Brown to leave State Planning Office

AUGUSTA — Livermore Falls resident Darryl Brown is resigning as executive director of the State Planning Office.

Darryl Brown

Brown, who has been overseeing the restructuring of the SPO, announced he was leaving the agency in a Nov. 17 letter to Gov. Paul LePage. The news comes on the heels of Brown's reorganization efforts at SPO, which will lead to the dissolution of the agency and the reassigning of its duties to other departments.

LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett confirmed Wednesday that Brown's resignation is effective Monday, Nov. 28.

"The governor was sad to see Darryl go, and that he was not only impressed by his abilities but his willingness to take on a task that was deemed as short-term," Bennett said.

In his resignation letter, Brown wrote that his duties were complete now that the State Planning Office restructuring plan had been approved by a study group.

Brown had originally been appointed by LePage as commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection. However, Attorney General William Schneider later wrote that Brown's involvement with his company Main-Land Development might conflict with a state provision in the Clean Water Act, making his appointment as head of the DEP inappropriate.

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Jim Cyr's picture

Thank you

Mr. Brown for a great service to the state and a job well done.

 's picture

Brown was hired to do a job.

Brown was hired to do a job. He successfully completed the job. Instead of just leeching onto the paycheck, he is doing the honorable thing by moving on. If that is what you consider "biting the dust" Mr Woodbury, so be it.

 's picture

The rest of the story....

He was hired to do a job where there was a clear conflict of interest, which Mr. Brown and the governor refused to acknowledge. When the hue and cry became too loud, they gave up their lost cause and Mr. Brown was thrown a bone. He has now consumed the bone and is headed home, tail firmly ensconced between legs. Sometimes politics can be cruel and just doesn't allow you to do any darn thing you want. Probably the first time in his life someone said "no" to Mr. Brown.

 's picture

Another one...

...bites the dust.

Mark Elliott's picture

Here's another "purple frog"

Here's another "purple frog" for you Bob. The article clearly states his job was done and he voluntarily resigned....but you, in your permanent denial, can't see it........because you choose not to.


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