Wells mom pleads guilty to leaving baby in hot car

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) — A Maine woman has pleaded guilty to a child endangerment charge after police say she left her 6-month-old baby in a hot car during the summer while she went shopping in Portsmouth, N.H.

The Portsmouth Herald reports that 32-year-old Renee Ramsey of Wells, Maine, was fined $1,200, with $800 suspended pending one year of good behavior. She also was ordered to attend parenting classes.

Police said an officer broke one of the car windows to remove the baby on Aug. 6, who was later released to a relative after being examined at the hospital. The temperature outside was 81 degrees, and officers measured the temperature inside the car at 117 degrees.

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We all know the state of Maine's economic crisis, I say if we build more jails to house the crazy-ass abusers of people and animals then staff it with unemployed people them most of MAINE WOULD BE EMPLOYED, well the ones that want to be !!! This is a "two birds with one stone effect" 1. rid the streets and protect victims from abusers. 2. create many jobs in Maine.

This has got to stop

Really, is it safe to leave a baby/child/animal in this ladies company??? It is clear she lacks the capacity for rational judgment. The consequences are far to great to take chances that she will make better judgments in the future. This is what is sooooo wrong with the system, it continuously lets people do abusive things to others and walk away to do it again. We need to build more jails and staff them with victims who will lovingly attend to the abusers.


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