A. Robinson: Tip of the iceberg

The situation at Penn State is but the tip of the iceberg for facing the realities of the sexual depravities committed daily against children and women. It is and has been a crime perpetrated by an element of the sexually deviant male population globally.

It is not isolated to a particular group, nationality, or race. The information is out there for anyone with the stomach to tolerate it.

Sexual slavery and bondage are as old as humankind. Children and women are powerless against the physical dominance of these sexual predators. Only in the past century has the modern world begun to make and enforce laws against these horrific crimes.

It will require recognition by, and the strength of, the good men on this planet to conquer it; to hear the voices of the sufferers and to, hopefully, find the conscience and courage to battle this terrible evil.

Ann Robinson, Turner and West Roxbury, Mass.

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Ann Robinson's picture


To all the men who responded to my letter:

I have heard enough from all of you. I have putting up with
your crap for two days. My mistake was to respond at all,
to dignify your moronic accusations and arguments.

I committed no crime. I wrote a "letter to the editor",
it was published in 3 newspapers. My credibility is not
in question.

At my husbands request, I have disabled your ability to
contact me again.

Jason Theriault's picture

Ok, calm down everyone.

Ann, keep rape and child abuse arguments separate. Additionally, the only reason the bring up gender is to asses blame.

Ann Robinson's picture

Calm down???

I am only talking about violent sexual abuse. (There are subjects
for another day.) No No No, I do not look to point fingers.
Facts are facts, 99% of the violent sexual abuse is committed
by males, 01%, by females. Blame is where it belongs, even
if you don't have the stomach to accept it.

Jason Theriault's picture

Honey vs vinegar

Your problem is that I'm not part of the problem.
I have always treated women with the utmost respect. Never had sex with a women under the influence, let alone come anywhere close to forcible intercourse. Yet, you point the finger at all men, so you include me and everyone other man here with scumbags like Sandusky. So of course your going to get piled on in here. I will vigorously attack anyone(with words) who groups me with that "person".

That's like saying ever person who has ever had an abortion is a woman. So women need to stop being baby murders.

Ann Robinson's picture

No. No No.

I am married to the same dear man for 37 years. I know about
good men. I believe the problem is with a very small
percentage of men. The rest is that "old boys club", that
dictates what you must tolerate even if in compromises your principals.
IE: Penn State.
My letter asked for help from good men to stop this awful
thing. It can be stopped if we really try.
The are only two sexes on the planet,
we need each other, lets protect each other

Jason Theriault's picture

There is no "Old Boys Club"

Not for sexual abuse. Hence why every guy I have talked to about this agrees with me that McQuery should get canned.

That said, you engaged head on with everyone when the confronted you with how you focused on men. Then you quoted statistics on rape, which is unrelated and just muddles the issue, because I have some serious fundamental problems with the way rape is handled and reported, yet I have no issues with child molestation laws.

You also changed rape into violent sexual abuse. That is not the same. That is also why I have a problem with mixing rape statistics with child molestation.

Mark Elliott's picture

According to RAINN Sexual

According to RAINN

Sexual assault is one of the most under reported crimes, with 60% still being left unreported.1

Males are the least likely to report a sexual assault, though they make up about 10% of all victims.1
What happens to Rapists When They are Caught and Prosecuted?

60% of rapes/sexual assaults are not reported to the police, according to a statistical average of the past 5 years.2 Those rapists, of course, never spend a day in prison. Factoring in unreported rapes, only about 6% of rapists ever serve a day in jail.


PS: 10% is ten times more than 1%.....

Mark Elliott's picture

actually, this references the

actually, this references the victims.....not the predators

Ann Robinson's picture

Commentors to my "Letter to the Editor"

I just realized I stumbled into a "Mens Room". Anything
I say will be criticized regardless of its truth or
value, because I am a woman. Unusual in modern times,
but I guess it does still exist.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And you still want us to

And you still want us to believe you're outlook is not sexist? "mens room"? "You'll be critized solely because you're a woman"? Come on, Ann; you had some credibility, but that last post put it on the stretcher. If we disagree with you it's because we don't agree with what you're saying. Your gender doesn't mean squat.

