Maine to create drug abuse fighting task force

NORTHPORT, Maine (AP) — Gov. Paul LePage and Attorney General William Schneider have announced a plan to form a task force to fight prescription drug abuse.

The creation of the task force was announced Tuesday at a drug abuse summit in Northport.

Schneider says it is likely to propose legislative changes and other initiatives.

Some of the recommendations include training doctors and other prescribers to treat pain and prevent addiction, expand access to addiction treatment and provide more insurance coverage for alternative pain treatments.

The Portland Press Herald reports that the summit also proposed expand the use of Maine's prescription monitoring program, and giving law enforcement more access to the data.

Authorities say nearly 1,400 Mainers have died from overdoses of pharmaceutical drugs in the past decade.

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Jeff Douglas's picture

the answer is simple

do what youve done to every other drug make then illegal. no more prescription drug problem.

Glenn Aho's picture

If only it were that easy.

If only it were that easy.

There's a reason these drugs are used.

Making them illegal would cause so many problems it make my head spin just thinking about it.

Many take these medications as they are supposed to for pain control and to take them away because some people want to abuse them is just plain wrong. You'd be removing any semblance of life those that take them responsibly have. Do you have any idea what it's like to live with Chronic pain? I suspect that if you did you would not be saying, "Make them illegal" Imagine having pain so bad that any movement at all feels like you are being stabbed or burned alive. Sometimes something as simple as just walking to the bathroom can be agony. Imagine not being able to sleep because the pain is so bad. Imagine how quickly your life would deteriorate if you had to deal with this on a daily basis; For many the thought of suicide becomes a likely option. Now imagine a medication lessening these effects and allowing you to resume these basic life functions that so many take for granted. What would you do, continue to live with the pain or take the medication? If you were in this situation I would be willing to bet that you would take the medication.

Unless you have been in this situation you have no idea how life saving Opioid/Opiate pain medications can be. Even still those who have chronic pain do not want to take them but because they have no other options they have no choice.

When the government bans these drugs or restricts them the only ones they are hurting are those who take them as prescribed for medical purposes. If you think drug laws stop addicts, I have some swamp land I'd like to sell you. When was the last time you heard one of them say OH I better not take Heroin because it's illegal?


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