E. Brackett: A good deed

Recently, I stopped at the Mitchell Cemetery in Temple. I was so pleased that someone had raked all the leaves, cut a lot of bushes and had the stones cleaned.

My great-grandfather, my grandfather and brother are all at rest there.

Thank you so much, to whomever did the good deed.

Evelyn Barker Brackett, Farmington

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Steve  Dosh's picture

E. Brackett: A good deed

. .Nice Evelyn , 11.20.11 2:30 pm Hawai'i time
b t w - It wasn't me . ... HahHAhah !
Maybe it was Casper the ƒriendly ghost ?
i used to work for Bob Brackett in Leeds making palletts , right near the river and the Kampground of America . He was always looking for wood lots . Good folk
/s, Dr. Steve Dosh , Hawai'i & Bates '78 :)


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