Please support RSU 16 budget

On Nov. 8, voters in the RSU 16 area will be voting on a budget for the fourth time. The proposed budget will decrease the property tax in Mechanic Falls, will increase the Poland tax rate minimally, and have a more substantial increase in Minot. This is due incremental implementation of the funding formula

In order to bring Minot to a zero tax increase, the budget would be decimated by decreasing it about $300,000. This would hurt the education of students. Their education is already suffering by reduced opportunities in programs offered to them.

Some argue that pay raises should not be granted to the staff because some citizens have not received a raise. Using that logic, it could always be argued that if a single person or small group doesn’t get a raise, then no one should.

Pay raises are necessary to retain and attract qualified staff. The RSU has lost highly qualified teachers to other districts which have a higher pay scale and better programs to help students.

None of us want to pay more taxes than necessary. We all want students to receive an education that will prepare them to go out into the world and be able to earn a reasonable living. Sometimes, increases are necessary.

Last year, federal stimulus funds minimized the amount funded through property taxes. Those funds are no longer available and now have to be raised through property taxes.

We must vote yes on the RSU 16 budget.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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Fred Walther's picture

Stans thoughts on RSU16 salaries

I guess the figures that I have seen are unknown to him. Under the "Merit Pay" plan, teachers in our high school at Step 15 as an example, earn $52,574 while the same teacher at Oxford Hills gets $44,471. Our teachers pay ZERO toward their benefits while the standard in other schools is a 20% contribution. Furthermore, we have teachers getting 20 sick days per year (or lieu cash) while 10 sick days is the norm elsewhere. If we have teachers leaving for other schools, our administration better look to the reasons because it certainly is for better pay!

Bernice Fraser's picture


fiscal year for RSU16 ending 2010, staff, stipends, substitutes, and cash -in-lieu,$10,657,650.43.
fiscal year ending for 2011, staff, stipends, substitutes,and cash-in-lieu,$11,411,211.23. this is after having cut 74 positions. You do the math.

Tammy English's picture

As Stan said, individually

As Stan said, individually these raises are small. No one is getting rich from them. I, too, believe that they are necessary to keep and attract qualified staff. I know my kids deserve that and I feel that our community as a whole does too!


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