R. Acheson: Impeach the president

According to a recent Snopes site, President Barack Obama appointed General Electric Chairman Jeff Immelt to head his commission on job creation. That makes Immelt the “job czar.”

Immelt is supposed to help create jobs, but he seems a little confused in which country he is supposed to be creating those jobs. General Electric is planning to move its 115-year-old X-ray division from Waukesha, Wis., to Beijing, China.

In addition to moving the headquarters, the company will invest $2 billion in China and train more than 65 engineers and create six research centers. This is the same G.E. that, according to many sources, made $5.1 billion in the United States last year but paid no taxes, and the same company that employs more people overseas than it does in the United States.

Recently, I read an article about how President Obama is sending U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to the European Union to speak and advise officials there on how to stay financially well-off — like the U.S.

Geithner — isn’t he the one who cheated on his 2001-04 FICA tax?

Obama has spent more money than any other president in history, is bankrupting the American economy and now insists, in the middle of the nation’s recession, that we support the International Monetary Fund to give bailouts to Italy.

The man is either incompetent or sinister. Either way, I believe he should be impeached as soon as possible to save this nation and free republic.

Robert Bruce Acheson, Dixfield

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AL PELLETIER's picture

Blah, Blah,Blah

Get ready for 4 more years of Obama and tell me I'm wrong next November.

Joe Morin's picture

Bravo AL!

Riveting stuff. Really, some of your best.

Joe Morin's picture

Not Necessary...

..But good point! I've been talking about Immelt and his love affair with Obama for a while. The guy runs the parent company of MSNBC, paid 0 taxes on over 5 billion in profits and spoke at a national chamber of commerce conference for the president and told small business owners to stop complaing and start hiring while... well the statistics are laid out for you in the article in regards to GE's hiring practices. He's a joke, so is Obama. But... impeachment won't be necessary because he will loose to any of the Republican challengers. What remains to be seen is whether the Republicans will recognize the will of the working man, as communicated through the last election, and exude conservative values??? Bush didn't and drove us into debt. Obama was even worse and also consistently pushed through and agenda unpopular with the majority of society. Recently the NY Times ,I believe, pushed an article covering the disclosure of the DNC that they were no longer persuing white, working class votes.... WOW!!!!!! This is the guy that Tron, Ron, Al & J.T. think I should endorse??? No way. It would be as productive waking up every morning and punching myself in face. As much as some of you enjoy that imagine, it's not gonna happen. I've got 1 serious question... Where the hell did the Bluedog Democrats go???

Joe Morin's picture

lose not loose

by catching this myself I just defeated half of the talking point contrary to my post. Shouldn't have to state this but Dan Breton is out there somewhere.

 's picture

I don't understand the plagiarism delete

people copy and paste things here all the time. Was it because I didn't use an APA format in citing my source??? Next time I will.

RONALD RIML's picture

"But, but, but"

He told Her Honor.......

Sure, I copy and paste all the time; then I give credit and include a link.

So perhaps you wanted to be known as your own "Whack-Job" - and not a tool of Lyndon LaRouche.....

Fair enough.

 's picture

Put it back up Ed!

But be sure to reference the Lyndon LaRouche camp. I had no idea you were a fan. I thought it was hilarious!!

Jason Theriault's picture


Yeah, that recent Snopes article was from August, and Immelt has been the “jobs czar” since January. Come-on, there has to be someone else more recent to make the President look bad.

Oh wait, then you harped on Geitner’s tax issues. Going all the way back to 2009. I guess you have been writing this letter for awhile then….

 's picture

Parade of sycophants.

The comments so far are interesting. Not one of the Obama brown-noses refutes anything Mr. Acheson said, because it can't be done. Instead it's: GWB was worse. Or: Poor old Slick. And, since Breton woke up, it's his usual spew: Democrats are good, Republicans are evil.

But I disagree with the letter. Impeachment would take far too long. Let's wait for the trial and conviction next November.


I see the freepers are playing this morning.

Impeachment is like indictment not trial and conviction - and must be for high crimes and misdeamenors under US law - not Rightwingnut law.

