Sanford says caterers violated food license by holding sex parties

SANFORD, Maine — The town of Sanford say the owners of a local business have been holding monthly swingers parties at a banquet hall and says they must stop.

Town officials say Jim and Susan Colley of Springvale have been using the former Knights of Columbus hall to hold the parties for a few months. The parties cost $40 for couples and single men to get in, while single women get in free. The town says the Colleys, who own a catering business that occupies part of the building, do not have a license to operate an adult business.

The code enforcement officer sent the Colleys a letter last week after an undercover officer attended one of their parties. The letter says approximately 40 people attended the most recent party and listed a litany of complaints, including, “Patrons engaged in sex acts in the immediate proximity of food that was prepared and/or served to patrons,” and that the Colleys “knowingly received and admitted patrons to the Premises for purposes of engaging in and/or exhibiting or observing for entertainment purposes, nude entertainment, and live sex acts.”

The letter says the offenses constitute tumultuous conduct, nuisances, prostitution and public indecency, and obscenity.

Despite the involvement of police, the letter only lists code violations. A spokesman for the Sanford Police Department told the Bangor Daily News that “there was no criminal activity taking place in the facility.”

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 's picture

Capitalism Got to love it No

Got to love it
No law broken just code violations.

Easy fix

KRIS KUCERA's picture

Please . . .

. . . hold the Hollandaise sauce. *gag*

Talk about pigs in a blanket. Hey, nice sausage!

As they say, you are what you eat. Tossed salad, anyone?

 's picture


im trying to figure out how someone creates a nuisance, is being publicly indecent, and obscene when they were at a private function? and how does Prostitution play into this? your not paying for sex nor is sex garunteed?
Does this mean that every swingers function is in violation of the law?

KRIS KUCERA's picture

So . . .

. . . you're okay with the all-you-can-fornicate buffet? I'll stick to TV dinners, thanks.

Caligula Catering -- "Where every meal is HOT, and you can have your cake and [bleep] it too."

 's picture

the article dosent mention

the article dosent mention any food related violations. seems like a waste of time on the cops part.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

It is a waste of their time.

However, it's disgraceful to the Knights of Columbus, to the notion that fo0d caterers have good taste (pun intended), and in relation to stopping the spread of STDs. You can bang away, for all I care, with whomever, but when it hurts to go pee, double down on the antibiotics.

I just find this whole thing funny. Thus my hopelessly puerile posts. Hmmm, smells like tuna. . . .

GARY SAVARD's picture

Obviously, there should not

Obviously, there should not be any food left about during these parties for health reasons. Serve a light buffet at closing time or something. Problem solved.


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