Cyclist hit by car in Lewiston

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

A bicycle ridden by Adam Ouellette, 36, of Lewiston lies in the middle of Russell Street in Lewiston on Saturday. Ouellette was struck by a car at the corner of Russell and College streets.

LEWISTON — A Lewiston cyclist was struck by a car at the corner of College and Russell streets Saturday evening. He was taken to Central Maine Medical Center with what police considered nonlife-threatening injuries.

The man's brother identified him as Adam Ouellette, 36. Ouellette's brother, Jason, lives down the street and said Adam was visiting him and had ridden to a nearby store on his bike. He got worried when Adam didn't return. At the corner he found his brother had been hit by a car. 

Although witnesses who reported the incident told police the bicyclist was unconscious and initially appeared to be severely injured, Jason Ouellette said his brother seemed to be OK.

"They said he's not real bad. They're worried about internal injuries," he said.

Little information was immediately available Saturday night, but police said a car struck a cyclist around 6:30 p.m. At the scene, Adam Ouellette's twisted bicycle lay in the middle of Russell Street, just outside the crosswalk and several feet from a small pool of blood.

The name of the driver was not immediately available Saturday. No one was arrested.

Ouellette was listed in serious condition late Saturday night.

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Phyllis Hyde's picture

I had a 23-year-old nephew

I had a 23-year-old nephew who was killed almost instantly in 2005 when a car struck him while he was riding a bicycle.

It is true that bicyclists have to follow the rules of the road, but drivers of cars have to also recognize that a bicyclist is just the same as a driver in a car.

In the case of my nephew, he was on the side of the road going straight through an intersection. A car had slowed down in the oncoming lane to make a left-hand turn at the intersection. Since he was going straight and she was making a left-hand turn, my nephew had the right of way. The woman driving the car made the left-hand turn anyway, though, right in front of my nephew who was unable to stop and hit the side of her car. Her outside mirror gouged out a large chunk of his neck and severed his carotid artery. He bled to death on the side of the road within moments of the accident.

If you see someone on a bicycle, imagine that he/she is in a car and treat them as you would another car. In the case of my nephew, he was so close to the intersection that the woman, had she pictured him in a car, would never have made the turn, because she would have recognized that an oncoming car going straight through an intersection has the right-of-way (assuming there are no traffic lights to say otherwise), and would have waited for him to pass before making the turn.

I think that she figured, since she was in a car and he was on a bicycle, that she automatically had the right-of-way, and he was required to stop, and that is not true. His bicycle is a vehicle, just like a car or a truck, and has the same rights and responsibilities as a car or truck.

Stephanie Johnson's picture

I agree with so many of the

I agree with so many of the comments on here... Last night, I was pulling off Lisbon St and onto Main St and a woman almost walked in front of my car! She was in the crosswalk, but my traffic light was GREEN- which means she (the pedestrian) needs to pay attention and stop. She obviously wasn't paying attention AT ALL to where she was walking.. but luckily, last minute she decided to stop and waived for the cars to go ahead. I'm surprised there aren't more incidents of cyclists and pedestrians being hit in downtown Lewiston...

 's picture

bike safety

aren't you supposed to WALK YOUR BIKE when you cross the street? wear an orange vest when riding at night? use reflectors and a bike light when riding at night? be aware of traffic around you? few think about bike safety anymore, except for the people driving the cars.

 's picture


No one pays attention anymore. cyclists and pedestrians still have to watch for turning cars. Granted if they are in a crosswalk they have the right of way. but to wait to cross until the light turns green and a car starts turning is suicide. last night i was behind a car going up college st. It turned left on bartlett then started turning left on ash st. I honked but the car turned anyway and almost ran the car coming down ash street off the road. People also stop at ash and bartlett because they think there is a stop sign. I've had cars at the bridge on main st run through red lights almost rear-ending me. So pay attention. Get off the phone, wear reflective clothing and use a bike light. cyclists have to follow the rules as if they were driving a car. They have the right of way but only if they follow the rules. eveyone is always in a hurry and have no patience anymore.

Mike Meserve's picture

I was there, the cyclist

I was there, the cyclist nearly hit my own car. I was at a red light on the inside lane. The lights went green, and I started to accelerate slowly. He passed in front of my car by 6 inches if that. The driver of the other car, had slowed down behind me a distance back for the red but started up when it went green. The cyclist hit the mans Mazda in teh outside lane and was tossed approx. ten feet or so into the air. and the bike landed where it is in the pic. As I threw on my hazards, people in a late green minivan nearly hit the cyclist as he was on the ground. The poor guy almost got run over by those idiots that were not paying attention. I called 911 and police, sheriff and fire dept were there in 2 mins.


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