity to out of state customers, the green credits to polluting companies, so thaT they can put out more pollution and still be legal, and the jobs created are not a spit in the bucket compared to what our federal dollars could have been used for insulation and better heating of homes. We have a long road ahead of us and with this project built based on how Mars Hill was done, we may have ourselves a HUGE lawsuit in the future. I pray every day that the wind turbines will not affect my neighbors in the ways that I have researched.Wind Turbine Syndrome Does exist. This is a great learning tool for the town of Woodstock, but I pray it will not be the downfall of the people.

Rose Monez's picture


Cell phone towers have been an eye sore for years but they keep appearing to keep us all connected and happy. The above ground electric/cable/phone wires are not very attractive either. If we have more people who need more power to have more conveniences and don’t wish to conserve then our world will have to continue to adapt.

Brad Blake's picture

No comparison

Rose, you've got to be kidding to compare wind towers with cell towers. These wind turbines extend 403 feet from base to apex of the bird and bat killing blades. This is twice as tall as the tallest building in Maine, Franklin Towers in Portland (202 feet). You can take every cell tower in Oxford County and together, they may equal the mass of just two of these mostrosities and installation of them has been possible without the incredible amount of blasting, leveling, clearing, and road construction this horrendous scar has inflicted on Spruce Mt. Cell service has enhanced our economy and our standard of living and the network has been built entirely by private investment. Wind power, by contrast, would not exist without arbitrary mandates that impose on us the most costly and least effective means of generating electricity and the taxpayer subsidies that prop up an electricity source that would never be competetive without them.

I agree, cell towers are an eyesore. There are too many of them and they haven't been fit into the landscape like they could be to minimize the visual impact. You also mention conservation. We waste so much electricity that it is ridiculous. Just taking the tens of millions Patriot Renewables will get from the Federal government and putting it to work on switches, sensors, software, etc. in ISO-New England grid would reduce consumption rather than see it increase and, at the same time, create far more jobs than does blowing up mountains to install useless wind turbines.

Penny Gray's picture

Wow! Pretty soon area Smart

Wow! Pretty soon area Smart Meters will be spinning backwards and electricity rates will plummet!!! And if you believe that, I'll sell you a rare earth mine in China. Industrial wind has close to zero capacity factor. It's a travesty that these monsters are being erected on our mountains. I only hope Patriot Renewables is fully funded in their decomissioning plans or there will be a very big mess for Woodstock to clean up a few years down the road. This is the same company that did Boston's Big Dig. They've gone from tunnels to turbines. Hang onto your wallets.

Brad Blake's picture


There is nothing good about this photo. It should be condemned and should serve as a wake up call to everyone who loves our mountains, as the Oxford Hills and the western mountains are targets for hundred of these useless 40 story tall machines. It will be a horrible blight on the land as already being seen here on Spruce Mt. and in Roxbury.

Why are we blasting away and leveling our beautiful mountains for an unpredictable, unreliable source of intermittent power that will, at best, produce no more than 30% of its capacity? Because the government is doling our billions of your taxpayer dollars for this folly. Meanwhile, the natural gas powered plant in the Rumford industrial park is relegated to continue as a back up facility. If allowed to operate as a base line producer, it's output 24/7 would be more than all the wind turbines on the drawing boards combined. There is something very seriously wrong with this policy,

Alice Barnett's picture

10 towers

Really, Is this worth the destruction?
WIND has no capacity.
75% WIND does not blow. 10-30% loss in transmission.
The WIND industry tells you the power is sold to Massachusetts. It is all a game. No power goes very far.
WIND companies sell REC and get TPC. Oh, and the second half of the stimulis money.

Woodstock amended rules and allowed 50 decibels at night where humans and animals have been listening to 20 decibels for 10,000 years.

REC = renewable energy credit...TPC = tax production credit


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