On the street: What's your opinion of Lewiston's fireworks ban?

Lewiston joined the list of Maine communities voting to ban the sale and use of private fireworks, passing over plans that would have created fireworks zones and allowed residents to use fireworks at certain times of the year. Instead, City Councilors opted for a complete ban. Here's what some residents had to say.

Justin Jewell, 30, Auburn

Aaron Yoscovitch, 36, Lewiston

Maurice Carrier,78, of Lewiston

Perry Chan, 17, Lewiston

Erin Dehetre, 25, of Lewiston:

"It's inappropriate not to regulate it. People are just going to set more fires, just because they can."

 Janet Morin, 41, Lewiston: 

"They need to regulate it. I think the state should regulate. I don't think it should be up to the cities, or it's going to wreak havoc everywhere."

Justin Jewell, 30, Auburn: 

"I think explosives should be best left to people that are knowledgeable. I'm thinking there will be missing fingers, blown-up cats, blown-up mailboxes and all kinds of stuff going on downtown.

"Maybe if there was an age limit, like 21. But even then, just like alcohol, you'd have older guys buying stuff for kids. If you just find the right guy, you can get some fireworks."

Aaron Yoscovitch, 36, Lewiston:

"Banning them in the city is useful, because there are just too many kids that will use them and just end up starting fires. I think that maybe they should be available for sale, but not used in the city limits.

Maurice Carrier,78, of Lewiston:

"As far as I'm concerned, the people going and buying fireworks, I'm not for that. As long as the city does their shows, that's good."

Perry Chan, 17, Lewiston:

"Now that they're legal (in the state), more people can get a hold of them. People were shooting them off before they were legal. So what's going to stop them now?"


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Lets think about it......carelessness (intoxication/ drugs), fire, preventable injuries. These for starters. Responsible people, put some thought into this. You know where it leads. Let's say NO to fireworks!k

 's picture

I think that the original City Council vote should stand

because that's what the vote was. They ignored their own governing rules (suspended them,) in order to re-vote on an issue and change the outcome of the vote. That is not right, regardless of whether I agree or disagree with the ban. That is by far the bigger issue for me. It is hard to put trust in our City Council if they feel that they can do this whenever they choose.

Larry T. Doughty's picture

Fireworks ban by City Council

Unfortunate. Give the people the opportunity, and see how it works out. The law can always be changed. We here in Brewer are on the verge of approving the use and sale. Bangor has said NO. Hence, citizens of that city will be coming to Brewer, purchase and enjoy themselves back home. Meanwhile, the Bangor police will be forced to spend hours and hours, trying to track down those 'violators'.

David Marsters's picture


I feel it is a waste of tax payers money to have a ban on fireworks. There isn't enough police go after people who shoot them off. It would cost more to prosecute than what the fine would be. That is what is wrong with country to many laws that can't be enforced.

Mike Miles's picture

Reply to David Marsters

It is curious to hear you say that a fireworks ban is unworkable, because before the legislation was passed allowing people to hgave such fireworks (and it was just a few months ago), it DID work. Prosecutions were infrequent, because people understood that they were illegal. And prosecutions were also infrequent because sensible people noticed that people who were getting illegal fireworks were blowing their fingers off and hurting themseleves and others. This is a law that can be enforced. Moreover, it is a sensible one. And I find your argument that costs of prosecution would be more than the fines generated to be silly. We don't prosecute crimes to generate revenue. We do it to preserve the public order, and in this case to keep people safe from morons who use explosives irresponsibly.


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