If these comments are representative of Republican "thinking," it's no wonder Gingrinch is making a comeback.
Now you can all disagree. LOL

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot's really pissed;

The parrot's really pissed; he jumped on the disagree button 10 times and it only showed up on the screen once.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"The man is either

"The man is either incompetent or sinister."
Allow me to clarify it for you, Mr. Acheson. oBAMa, from day one, has been and continues to be the most incompetent person of any room into which he enters. Great letter, by the way.

RONALD RIML's picture


You were smoking what during the entire eight years of the Bush Administration????

Jason Theriault's picture

Come on

Really? If you don'rt want to come off as a joke, at least try to use logic and reason. Calling someone incompetent and playing games with their name just makes you look like a fool.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

When did Jason Theriault

When did Jason Theriault become the Pirate's moral compass? You are now the final say as to who comes off looking like a fool? You need to take off your HAZMAT suit and go sit in a corner. Look at me with a straight face and tell me oBAMa is not incompetent as president of the United States. (Crickets can be heard in the distance).

AL PELLETIER's picture

Here's a cricket

3 pirates shot dead by Navy Seals with the presidents split second order. Osama taken out by Navy Seals with a split second presidential order. The auto industry and banks are back doing business as usual thanks to the presidential bail out that saved millions of jobs. The war in Iraq is over and our troops are coming home. The war in Afghanistan is winding down. The unemployment figures and new job figures are finally improving after eight years of Dubya screwing up America and three years of Obama trying to fix his mess.
Can the parrot hear the cricket?

Mark Elliott's picture

LOL...that's funny! All Obama

LOL...that's funny! All Obama did was say: Yeah, ok, you can pull the trigger now! After months of tedious work done by our great military and military leaders. The same leaders Bush put in place and Obama left in place because they were the right choice. Same with the pirates, Obama did nothing other than give permission to do what our military said had to be done.........you'll notice though, on the other military decisions, he has complete disregard for the opinions of our military leaders.

Here are the US unemployment yearly averages according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Again, when was it Obama took office? See below for a hint! An "improvement" will come when the rate is back to "before Obama". All we've seen so far in 2011 is a slight reduction in the damage he caused. It's like your kid coming home with your car wrecked and saying: "but dad, I vacuumed the interior for you!" It's still wrecked!

2004 5.5
2005 5.1
2006 4.6
2007 4.6
2008 5.8
2009 9.3 <- Obama took office
2010 9.6
2011 8.2

AL PELLETIER's picture

And your point

Hum---9.3 when Obama took office. Goes to show you what he inherited from Dubya.

Mark Elliott's picture

Hmmmm....those numbers are

Hmmmm....those numbers are fiscal year end. Meaning October 2009. Bush left him 5.8% as of October 2008

AL PELLETIER's picture

Plus a lot more, Mark

A housing collapse, a banking collapse, an auto industry collapse and 2 wars. If your splitting hairs on the timing, so be it. Obama still inherited Dubya's mess and if you don't comprehend that you need to seek medical attention, and fast!

Mark Elliott's picture

Funny how you expect me to

Funny how you expect me to accept as Obama's excuse for the over spending and unemployment as the housing collapse, a banking collapse, an auto industry collapse and 2 wars but you refuse to accept the fact that Bush had 9-11,(the largest attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor) two funded and approved wars, and major floods that sunk entire cities, and worst of all two years of democrat controlled gridlock in congress with Nancy Pelosi....

AL PELLETIER's picture



Mark Elliott's picture

Your the one in need of

Your the one in need of medical help Al, your running out of rhetoric. To a liberal, that's like bleeding out.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

“Can the parrot hear the

“Can the parrot hear the cricket?” Not if his head is as far up as ….

Let’s see it for what it is - all Presidents have successes and failures. I'll added that there are two major Presidential failures that span multiple administrations.

1. Spending beyond our means. Just measure the rate of increase in the national debt. Bush was worse than Clinton and now Obama is worse than Bush. In the end it is the American taxpayer (present and future) and the overall U.S. economy that will suffer.

2. Crony-Capitalism - both major parties play this game to enrich themselves either monetarily or politically.

So perhaps you can add a few of failures to your list of kudos in order to show balance, such as all the money wasted on green energy scandals or the approximately $500B dollars of unspent stimulus money (where in the hell did that money go?), or the inability to get to the bottle of “Fast and Furious”.

In closing, anyone can selectively pick singularities from a Presidential administration to show that a sitting or past president is a success or failure or perhaps good or evil.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to remove the jaded color glasses in order to move the country forward.

