Benefits of wind power

As Maine looks at the economic development opportunities available, it must consider the very real benefits that wind power offers all of us who live and work here.

Wind projects create construction jobs and provide additional business for host communities. They create a number of permanent jobs and provide hundreds of thousands of dollars of much-needed new tax revenues for towns around our state. This revenue is often put to immediate use by lowering local property tax bills or repairing roads and building new facilities.

Wind power does not tax our infrastructure by putting additional children in our schools, sucking water out of the ground, sending additional sewage to our treatment plants, or putting additional traffic on our roads.

The land on which these wind projects are built is leased by the developers, thus causing an income stream for landowners. Mainers often forget that we are able to enjoy so much private land for recreational uses, including fishing, hunting and camping. Allowing the landowners the chance to realize income for their property is very important to our overall quality of life.

Finally, wind turbines are working for Maine people. They are spinning in a number of rural towns, generating clean, renewable energy and helping to move us from dependence on foreign fuel sources.

In Maine,we’ve always enjoyed being independent. Wind power moves us closer to being energy-independent.

Pat Defilipp, Auburn

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Mark Belanger's picture

Pat you are right on. Here in

Pat you are right on. Here in Rumford a small group of people have controlled the narative and created an ordinance that will not allow a single wind turbine in Rumford if passed. How sad that history keeps repeating its self here. Peter, Jim, Roger, Lee and company great job holding Rumford back one more time. Very short sighted. Please vote no on the Rumford wind ordinance. Take a stand for land owner rights.

Edward Bulger's picture

See no evil

You remind me of one of those chimps in that classic picture. In this case it's the see no evil. In my opinion if the 1st ordinance had been understood by the voters it would have passed. The voters were voting against wind turbines. We have a better understanding now and the vote will pass. Growing up on Maple St. I always loved to look out across the beautiful hills of our valley in awe of God’s creation. We have the $20 view on the east side of the street. The people who live on the west side have the $100,000 view from their back yards. They have no houses; no cars no power lines and no industrial wind turbines to ruin their view of White Cap. I’m glad for them and just happy I don’t have the wind turbines to completely ruin the view I see. I know I am just talking about what we would see so why not talk a bit about how useless these eye sores are at producing electricity. How few jobs are created by the wind turbine industry? How the health problems attributed to them keep coming to light. How building these things with steel made in Vietnam pollutes the air. They are wrong for way to many reasons and you cannot prove there would be a great tax break or a savings in what we pay for electricity. Stop complaining about the few. There are many of us not a few. Take your hands away from your eyes. Instead put them over your mouth. It might be wise if you stop speaking evil.

 's picture

short sighted

Mark, Did you make a foilage run up SCENIC route 17 through Oquoosic this year? Do you like what you see? How about the transmission lines? How are they looking? I quess I am too short sighted to see.

 's picture

Pat is a paid shill for wind

Gawd, where to begin! First, Pat Difillip, who likely is a nice enough and earnest fellow, is a project manager for Reed & Reed, the company that erects all the wind turbine towers because, as they brag, they own the biggest crane in New England. He is paid to go to every conceivable public comment meeting or hearing related to wind power development to push in his folksy way, the agenda of his company and the wind industry. I'm saddened that he did not have the integrity to disclose his role.

His letter is filled with wind industry bravada, distortions, half-truths and misinformation. Far too numerous to point out. He also doesn't say a bit about all the negatives such as blowing apart mountains and ridges, leveling hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of ridges for pad sites, the huge roads that are constructed to get Reed & Reed's gigantic crane in place to hoist parts of these monstrous pinwheels into place, etc.

The Sun-Journal's readership area in Oxford and Franklin counties are the target area for sprawling industrial wind sites with ridges sprouting 450 foot tall turbines. Get involved in stopping this onslaught. For more information, go to

Steve  Dosh's picture

Benefits of wind power

. . ....Robert you are wrong • 1 3 4 years ? Why would T . Boone Pickens be investing US$Billions if that be the case ?
* Shakes head s l o w l y back and forth *
Become more in formed ? /s, Steve Dosh , Puna County Hawai'i , hom eof ---> <-- a ted Turner company ( not necessarily an endorsement , LSJ ® :) Thursday 5 pm hst •

 's picture

No credibility

You lose your credibility as soon as you cite wikipedia as a reference. It is well known that entries in wikipedia are tightly controlled by the wind industry and their supporters. I know this from direct experience of trying to add information to wikipedia entries. This is not unusual for controversial issues in wikepedia. Now, having said that, I will admit to bias in suggesting in my other comment on this page that people get involved and go to a decidedly anti-wind power website.

 's picture

Now, for the drawbacks :

Now, for the drawbacks :
Your electric bills go up. Wind is a high priced alternative at producing electricity
Properties near wind farms become devalued, sound is a serious issue.
Their intermittent natures forces the industry to keep reliable producers at stand by.
They are high maintenance and, at best, have a hopeful twenty year life.
They are hand picked by the government, not the best ones to pick good business ventures.
And, most of all, your electric bills will go up and up and up.

Gary Steinberg's picture

Reed and Reed Talks here, DUH, are they a Wind SHILL?

Come on Sun Journal, Pat Defilipp is the project manager for Reed and Reed, putting up Wind Turbines for First Wind and others all over Maine!
Do you think there should be a disclaimer here?

Duh, is THIS AN AD FOR THEM, and DID YOU get paid for it?

 's picture

Now that these industrial

Now that these industrial wind projects are spinning in a number of rural towns and townships, let's see the figures on how much energy they are producing, how many residents are being employed full time as a result of the project and how much the local property taxes have plummeted. So far, industrial wind has never had to prove that it can generate any usuable amount of power. They state nameplate capacity figures and forget to mention that when the wind doesn't blow, NO power is being produced, which is probably why they classify actual KWH being produced at these industrial sites as "proprietary information". In other words, they don't really want anyone to know the poor capacity factor of these giant towers. In Carthage, the landowner being courted by Patriot Renewables threatened to close off all his land to recreational use if Patriot Renewables didn't get their permit. When Roxanne Quimby supposedly used the same tactics to promote a national park, she was called all sorts of bad names. Frankly, those wind turbines aren't working for me or for many other Mainers, but we'll be paying for them for a very long time.

 's picture

oh my

You say, "They are spinning in a number of rural towns, generating clean, renewable energy and helping to move us from dependence on foreign fuel sources."

WIND has NO capacity.

A fuel source will remain at all times as a back-up to WIND.

Foreign? As in Hydro-Quebec?

Governor, put hydro back on the renewables list. Please?


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