Mark Paradis, Lewiston mayoral candidate, dies

LEWISTON — Mark Paradis, a candidate in a two-way mayoral runoff election, has died, a spokesman for his campaign said.

Sun Journal File Photo

Mark Paradis stands against a Lewiston cityscape of the Bates Mill Complex and Lincoln Street on Nov. 27, 2011.

Paradis, 59, announced Wednesday he was battling cancer but did not disclose what kind. He had been undergoing radiation treatments for the cancer, he said Wednesday.

A release issued by his campaign stated he died at Central Maine Medical Center due to complications from pneumonia.

Paradis' wife Ronnie along with other family members and friends were with him at the time of his death, according to the statement issued by campaign spokesman Michael Dumas.

Also on the ballot is Robert Macdonald. Paradis and Macdonald were the top two in a five-way race for mayor in November but the city charter requires the winning candidate for mayor to receive at least 50 percent of the vote plus one vote to be declared the winner, which is what set up the runoff election.

City Clerk Kathy Montejo said Tuesday's election would go ahead as planned.

"If Bob Macdonald wins outright he will be the mayor," she said. "If Mark wins we will schedule a special election because the seat will be declared vacant. But this will be a completely new election, starting from ground zero. Anybody can run. It will not be a runoff election."

Voters could still cast ballots for Paradis if they supported him. More than 900 voters had already cast ballots via the absentee system, Montejo said. Those ballots will not be counted until Tuesday.

A release issued by Montejo said Ward 2 City Councilor Renee Bernier would be holding a press conference in the City Council Chambers at City Hall at 4:15 p.m. today.

Bernier would be issuing a statement on behalf of the Paradis family, according to that release.

Montejo said she was saddened by the news.

"Mark was an exceptional public servant," Montejo said. "So is his wife, for that matter." Paradis served on the Lewiston City Council for Ward 6 from 2002 to 2007. He also served on the city's Planning Board from 1997 to 2001. He ran for mayor in 2009 but was defeated by former police chief Laurent F. Gilbert Sr.

Paradis was employed as a service manager for Longchamps & Sons Inc. in Lisbon.

A release issued by Paradis' campaign spokesman Michael Dumas stated, "The Paradis family has requested privacy while they grieve during this immeasurably sad time."

Reader chat from the Press Conference

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Mark Paradis, Lewiston mayoral candidate, dies

. .omg , that's horrible 11.12.09 5 pm hst •
Our hearts go out to his family and survivors during this season . ....
Crap cancer . i lost my wife to cancer several years ago . What a loss to the community , also . Very sad
/s, a loyal reader . . ....);>*

My thoughts and prayers go

My thoughts and prayers go out to Mark's family and friends...
R.I.P Mark...

Roger Gagne's picture


Rest in peace sir.
You still have my vote

David  Cote's picture

Heavy heart

I received an alert from SJ a little while ago with the news of Mark's passing. I'm in total shock. A damn good man died today and the one thing I can say is I am a better person having known Mark. He never had an unkind word to say about anyone, nor did he ever display any emotion that had even a hint of pessimism or doubt attached to it. He treated all with respect and was a man of integrity. He always held his head up with pride and had every reason to do so. Rest In Peace, my friend. God Bless You and your family.

JOHN PAINTER's picture

My deepest sympathy to the

My deepest sympathy to the Paradis family in this time of great loss, my prayers are with all of you. God bless.

Mike Lachance's picture

My deepest condolences to the

My deepest condolences to the Paradis family, friends, and supporters. This is the last thing anyone would have imagined. May you find comfort in knowing that he is in good hands and may God bless each of you as you face the challenges of this loss.

Dear God, may you bless Mark Paradis, his family and his friends in this great time of loss. May you watch over him and bless those left behind. In Jesus Christ's name I pray. Amen


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