Peru starts process for wind ordinance

PERU — The Wind Ordinance Committee on Wednesday night discussed having experts help draft regulations for developing wind energy projects.

Members said they would like to invite experts from the state Department of Environmental Protection, Friends of Maine Mountains, and members of the Sumner town wind ordinance committee to discuss legal and energy aspects.

Chairman Bill Hine said he believes it's time to take steps toward an ordinance even though no permits exist for a wind project in Peru.

A permit was approved through the town office to allow one wind test tower on Black Mountain in Peru near the Sumner town line.

Last week, voters passed a six-month moratorium on wind power projects, 466-129.

Opinions on the need for wind farms were brought up by members of the committee, including Warren Oldham. He said he didn’t believe Maine needed wind power.

“All that power is going to someone in Massachusetts,” he said. “Why should we destroy our mountains for someone else?”

Steve Fuller said he is for green energy but didn’t want to see wind turbines everywhere.

“I think we need to get away from fossil fuels, so I support regulation and not banning them,” he said.

One concern Hine expressed was seeing wind debates and ordinances tear communities apart.

“I want Peru to do it a little differently,” he said. “I want this to be a community building exercise and not something that tears us apart.”

The committee agreed to meet every two weeks and assigned research duties to each member on topics such as noise standards and tangible benefits. They also agreed to research other town ordinances, including Rumford’s, which was passed Nov. 8.

Other members of the committee are Warren MacFawn, David Gammon, Skip Campbell and Tim Placey.

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 's picture

"Members said they would like

"Members said they would like to invite experts from the state Department of Environmental Protection, Friends of Maine Mountains, and members of the Sumner town wind ordinance committee to discuss legal and energy aspects."
The committee is on the right track. Learn everything you can from everyone you can.

 's picture

The idea that industrial wind

The idea that industrial wind turbines are going to wean us off of fossil fuels or reduce CO2 are a false promises that need to be exposed. Many of the "facts" that the wind industry spouts have never been proven by scientific methodology, and yet they are taken for gospel by the unsuspecting. Why is this? Every other form of power plant has to jump through those capacity factor, environmental footprint and economical cost/benefit hoops. Wind has never been required to prove that it can provide reliable and cost effective power to the grid. The currently operating industrial wind projects right here in Maine won't even divulge their power production figures, stating that this is "proprietary" information. Given the fact that we tax payers are funding up to 75% of these projects, that makes us stakeholders in every project.

Show us the figures. Show us the proof. We deserve to know what we are being asked to sacrifice our mountains and our quality of life for. Proove to us that industrial wind will heat our homes. Fill our gas tanks. Lower electricity costs. Prove it.

Gary Steinberg's picture

It's easy, JUst Ordinance Them Out,and Remember This

The Peru Wind Developers are neither virtuous nor wise. The Wind Developers like Angus King and son and First Wind and others are mostly cynical profiteers out to make a buck, who pull the necessary strings and grease the necessary palms to win their approvals.They are opportunists who travel to rural areas of Maine and entice unsuspecting residents and rural folks to sign their lease agreements which neuter their rights to their own land.Most of the others are ill-informed and idealistic-and maybe a bit impulsive-who have no idea what they are in for once the blades of the industrial energy generator begin to spin. They reassure energy committees and town fathers that everything will be fine. They bribe with other half baked schemes. Talk is cheap!
The Peru developer and his subsidy sucking wind associates live off of the backs of Mainers and US taxpayers and scam our taxes and desecrate our environment. They portray themselves as green ; they are greenback lovers only.They are this decade's despicable snake oil salesmen, never telling the whole truth about Industrial Wind Complexes to the public. The more that is exposed by factual questions (you will never get factual answers) , the more this Enronesque and Solyndraesque scam divulges itself.It is simple,


 's picture


“All that power is going to someone in Massachusetts,” he said. “Why should we destroy our mountains for someone else?”

WIND has NO capacity. Wind does not blow 75%.
Transmission loss is 10-30%
a "parasitic" suck from the GRID 24/7

All that money (USA stimulis money) is going to someone in Massachusetts.

Gary Steinberg's picture

The scoundrels have come to town! Beware!

The first question any citizen must ask of the "officials is",

1."What is in it for you Mr/Mrs selectman?", have you been personally approached with a monetary offer by the wind company.

2.Have there been any "secret meeitng with the wind company?".
3.A full declaration must be made of the land owners contacts with the wind company and any lease arrangements in progress or contemplated.

There is no trust to be extended to these companies, they have already a long history of deceptive tactics, if not illegal tactics in Maine, with no ethics laws governing their actions.

4. Full transparancy must be practiced. They will try to influence any proceedings, be aware of that from the onset.


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