Lewiston pair charged with kidnapping

LEWISTON — A Strawberry Avenue man and woman faced several charges including kidnapping following their arrests Saturday morning.

Shunte Jones

Dennis Moore

Shunte Jones, 31, of 79 Strawberry Ave., was charged with two counts of criminal theft, aggravated assault, assault and kidnapping.

Dennis Moore, 34, also of 79 Strawberry Ave., was charged with criminal threatening with a weapon and kidnapping.

Lt. Michael McGonagle of the Lewiston Police Department said few details were available on what led to the charges.

"Somebody ripped them off $100, and the person that ripped them off's friend was allegedly kidnapped, taken at gunpoint and driven around the city until they found the kid that ripped them off $100," McGonagle said. "They assaulted the kid. The kid did receive medical attention, but he's been released."

The incident remains under investigation. Jones and Moore were being held at the Androscoggin County Jail on Saturday night.


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Kim Berry's picture


what the victim had to go through~
Who are these people? Why would they take an innnocent person and do this!? Why not just go looking for who ever owed them money?

Out of towners?

 's picture

Mayor Larry - Tune In Tuesday Evening

He has a special proclamation to read. It will warm our local liberals' hearts!

 's picture

Scrooge checks in!

Merry Christmas to you Ebenezer!

 's picture

Why The Name Calling?

I've likely raised more for charitable causes around Lewiston than you'll make in your sad life. People that call people names are have maturity issues.

 's picture


If that's true, you've raised a boat load of money. My life couldn't be happier. It's very mature for you to constantly disparage anything liberal including the mayor. Grinch!! Still laughing....

 's picture

Good for you, Tony

I guess if I read the comments section, name calling will be part of the experience and something I'll have to endure. There is a difference between disparaging and posting facts, by the way.

Have a very merry Christmas!

 's picture

Oh, I see.

My mistake. You were just passing information along. I'll consider that my gift from you.



I'm not saying the assumptions here are wrong but the fact that some people are making these assumptions without any factual information whatsoever says a lot about them. And the fact that they are putting a political spin on someone else's misfortune says something even less flattering.

 's picture

the dirty lew lives

i bet the $100 was prob in drug money or drugs they need to lock these up and throw away the key imagine that section 8 housing to boot
congrats mayor gilbert

 's picture


This has something to do with the Mayor's office because............????

 's picture

Welcome to Mayor Larry's

Welcome to Mayor Larry's legacy.

 's picture



Roger  Cyr's picture


is this the new TREND KIDNAPPING....


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