Forbes lists Maine as worst state for business, again

Forbes magazine has ranked Maine as the worst state for business for a second year in a row.

“Maine suffers from energy costs 31 percent above the national average, stagnant population growth and anemic forecasts when it comes to job and gross state product growth,” according to the magazine.

The magazine has put out the list annually for six years. Maine has ranked near the bottom each time, but in 2010 dropped from 41 on the list to last.

“When I look at this I think, ‘Go, Gov. LePage, go,’” Republican activist Mary Adams told the Portland Press Herald. “We’ve got a dead state, whether Democrats or Republicans recognize it. People are suffering.”

In July, Forbes ranked Portland as one of the 15 best cities for young adults, saying, “The New England port town has the highest number of small businesses per capita, a relatively high proportion of large businesses and a low unemployment rate.”

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Reprinted with permission from the Bangor Daily News.

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 's picture

Map problem

Hi, you friends at the Sun Journal--what is the map on this page supposed to communicate? IT DOESN'T SHOW MAINE! Also, there is no key to the meaning of the color coding of different states. And when I clicked on "Report map error" I was sent to some page that has nothing to do with the Sun Journal.



We see this article every year and Republicans love to point to it as proof that we need to apply government shrinking, tax breaks for the rich, deregulate everything policies in Maine. Well first of all it comes from Forbes, not God. Secondly the problems mentioned are high energy costs, high health insurance costs and lack of a trained and educated workforce. The health insurance policies instituted by the current administration have actually caused an increase in the cost of health insurance for businesses in the northern part of the state. None of the other factors will be improved by the big tax break to the rich or the dismantling of the safety net. To make it even weirder they say Portland is one of the best cities for business and Maine is one of the best places to live. Not too much to hang your hat on there.

Mike Lachance's picture

Get real Claire!: "The health

Get real Claire!: "The health insurance policies instituted by the current administration have actually caused an increase in the cost of health insurance" Are you serious? Does the word "DIRIGO" mean anything to you? Eight years of Baldy resulted in the train wreck of health care we now suffer with in Maine. Conservatives have been screaming for open border health care competition for years and what have we got with DEMS at the helm? Squat. No competition, and UP UP UP go the rates. Sorry Claire, LePage has not been in office long enough to make a significant differnce with Health Care in Maine.

Yet you sit there and blame Repubs for everything! UNREAL!

Newsflash: The Repubs havnt had control of Maine for the past 40+ years (up until last year!) Now suddenly in just one year every problem with Maine is directly due to them???

Whatever. Wake up.

Yeah, The Repubs give all the big tax breaks to the rich and to big businesses... Just like that nasty Republican Paradis (Walmart) and the hateful Republican Mayor Gilbert, and all those Republican City councilors in Lewiston the past 10 years... Come on. Enough is Enough.


Read the Sun Journal

See the article in today's Sun Journal that explains that small businesses are paying more for health insurance in northern and rural Maine and less in the Portland area and that it is the result of a bill passed last year. Most of Maine is rural and northern and those are the businesses that struggle the most.

Mike Lachance's picture

Hello? ...key point here:

...key point here: "last year" = 2010
...this is Lepage's fault how?
...this is the Republicans's fault how?



Huh ?

It was the governor's bill and the Republican legislature that passed it over democratic objections. It allowed insurance companies to do this. They wrote the bill. It really would be hard to spin this around so that its Obama's fault. By the way I don't blame Republicans for all that is wrong. I have supported and voted for many Republicans from Eisenhower to Reagan to Collins to Snowe. I think the new brand of Republicans has been corrupted and no longer adhere to traditional Republican values. For example the last president raised the deficit higher than any president before him. The current leader among the primary candidates has taken bribes from Freddy Mac and lobbied for every earmark you can think of. Margaret Chase Smith would turn over in her grave. I take the blame for not being clear in that I am criticizing certain Republicans and not all of them.

Mike Lachance's picture

This bill was "last year"?

This bill was "last year"? 2010?
Allowed ins companies to do what?

Get me the voting record for Dem votes regarding opening up Maine's borders to Ins. competition. That the real stinker here, and youre convieniently ignoring it.

Im not sure what Obama has to do with Maine politics, but if you must bring him into the mix, You again forget him and blame Bush for a deficit that (a) was passed by Dem controlled House and Senate from 2006-2008, and (2) is MINISCULE compared to what Obama has done under his leadership and Dem control of both houses from 2008-2010. Bush? Not even. It was the Dems from 2006-2010 who got us where we are.

As far as bribes, earlmarks and lobbying, the Dems are every bit as devious (or worse) than the Repubs.

Back to Maine: Who keeps voting against opening up our borders to competition from outside Insurance companies?

PS: Collins & Snowe are RINO's in every sense of the word and do not deserve to be re-elected.

Something to be proud of..

This does not surprise me...very few good paying jobs in this state that one can actually live off of..and way too expensive to live wonder our young leave the state after they sad to see this and nothing is done to remedy the situation..way to go Maine....


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