Stand up and win

I have lived in Lewiston-Auburn for seven years and it still amazes me how the rest of the state puts the area down. Why do we let them?

The Bangor and Portland newspapers came out favoring Question 2 and against the Lewiston entertainment complex. They even said, “... a casino in Lewiston is one too many.”

What is up with that?

Developers want to spend $100 million putting people to work next summer.

Then I hear, “Oxford has one; Lewiston can’t compete.” Lewiston can’t compete with Oxford? What? Then why is Oxford spending so much money to stop the competition?

Do you think a convention center in Oxford will bring shoppers to downtown Lewiston? Where will Lewiston-Auburn people spend their Friday nights after going to a show in Oxford? Do you think they will come back to L-A for a drink and a meal?

There will be a convention center in Oxford, pulling all the people and money out of downtown L-A, or there can be two, competing to provide the best service and entertainment.

Other people in the state put down this area, but we have a choice. We can sit around and believe we are failures or we can stand up and win.

People here need to take some pride in the community. Those of us who are tired of the rest of the state pushing us around need to stand united and vote “yes” on Question 3 on Nov. 8. We need jobs here, too.

Dennis Graise, Auburn

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ERNEST LABBE's picture

Question ??

Where would people go shopping in downtown Lewiston or Auburn?

 's picture


Where would they shop in Oxford? Walmart? As they said in the movie Field of Dreams, "Build it and they will come" That's what Oxford is doing.


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