R. Bechard: Stop the free handouts

Bob Macdonald is the right man for mayor to clean up Lewiston, but he should get help from Gov. Paul LePage and other state officials to stop the flow of free handouts.

Macdonald is right. People are not willing to help themselves. I see a lot of people who live off the state. On the first of the month, their paychecks come in and the bars are full.

I am so sick of paying state taxes to people who could work. The hardworking people of Lewiston are being short-changed. When the hardworking people lose their jobs, they need an act of God to get help from the state.

There are people coming to Lewiston to receive free education, food, medications and welfare or Social Security benefits.

The new mayor will need help to stop the drugs and criminal activity.

Bob Macdonald is the right man for mayor of Lewiston.

Reggie Bechard, Lewiston

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RONALD RIML's picture



How come you're spending so much time in the bars on the 1st of the month when they're so full????

Are you in hopes of getting the 'Welfare' crowd to buy you drinks????

Steve  Dosh's picture

R. Bechard: Stop the free handouts

. Reggie,
. ƒree food at our house this Christmas dinner tyme . .
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11.12.05 5 pm hst •

 's picture

Right on Reggie!

Welfare fraud is rampant but the liberals won't do anything about it as those are their voter base. Nations fail when the lay-a-bout outnumber the workers and we are very close to that mark now.
It makes no sense to bring foreigner here who have a different culture and refuse to assimilate. There are way to many who would welcome the chance to become American and would work hard to become one, to allow the influx of those who will not. It does nothing for our nation to allow this but it is being jammed down our throats anyway.
You can kiss the American way good bye and say hello to Sharia law and culture in the future if you don't wake up and say enough.

Jason Theriault's picture

A couple of things:

1. Are you advocating deporting all the little old ladies in Lewiston who don't speak english? Or is it just Muslims who have no place in your "America". If so, would you be in favor of sending them to relocation camps like we did with the Japanese?

2. Where do you get the figures leading you to say " lay-a-bout outnumber the workers and we are very close to that mark now.".

3.Which would be worse, a system of laws based around Sharia law or one based on Hindu beliefs?

 's picture

Pay attention to what I said!

I did not say that more than 50% were lay-a-bouts. I said it was approaching that. Go look at http://www.wealthwire.com/news/economy/1992 hwrw it states that " Americans are more dependent than ever on government assistance programs. According to the 2010 Census data, 48.5 percent of the entire population relies on government benefits for survival." That was an Oct. 2011 article.

My guess is that those most bothered by such are probably those who are on the dole.

RONALD RIML's picture

And just when

Did you live in Lewiston, George?

How do you know about foreigners, different cultures, refusal to assimilate, and Sharia Law out there in North Yarmouth?

Are you the Managing Director of the North Yarmouth Society for the Prevention of Immigration of PFA's???

 's picture

Graduated Lewiston High

Graduated Lewiston High School, Class of 1951.

RONALD RIML's picture


Been there since???

 's picture

Often, my son lives there and

Often, my son lives there and sees the mess created by the dependency on the welfare state.

RONALD RIML's picture


Why would you suppose capitalism has failed these people???

RONALD RIML's picture


And what would these people be doing in the absence of any safety nets??

 's picture


Way to go Reggie.Its great to see that there are some here that can see what is really going on in the twin cities and the state. Free handouts are getting out of hand. The ones that want a hand up are being cheated out of it cause of the ones that just want a free ride. Someone can write that it was this organization or that one that brought all the immigrants here but they were brought here because of the promise of everything is free and its wrong no matter who done it. When people come from a place where its a 100 degrees and settle for Maine, Michigan and Minnesota I don't think it has anything to do with 3M. I bet there are states that don't have any and thats cause they say "we are taking care of our own and don't have any freebies." Believe me they don't hang around in those places or phone all their relatives to come there either. I worked all my life and paid into SS and all my dues and to see it taken away and given to someone that didn't do a darn thing is criminal in my opinion which for now I am still entitled to. If you have been put out of work through no fault of your own then my heart goes out to you but its your future they are giving away as well. Am I bitter about it? You bet I am and fed up as well.


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