Speak with loud voice

After going through another night of trying to do the right things by both the children and taxpayers, the taxpayers of RSU 16 were given a deaf ear.

One of three different proposals was presented by a selectman of Poland to go back to last year's expenditures with a 6 percent increase — which gave the school board every position and number of new teachers asked for. All that selectman got for his trouble, from a majority of those present, was blatant hatred.

As the vice chairman of the Mechanic Falls Budget Committee, I would recommend to the citizens of Mechanic Falls that they vote "no" in a loud enough voice so a smaller version of the budget will be offered next time.

Ollie Emery, Mechanic Falls

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David  Cote's picture

Echoing the message

As a resident and taxpayer of the town of Minot I am voting no, again. The increases asked for don't measure up to the benefits discussed and, speaking from a selfish standpoint, I find the monetary breakdown between the three towns involved to be quite unfair. The budget committee needs to sharpen their pencils a bit more.

Tammy English's picture

I was present at that

I was present at that meeting, and there was no "blatant hatred" given. While I may not have agreed with it, I, like the rest, simply voted (by secret ballot) to reject the proposal. I just don't understand what more those opposed to this budget want to see my kids lose...is it their excellent teachers and staff because they can go elsewhere and provide a better life for their own families, is it more music education, is it the few advanced placement classes we offer, sports, co-curricular activities? I have yet to hear a good argument for eliminating anything we have, and I believe it is because we don't have anything to lose!

Bernice Fraser's picture

I was present

I too was present at the last meeting, and I too heard the disrespect directed to the Poland selectman. Nothing in his presentation would have cut any thing from your children.
School budgets have been the same for as long as I have been voting. We could give them millions every year and they will find ways of spending the money,and ask for more the following year. But in the end most children will still end up with a poor education. Our AYP test scores shows that every year. Those who go into teaching to become rich have gone into the wrong field. Those who go into teaching because they want to open up children's mind to the wonders of the world will do so with the love and joy they get in return. If you are afraid your child teacher will leave for a better paying teacher position then maybe her calling is not to be a teacher.
Teachers are being paid fairly with great insurances, sick day leaves, and many weeks off during the year to enjoy their families, hobbies or other pursuits.
Let us see improvement in test scores, let us see students fill out a job resume that is readable and understandable. Let them prepare children to be able to live in the real world, let us see some changes. Not all, if any will be great athlete, and make millions, that is a dream world. Many cannot even make money change without the help of the computerize cash register. School teaching system have to change. But right now we dont see that change in fact see a large population of students not being ready for the work force, or needing remedial help to get into college.
To quote an old commercial "show us the beef". Let us see an improvement, then maybe these pay raises will be justified.
With salaries for staff, substitutes, and stipend and cash- in- lieu adding up to $10,657,650.23 in fiscal year 2010 and $11,411,211.23 in fiscal year ending 2011, does not sound like any one is going without. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for most of the tax payers paying these salaries.


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