Steve  Dosh's picture

A. Robinson: Tip of the iceberg

. . . .11.17.11 21:45
Ann , you are quite correct in your analysis and expressing your outrage , " It is not isolated to a particular group, nationality, or race . "
May we add sex , also ?
It's not just guys who perpetrate these crimes or leave feral kids alone to die and stuff
Look up your friends , neighbors , and relatives in Maine here --> http://sor.informe.org/cgi-bin/sor/step1.pl <--
Massachusetts has a similar government provided service
Here in Hawai'i one can Google ® the locations and pinpoint male and female offendors on our island maps
 h t h <3 Dr. Dosh , Pahoa hi 9 6 7 7 8 u s a

Ann Robinson's picture

tip of Iceberg

I didn't consciously exclude women. I was commenting on
acts of violent sex abuse against children and woman.
I looked up published statistics, Offenders, male 99%,
female 01%. That is just the way it is, not how I
interpeted it.

Ann Robinson's picture

Sexual Predators

To those who replied to my comment:
I am neither blind nor uninformed. I was very disappointed by the replies. You all seem to be struggling with the subject. And,to #3 I am certainly not trying to "turn you on". I am very serious about sexual abuse.
I have gathered statistics for you who want to question the realities of sexual abuse: "The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (1999) estimated that 91% of United States rape victims were female and 9% were male, WITH 99% OF THE OFFENDERS BEING MALE!!!!, 1% of the offenders being female". Also, the "State of Maine" is in the Top 10 States, in the USA, for Domestic, Sexual and Incest Abuse.
There is not much more to say than that. If you are uncomfortable, too bad!!!!!!!!!!
This is a serious subject I commented on, and you got defensive and discusting, that tells me all I need to know.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

There is much much more for

There is much much more for you to 'know' before you fall into good graces with this audience. The feministic approach is probably not your best option.

Ann Robinson's picture

What I do know.

I am not feminist, I have been married to the same man
for 35+ years. I'm a mother and grandmother. I'm not a
church goer, but I am a good person. I am not interested in
the "good graces" of the audience. I expressed my opinion
about terrible crimes being committed. And, suddenly, I am
under attack. I defended my opinion with published statistics.
Just that simple.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Point well made. Allow me to

Point well made. Allow me to make a point; all men are not pedophiles--all pedophiles are not men.

Mark Elliott's picture

Ann, the hidden message in

Ann, the hidden message in the responses is: your message would have been much stronger had you not left out the minority situations....... activism 101

Ann Robinson's picture

Hidden messages???.

Mark, There is a terrible reality about which I passed
my opinion. The sexual abuse of children and woman.
There are some, like myself, who are outraged,
and others who would rather "kill the messenger",
or just laugh it off, or knit pick about preceived
accusations. Far be it for me to offer any
enlightenment to whose who are already experts
on the subject. I have no guilt, I never committed
such a crime. I care only about the victims, and, the future
victims who need to be protected.

Mark Elliott's picture

Yes, the hidden message.

Yes, the hidden message. Re-read your letter leaving out all the gender specific references and then tell me if the responses would have been different. I am willing to bet they would have been more supportive, which is really what you were after isn't it?

Ann Robinson's picture

Hidden Messages???????????

