Death of Lewiston woman remains under investigation

LEWISTON — Police said Thursday the autopsy results on the remains of a woman found Wednesday afternoon inside an Oxford Street apartment are pending further investigation.

Samantha Folsom

Detectives from the Lewiston Police Department and Maine State Police are continuing to interview neighbors, family and friends. Evidence gathered from the apartment where the body was found in a closet is being analyzed at the Maine State Police Crime Lab in Augusta, state police spokesman Stephen McCausland said.

Police are calling the death "unexplained."

They identified the body as Samantha Folsom, 26, formerly of Greene.

Police said Folsom was found dead when her parents went to check on her Wednesday afternoon. The woman had been living in the apartment for at least a year, according to court records.

Her parents became concerned because they had not heard from their daughter in a while, they told police. On her Facebook page, Folsom's last post was early in the morning of Nov. 3.

Erica Norton said Thursday she and Folsom were best friends during their years at Leavitt Area High School.

They had fallen out of touch in recent years. Folsom had "started to hang out with the wrong crowd of people," Norton said.

She said Folsom was caring and had a fun-loving spirit. They were cheerleaders together in high school. Norton moved out of her mother's house in Turner and into Folsom's home with her parents in Greene for a while, Norton said.

"We were like sisters," she said.

After high school, Norton said she and another mutual friend rented an apartment on River Street in Lewiston, where Folsom often stayed.

She was married to Jesse Folsom and had a child, Darren, who is about 3 years old, Norton said. The child did not live with her, friends said.

Samantha Folsom was "bubbly and outgoing," Norton said. "She liked to party and have a good time."

Adam Grandmaison said he had been friends with Samantha for seven or eight years. He described her as spontaneous and outgoing, a young woman who liked to have a good time. She was adventurous, he said, not prone to gloom.

"The last time I talked to her was two weeks ago," Grandmaison said. "I went to her place to hang out."

A short time later, Folsom posted on her Facebook page that she had broken up with her boyfriend.

"Well surprise surprise," Folsom wrote, shortly after midnight Nov. 3. "Wasnt good enough for him... Huh... His loss??"

According to Grandmaison, Folsom had been going out with that particular man for a short time. Grandmaison said he didn't hear from Samantha for a few days, but didn't think much about it.

"I figured she was just laying low," he said.

Neighbors reported hearing nothing out of the ordinary at Folsom's apartment in recent days. There was not a lot of speculation — at least not publicly — about what had happened to her. Like police and others, her friends and family were hoping to learn more in coming days.

 "We're all just waiting for answers," Grandmaison said.

Sources at the scene said the body was discovered inside a closet. One source said the body was covered with a tarp. Police did not confirm those reports.

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