Live Chat on Question 1: Same-day voter registration

At noon Wednesday, Oct. 26, the topic will be the effort to repeal a recently enacted change to Maine's voter-registration laws. After 38 years of same-day voter registration, the Maine Legislature in 2011 approved a change that would require voters to be registered at least two days prior to an election.

Joining us for this conversation will be Shenna Bellows, executive director of the Maine Civil Liberties Union and a member of the political action committee Protect Maine's Vote, which launched the people's veto initiative aimed at repealing the law and keeping same-day voter registration.

On the opposing side will be state Rep. John McKane, R-Newcastle, a supporter of the two-day-registration waiting period. Bellows and McKane will take questions from both our online audience and moderators from the Sun Journal.

Joining the conversation for the Sun Journal will be political reporter Steve Mistler, Regional Editor Scott Thistle and Web Editor Pattie Reaves.

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Rep. Jonathan McKane speaks much about "potential" but not much about actual because there are actually very, very few miscreants taking advantage of what, in a free society, will always be a potential.

Same day registration

Should be abolished. I will vote "NO". When I was in High school history class I learned that I should take part in all elections because it was a privilage and my civic duty. I learned that do do sdo I had to register whenever I moved to a new town and show proof to that move. I always have done that within my first week . It should be one of the first things everyone does. Being involed in local politics I do not like the fact that it costs involved in same day voting is unnecessary. There is a great deal to be saved in not allowing it to continue. It is time for change. I think each state should be automated with all communities that when a person registers in another community that the registering clerk can go on line and delete from community moved from and be on a state registry of change so people can't commit fraudulent voting in multiple municipalities. I think absentee ballots deadline should be 5 days prior to any election. And register deadline should be 30 dyas befoer an election. So if these standards are not met you don't be allowed to vote. We have helped people to become lazy. Let's put and end to laziness. Vote "NO" Change is good.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

Poll Tax, revisited

This new legislation is a modern day poll tax, nothing less. Its goal is to dissuade minorities (one estimate shows that 25% of minorities lack photo ID) and young people from taking the democratic plunge -- and voting against Republicans. (Republican bumper sticker: Repeal the Enlightenment!)

I will be voting Yes on 1, fo' shizzle.

GARY SAVARD's picture

I'm sure most democrats will

I'm sure most democrats will be voting Yes on 1, Kris, and likely for the same reasons most republicans will be voting No on 1. It's to protect their best interests in each case, regardless of the crap tossed about regarding voter rights, voter fraud, etc. by both sides.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

I'm no Democrat.

I have a spine, thus I was disqualified. I'm an unenrolled voter who is often forced to vote Democrat because the Republican candidates are usually right-wing whackos who believe in Creationism, revisionist history, and Grover Nordquist dogma. If Jon Huntsman won the R nomination, I would seriously consider voting for him. Too bad he's too reasonable, smart, and experienced to get the R nomination.


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