Please, lets be adult about this. I write "letters to the editor' in Boston
regularly, most are published, some are not. This "letter" was published
in both Boston newspapers. I decided to also include the Sun Journal, since I
spend a considerable amount of time there, and pay property taxes. It is not
the first time I have written to, or been published in the Sun Journal.
I felt this was a very serious issue. "violent sexual abuse" committed against
children and women. I gave the statistics, just for the US alone, Offenders, male 99%,
women 01%. This knit picking "BS" by the men who have responded is only to
deflect the realities. Except for one person, no one agreed that it was an outrage.
Instead, I was subjected to ridiculous comparisons about a teacher who slept with
a 17 year old, or someone singing a song. The truth is, the horrific sexual crimes
committed against children and women world wide, are committed by men. Physical
dominance being the weapon. I don't care if some folks got their "feathers ruffled".
I requested that the many, many good men in the world, protect the victims.
No more no less. Now, I am dead tired of addressing this non-issue and will not
respond about it again. Truth is Truth!

Mark Elliott's picture

I'm sorry you don't

I'm sorry you don't understand and I'm sorry I wore out an experienced "LTE writer" in only a few short paragraphs. I can assure you, we all believe it is a travesty, sex crimes against children, women, AND men......we could easily simply say "Sex crimes" is the travesty. Men are abused as well, and the travesty about that is men have no where to turn for support.....many go unreported.

On another note, I am in sales. I sell all over Maine and I can assure you, the techniques I use in Maine may not work in Boston and the techniques our reps use in Boston may not work in Maine. Two very different people! When you are trying to raise awareness, you are yourself "selling", selling an idea or a belief. You would have made a much bigger "sale" in Maine had you included men in your letter. Truth IS truth.....

Ann Robinson's picture

Fine, Fine, Fine!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I purchased my property, 16 years ago, I have listened to some
Maine folks tell me, you will never be a "Mainer". I told them I didn't
realize Maine was in another country. I am an American, "Sea to
shining Sea". I can go where I want, and live how I do. I infringe
on no one, I respect everyone. Now, you are telling me I must be
a different person, if I am in Maine. """""BS""""". I am not a sales
person, I am not looking to make a profit. If enlightenment on the
subject of "violent sexual abuse" is out of bounds. Fine.
As for my ability to write a letter, I will challange you any day.
I am just tired of saying the same thing over and over again.
Maybe I should never have sent my letter to the Sun Journal, no one
that responded to me wanted to hear the truth about, "violent sexual
abuse". They just wanted to talk "crap". So for me "live and learn".
Sad lesson, I truly love the State of Maine, but I guess women in Maine
should just be quiet. And, I will never relent about the realities.
Truth is Truth!!!!!!!

Mark Elliott's picture

Ann, you said: "Now, you are

Ann, you said: "Now, you are telling me I must be a different person, if I am in Maine."..... you are very wrong. My words are still up there for all to clearly see that I did not say anything of that sort.

you also said: "no one that responded to me wanted to hear the truth about, "violent sexual abuse"."...also wrong. We want to hear the WHOLE truth and not just the side that affects you.

I am sorry you believe all Americans are the same but I am willing to bet MOST of America would wholeheartedly argue that one with great success. My whole point from the beginning was that you can not write a letter to appeal to folks in Boston and expect that exact same letter to have the same effect with folks in Maine......or California, or Florida and so on.......etc, etc..

Anyone that is out to "convince" or "entice" uses sales techniques. Just like I must understand my customers to be effective, you as a writer, must understand your audience.

Ann Robinson's picture

My mistake !!!!!!!!!!!

I realize, I have been remiss. I was focusing on the, "Offenders",
being 99% male / 01% female. Not acknowledging that some of the, "Victims", are
men. The statistics I sighted earlier confirme that 9% of the victims are male.
Terrible oversight on my part. Shame on me. I apologize. I am fortunate, I have
never been a victim of sexual assult. I look at my grandkids and know they would
be powerless against an adult male sexual predator, as would a woman and some men.
I am not trying to sell myself or my opinions to anyone. I do not need to
create a new persona to be anywhere in my country. That would be a lie.
(My paycheck does not depend on it.) So, I will just be myself, with all
of my flaws, and know, I am always trying do the right thing.

Mark Elliott's picture

It turns out, you're not as

It turns out, you're not as dead tired as you thought. Thank you for the correction!

Ann Robinson's picture

My mistake????

