Went too far

If anyone wants to see the personification of arrogance, just look at Mayor Larry Gilbert’s face on the front page of the Sun Journal on Nov. 9.

I don’t know Mayor Gilbert but have met him many times. He’s had a great career as a police officer, U.S. marshal and mayor. But to think he knows what is best for the people of Lewiston and the state is going a little too far.

And to turn to name-calling shows his true colors as a Democrat — if you don’t win, blame the Republicans or someone else.

Mayor Gilbert should understand the truth: The people of Maine did not want the casino.

I don’t think much attention was paid to Gov. Paul LePage’s remarks, or the opponents of the casino issue. Voters just didn’t want it.

It is also interesting that, according to the tally results, two wards in Lewiston were against the issue.

I guess the question might be, how was Mayor Gilbert going to gain from a win with the casino vote? By becoming head of security? Might be a question worth asking.

Alan Elze, Auburn

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 's picture

Mayoe Gilbert is only interested in Larry,

The only person I know who constantly walks around expressing ,"Look at Me I'm Larry Gilbert". The man that consistently takes the long way to a seat in a gathering, so people will notice him, and holds the same political views as former Mayor Kiele Tara.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Good post, David. One could

Good post, David. One could easily subscribe to that view, the Tara part in particular.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Pretty tough on him, Alan

Even though I voted no on 2 and 3 I believe Gilbert's intentions may have been genuine. It is regretful that after the defeat he simply didn't say,"the people of Maine have spoken, now lets put our heads together and come up with another use for old #5."
It's nice to see the SJ is doing what Gilbert should have done, that is, appealing to the public for constructive ideas for the building and (or) the location. CHEERS for the Sun Journal!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Like the parrot said the

Like the parrot said the other day, "Lewiston sure could use another parking garage". Or, "How about this one?" he mused, "A huge Spatula Emporium would be fantastic".
Such a silly bird.


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