Board OKs taking $175,000 for Swain Road Bridge, road repair

RUMFORD — During a special board meeting Wednesday evening, selectmen unanimously OK'd taking $175,000 from undesignated funds to cover costs for Swain Road damage from Tropical Storm Irene.

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Rumford Selectman Brad Adley, left foreground, and Jeff Sterling, and Chairman Greg Buccina, left background, listen Wednesday evening as Selectman Jolene Lovejoy motions to take $175,000 from the Undesignated Fund balance to replace the damaged culvert and repair Swain Road. Town Manager Carlo Puiia, back center, records the special board meeting.

They also unanimously approved a second motion to add an article on the Dec. 15 special town meeting warrant. It would authorize selectmen to accept reimbursement funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Before these two items go before voters for final approval on Dec. 15, the Finance Committee will consider both for recommendations at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1, in the municipal building conference room.

After board Chairman Greg Buccina opened Wednesday night's meeting, Selectmen Jolene Lovejoy motioned that the board OK a request to remove $175,000 from undesignated funds.

The money, she said, would be used to replace the damaged culvert and repair damage to Swain Road caused by flooding earlier this year.

She concluded the motion asking that the recommendation be placed before voters at the upcoming special town meeting.

“That number's going to be enough?” Selectman Brad Adley asked of the $175,000.

“Yes, that will cover the project,” Town Manager Carlo Puiia said.

“The Finance Committee is meeting on this as well,” Buccina asked Puiia.

“Yes, by ordinance they have to make a recommendation on any expenditure as well,” Puiia said.

“So, is there a possibility of a different recommendation?” Buccina asked.

“They could, but I don't see why they would,” Puiia said. “They're going to have to hopefully accept what we would recommend. If there is, then the warrant will reflect that, but again, we'll vote on it at the special town meeting.”

“So the one that gets passed will be the one that gets accepted?” Buccina asked.

“Right,” Puiia said.

“I think you're right, Greg,” Adley said. “We can't tie their hands, but if we had the same number, it would be a little more streamlined.”

The board then voted 4-0 to approve Lovejoy's motion.

Lovejoy then motioned to place on the special town meeting warrant an article asking voters to authorize selectmen to apply for and accept any funds from FEMA for which Rumford is eligible, because of damage the town experienced from natural disasters this year.

Puiia told the board that because FEMA will reimburse the town, town law requires the board to add that article to the warrant.

That motion was also unanimously approved.

The previous bridge of metal culverts in Bean Brook on Swain Road was washed out on Aug. 29 by Irene. Rumford logger Jim Nicols of Nicols Brothers Logging Inc. donated and installed a logging bridge to temporarily span the gap on Sept. 2.

On Oct. 20, selectmen approved a twin box culvert bid for Swain Road at a cost of $99,855 from the George O. Roberts Precast Concrete Products of Alfred.

They voted 5-0 to hold a special town meeting to authorize use of undesignated funds to buy and install the culvert.

Pending voter approval on Dec. 15, the project will go out to bid. The work is expected to be completed this winter.

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Tony Capola's picture


I find it strange that my opinion is somehow meaningless because you can't find my name in the local phone book.

For the record: I was born in Rumford and currently reside here. My concern for this town is no less than yours it's just that I don’t attack people because they don't agree with my view of things.

Denigrating town officials because you don't approve of what they may say or do makes your opinion worthless... A view based on facts is much more significant.

Don’t you find it just a bit hypocritical to readily accept a recognition plaque from the same board that you take pleasure in vilifying?

Instead of writing your opinion on this webpage why don’t you take the time to research your view of things and present it in a respectful manner? Maybe if you elected to speak civilly to those people on the board they might take what you have to say more seriously. Name-calling and personal attacks will get you nowhere.

Tony Capola's picture


Frank, we are ALL tired of you mentioning it... but yet it continues!


Your not listed in Rumford phone directory. You must have a cell phone or maybe don't even live in the River Valley area. But yet you feel the need to comment about something that doesn't affect you. Why!

Poor Tony

Are you related to Fred? What have you done for the town. No doubt nothing. Just another person who sits back and cuts people down who at least care and try to make positive changes for this town. Stay in your closet Tony.

What takes so long?

October 20 the bid to accept culvert bridge was done; and it's now December. Wait, they wasted all that time for a wind ordinance and didn't worry about the road and now it's winter. When is this board going to get their butts in gear? There are things to get done and they don't act on anything. They know what they are and I'm tired of mentioning them.

 's picture

What takes so lomg

It was no different when you were on the board, the only thing you accomplished was cutting a few trees.

Oh Fred

Did I wrong you in a previous life. Yeah I helped cut the dying trees because they needed to be cut. They got done and no one got hurt. What have you done Fred? Except continued bitching about it. To accomplish anything you need to votes of other board members Fred. That's why nothing gets done because people go in with personnel agendas. I had none. I was there for the whole town. Fred you just are an unhappy person who doesn't like positive change.


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