I noticed neither you, nor any of the other commentors to
my letter have expressed your views on the horrific
sexual abuse that children, woman and men are suffering.
An oversight, or a complete lack of interest?
Just wondering, since I have been waiting all day for someone
to acknowledge that. Too hard folks?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It's a national epidemic and

It's a national epidemic and good people, men and women, need to stand up and fight it no matter what it takes; awareness, alertness and action. What else is there to say without getting into proselytizing.?

Ann Robinson's picture

National Epidemic

Thank you, for acknowledging that fact. It was all I was
trying to say. Maybe I didn't say it as well as it could
have been said, but you just did.
Kind Regards,
Ann Robinson

Mark Elliott's picture

My how soon you forget Ann as

My how soon you forget Ann as I did indeed say it was a "travesty"......

Ann Robinson's picture


Oxford dictionary....., "travesty", "an absured or inferior imitation". Well, maybe you are closer
than I thought. I complained to my husband earlier today that the comments I had about my
letter in the Sun Journal were accusative, unpleasant, denying facts, petty, teasing, taunting,
and on the whole completely disrespecful of the real subject. Now, I see they were a real "travesty".
He told me I was trying to reach people who didn't care about the subject, and just wanted
to make a joke, ("travesty"), of it all. I am married to a really smart man.
Silly me, I wasted so much brain space on the absurity of most of the replies. "Live and Learn".

Mark Elliott's picture

Who uses the "Oxford

Who uses the "Oxford Dictionary"?

Merriam Webster

trav·es·ty noun
plural trav·es·ties
[count] : something that is shocking, upsetting, OR ridiculous because it is not what it is supposed to be

Eg from Webster: It is a travesty and a tragedy that so many people would be denied the right to vote.

Eg from me: It is a travesty and a tragedy that so many people would be denied the right to safety.

Webster's dictionary specifically for those learning english: -> travesty

Ann Robinson's picture

My mistake.

I am never too tired to admit a mistake. I am human
and as such, I am subject to lapses and mistakes.
It will not happen too often, but when it does,
and it will, I will acknowledge it, and
move on. That is how I live my life. Hoping to learn
something new everyday.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What is your take, Ms.

What is your take, Ms. Robinson, on female teachers who seduce and prey on young male students? We seem to have an abundance of those, also. Your letter appears to focus only on the male predators of the planet. Oversight or feminism?

Ann Robinson's picture

This is a ridiculous

This is a ridiculous comparison. The subject is violent sexual abuse.
Published statistics read for themselves. Offenders: male 99%,
female 1%. Enough of all the nonsense

Mark Elliott's picture

Statistics can only come from

Statistics can only come from reported incidences.......as a boy, I can remember fantasizing about one of my female teachers. I must admit, had she made advances on me I would have never said a thing. Boys and men think very different than girls and women. For some reason, among high school age kids anyway, it is acceptable for a boy to "score" with an older woman......yes, high school boys want that. It's in our genes! It doesn't work that way for girls. I do not believe that 99:1 percent ratio is accurate. I believe it only represents those incidents actually reported........ just my 2 cents

RONALD RIML's picture

Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me... Aren't you?

Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs Robinson
Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo)
God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson
Heaven holds a place for those who pray
(Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

A little off key, but not too

A little off key, but not too shabby.

Mark Elliott's picture

classic response Riml! You

classic response Riml! You were bound to say something I can agree with eventually.....

Ann Robinson's picture

Sexual Abuse

I know their are many more good men than abusers, and I called on them
to help the children and woman. That was what my first comment was
All I got was folks who just wanted to dispute unreasonably things.
Really, step up you good men, I know you are there.

 's picture

The sooner men...

...are eliminated completely, the sooner the world will become Eden, right Misses Robinson - or are you trying to seduce me?

Joe Morin's picture

I feel guilty...

... of being a man?? I agree with Jason.

Jason Theriault's picture


You're blind if you think sexual deviancy is limited to men.


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