Integrity of the elections

This is in response to David Marquis' letter (Oct. 13), written in response to my letter of Oct. 10,

Referendum Question 1 is where a "no" vote preserves the current law on voter registration. The current law does not take away anyone’s right to vote (disenfranchising) as many claim. It simply moves the registration deadline back two business days so election clerks can ensure the integrity of the election. Forty-one other states have similar laws. New York has a 30-day and Massachusetts a 20-day deadline.

There are 250 days per year when one can register in Maine. Infirmed citizens can register and vote by mail.

Some organizers have made a practice of bringing unregistered individuals at the last moment to register and vote (when there is no time to thoroughly check their credentials). Are they also told how to vote? Do the citizens of Maine want important issues decided by these people?

Secretary of State Charles Summers’ “witch hunt” on a random sampling of registrations found several non-citizens registered to vote and, according to a talk by Summers, an 80 percent rate of registration card error.

Maine’s election process is ripe for fraud. The current law is a first step in correcting the circumstances.

I cannot understand why some Democrats and their allies object to a mildly restrictive registration law that is in place in so many other states.

Surely the Democrats and their allies want honest elections and, therefore, should vote no on Question 1.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

Editor's note: The above letter has been revised to correct an error regarding non-citizens found to be listed on Maine's voter lists by Secretary of State Charlie Summers.

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CRYSTAL WARD's picture

"Chicken Little"

Do you remember the story of "Chicken Little" who ran around yelling "the sky is falling, the sky is falling, after being hit on the head with and acorn. Chicken Little caused fear and panic with his constant repeating of "the sky if falling" Well, it is the Chicken Little Strategy that is currently being used on question one.
If you run around asking “there is voter fraud, there is voter fraud or there could be voter fraud, there could be voter fraud “-- you can panic, cause fear and get people to believe.
The Chicken Little Strategy continues even after all the investigations, data gathering, and fact checking shows Maine does not have a problem with voter fraud.
Just like Chicken Little learns that an acorn falling on his head does not mean the sky is falling, the people of Maine have learned that using the Chicken Little Strategy on the voter registration issue makes no sense -- the sky is not falling!
Vote Yes on 1--

Bob Woodbury's picture

This law is a solution...

...looking for a problem.

Jonathan McKane's picture

Mark - we haven't found much

Mark - we haven't found much vote fraud over the last 30 years in Maine because no one has looked for it! If we had no police on the highways, I guess you guys would say that no one was speeding.

Mark Wrenn's picture

no evidence

You have no sources or evidence, yet you're just sure there's a lot of fraud going on. Oh, okay.

Jonathan McKane's picture

Mark - google [any state] and

Mark - google [any state] and "vote" and "fraud." Add "jail time" or "conviction" if you want. It is hard to find a state that hasn't dealt with this epidemic.

Jason Theriault's picture

I just did.

Found 3 unique cases of fraud in the US on the first page using your search. Oh lordy, the fraud is an epidemic! I mean, according to other sources, I think there has been 2 cases of voter fraud in the state in 20 years.

Yup, certainly worth enacting legislation that could disenfranchise tens of thousands of legal voters.

It's ok though, because from the polling I've seen, this law is going bye bye. So dislike all you want, I'm right and my side will prevail

Jonathan McKane's picture

Mark - We mention the 41

Mark - We mention the 41 other states for a number of reasons. First, it shows that voter registration security is a national problem. Second, it shows that requesting only 2 days is not draconian at all. Third, it shows that "blue" states like California, New York and Massachusetts are also concerned and have done something about it. Maine is not immune to other crimes like embezzlment, theft, murder, drugs - why do you believe that Maine is immune to voter fraud when it is happening all over the country?

Mark Wrenn's picture


"it is happening all over the country?" Well, if it's happening every where, you ought to be able to supply gazillions of examples with sources, right? Not a single one?

Jason Theriault's picture

If everyone else jumped off a bridge

Would you?

Maine has the highest voter participation rate, and no cases of fraud have been reported. Thats excellent and shouldn't be messed with.

GARY SAVARD's picture

If 41 other states have

If 41 other states have similar or more restrictive voter registration laws on their books, then just maybe there is a reason for such laws. Last minute registration opens the door to voter fraud and a two business day deadline before an election isn't going to hamper anyone's voting ability if that person really wants to vote.

Mark Wrenn's picture

silly defense

When was the last time your mom let you get away with the old "everybody else does it" defense? "Forty-one other states have similar laws." "...restrictive registration law that is in place in so many other states." As Maine voters, we should aspire to be average? Is that what dirigo means? Here's a silly question, why does the Maine GOP want to discourage voting?

David  Cote's picture

Here's a better question

Why do registered voters with a profound liberal bias want to keep same day registration? To protect voter rights? Garbage answer. An unregistered person may, at their own leisure walk into a city hall or town office during business hours and simply register. Stories of inconvienence are simply just that, stories. Better yet, fables. Since that reason is shot down what is the left's motivation here? I agree the right's motive is to protect their voter demographics since same day registrants tend to vote left of center. Bottom line is the reasoning is similar for each side. I don't need the right polluting the discussion with claims of possible voter fraud with same day registration. It's not like this is some third world country. Then again, the left is full of it as well given their claims I mentioned earlier. I'm registered and I don't care how this goes since I'm undeclared. Stop with the smokescreens and be honest about your motives because the people in the middle see right through the distortions both sides represent and, frankly, the views from both sides stink.

Mark Elliott's picture




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