RONALD RIML's picture

What else is now

We were spending far beyond our means under Bush...

It's just that he insisted we start taxing far under our means and spending. Therein lie the problem.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Whether you have an R or D by

Whether you have an R or D by your name, this Government is spending us into bankruptcy. That being said, I would rather have lower taxes along the way. Fundamentally, I make better choices in how I spend my money.

Regardless of whether I’m taxed more or not, the Government still finds a way to keep piling up debt. That is not to mention how the Government spends unwisely – it waste boatloads of money. Why in the hell to I want to send them more.

Reading this post is like watching kids arm wrestle to see whose R or D ran this country into the bankruptcy the fastest. A bit silly don’t you say?

By the way Ronald, how is that arm of yours doing?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

No crickets, but we can sure

No crickets, but we can sure hear the Kool-Aid pouring into your glass. "Auto industry and banks are doing business as usual thanks to the presidential bail out that saved millions of jobs." That is absolutely laughable.

Mark Elliott's picture

Here you go little

Here you go little grasshopper, learn something -> http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/terror-attacks-us-time-high/story?id=10748...

Mark Elliott's picture

Dan you seem to forget that

Dan you seem to forget that Clinton knew Bin Laden was up to something and had multiple chances to take him out but chose not to..........I bet now he has regrets.

Mark Elliott's picture

you know Dan, you've said

you know Dan, you've said some real asinine things but this takes the cake! If you think those attacks were planned and executed all in 6 months time then there isn't much hope for you. And FYI: Yes the USS Cole was attacked during the Clinton era as well as a few other interests abroad.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

All of which went unavenged

All of which went unavenged by Clinton, I might add.

Mark Elliott's picture

LOL.....yes you're right Dan,

LOL.....yes you're right Dan, that's a freebie. The US Cole doesn't count, tell that to the families of the victims. HOWEVER, the bombing of the trade center in 1993 was on US oil and I could just as easily say Clinton did nothing to stop that. Not only did nothing to stop it, but also did nothing to achieve justice and had he done that, 9-11 would be a non issue.......he had multiple chances to remove Bin Laden and he sat on his hands.
There's only been two attacks of 9-11 magnitude on US soil in recent history and everyone knows that, but that doesn't excuse all the others. Don't ever believe they don't tie together somehow........

Mark Elliott's picture

enlighten yourself Dan -->

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Ohhhh, I get it now", said

"Ohhhh, I get it now", said the enlightened parrot. "Fire bad, food good."
If you really believe that stuff you just posted, there is nothing more the enlightened among can do but just sit back and enjoy the laugh. BTW, what was Roosevelt doing when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor? (No, Mr. President, if was Pearl Harbor they attacked, not Hawaii.)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why do we need intelligence?

Why do we need intelligence? We have Tron to teach us all there is to know about revisionist history.

Mark Elliott's picture

and we come full circle, what

and we come full circle, what is Obama doing while the country goes down the drain? Playing golf? Vacationing? Blaming EVERYONE but himself....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That is just about the

That is just about the dumbest thing you've ever posted. I can't even respond to the logic you used in your statement, because there is none.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Hey Dan

What idiot, do you think, is pushing the Disagree button? I suggest looking for someone with parrot s--- on his shoulder.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Getting pretty nasty, Al.

Getting pretty nasty, Al. Can't come up with anything cool or hip so you go with the name calling, Tron style? You disappoint us all, sweetfern. Thought you had more class than that.

AL PELLETIER's picture


I have enough class to call Japanese, Japanese and not Japs. Do you still use the "N" word too there pirate?
Now how cool and hip is that?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yup, Japanese is more

Yup, Japanese is more politically correct; don't want to offend the Japs do we, sweetfern? If you're making a thinly veiled attempt at calling me a racist, shouldn't you get to know me a little better before diving into that pool of self-embarrassment head first? How do you know I'm not black?

AL PELLETIER's picture

perhaps you are

It wouldn't matter to me but you'd confuse the parrot.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Lol...we can certainly agree

Lol...we can certainly agree on that one. He often gets lost in his own cage. "Where am I? Who am I?" he will frequently screech out. Claims I'm putting too much folic acid in his feed.

