A. Marden: Living off the state

My wife and I were both receiving food stamps separately before we were married. Once married, we had to combine everything and could no longer receive food stamps because our combined income is too high under the guidelines.

I was not going to spend a lifetime on food stamps, just long enough to get us on track financially to be able to afford everything.

It angers me that both of us work full time to provide for our three young children with one on the way, yet we are taxed to death by the federal government and cannot get the help we need — as the program was intended for.

I see and hear people all the time who claim they cannot work and are on disability because their back hurts. While there may be legitimate cases like that, I believe the majority are just lazy and using that excuse to get benefits.

The really sad part is that society encourages it and it is OK for someone to make a lifetime of living off the state while those of us who actually go out and do a hard day's work (that makes our backs really hurt) get no help. Instead, we just give all our money to those living off the state.

That is wrong and needs to be fixed.

Adam Marden, Greene

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Joe Morin's picture

it's frustrating Adam

In Maine you live a higher standard of living if you make 12,999.00 than if you made 29,000.00. Incentified poverty... but then again poverty is such a subjective. You can have a vehicle, a roof over your head, hot meals, heat & electricity, education, cell phone & cable and still live in poverty. You are absolutely right Adam, these services should be reserved for folks looking for a hand up not a hand out. Good luck to you and your family this holiday season.


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