Frank Lambert's picture

Impeach the president

President Bush was not the best president we ever had but at least he was not trying to drive this country into the ground. He was keeping the terrorists busy in other countries; President Obama has spent this country into the ground and is trying to make this country like European by make us a Socialistic society. What we got to understand that most of the politicians are crooks, Republican or Democrat. We have to elect an individual that we think is the least corrupt. President Obama is not.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Frank, how about 9-11

Dubya screwed up on weapons of mass destruction , 9-11 happened on his watch and he was fighting terrorists in other countries?--OH PALLEASE!!
As of right now the Nute is the GOP's flavor of the week--talk about a corrupt, immoral Washington insider.
If this is the best the GOP has, Obama looks like a saint.
Good luck next November.

RONALD RIML's picture


So Bush 'was keeping the terrorists busy in other countries'

It took Obama to finally send the SEALS to kill them.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yeah, but Bush got Saddam,

Yeah, but Bush got Saddam, and we actually got to see pictures of the body.

RONALD RIML's picture


Saddam never attacked us. Nor tried.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

So Bush killed an innocent

So Bush killed an innocent man?

RONALD RIML's picture

Bush killed literally

Thousands of innocents by his trumped up invasion of Iraq; along with putting us several Trillion in debt.

If anyone belongs in Gitmo - he does.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Numerous democrats voted in

Numerous democrats voted in favor of the Iraq invasion. They believed the same flawed information Bush did. Doesn't that make them equally culpable?

Mark Elliott's picture


RONALD RIML's picture


Bush's people cooked the books.

That information wasn't passed down. They didn't have the same information Bush had.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Disagree button

Ron, It must be the same 4 or 5 that push the disagree button before they even read our posts. Guess what? I don't care who disagrees or agrees with me and I hope you don't either so just keep em coming. Your usually dead on brother!

Mark Elliott's picture

Average dept as percentage of

Average dept as percentage of GDP:

Clinton: 65.25% NEVER above 70%
W. Bush: 64.24% NEVER above 75%
Obama: 92.36% NEVER BELOW 90% with his first year being the lowest at 86.4% and last year and this year to date at over 95%.......can't blame bush for it anymore!

Do the math Riml....who ran us into debt?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Where is the “All of the

Where is the “All of the above” checkbox?

Mark Elliott's picture

I agree Mark, all of them

I agree Mark, all of them through the years have added to it and the national debt has never really "gone down" as far as actual dollars is concerned. As our economy has grown over the years, the percentage of GDP grew with it but it grew slower than the actual debt dollars. We will always have debt but it's time to set a limit in percentage to GDP......a balanced budget amendment will do just that.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I would agree, but be careful

I would agree, but be careful with the wording.

We want to cap SPENDING to a percentage of GDP. A constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget is dangerous. How? It leaves two options to balance the budget – cut spending or raise taxes – you can guess the outcome can’t you?

Mark Elliott's picture

Yes absolutely! One word can

Yes absolutely! One word can make a huge difference!

Mark Elliott's picture

much like that 9-9-9

much like that 9-9-9 something rather plan I heard a whisper about recently from someone.....

 's picture


Please, by all means, do the math. When Dubya took office: 56.4%, and when he left: 84.2%. And of the total $14.3 trillion debt? $13.3 trillion happened from Reagan to Obama. And who is responsible? 72% happened under GOP administrations, about 28% under dems.

Mark Elliott's picture

Mark, there is no "math" to

Mark, there is no "math" to be done, these are stats. Where are you getting your numbers from? My numbers show Bush leaving us at 10.6 trillion with Obama taking it to 14.3......irregardless, national debt is usually measured in percentage to GDP. The numbers I quoted are % to GDP. I am not finding your numbers anywhere.

 's picture


Mark Elliott's picture

Really Mark? Wikipedia?

Really Mark? Wikipedia?

 's picture


Yes, Wikipedia, from the CBO. Trumps your lack of a source.

RONALD RIML's picture

Why not???

Wikipedia directly attributes their sources. In this case:

"CBO Historical Budget Page and Whitehouse FY 2012 Budget - Table 7.1 Federal Debt at the End of Year PDF"

What's the problem with the Congressional Budget Office???

Are you prepared to use a more authoritative source than the CBO??

Mark Elliott's picture

I see the discrepancy Riml,

I see the discrepancy Riml, the CBO figures go by the feds fiscal year (ending in October) and the chart I have uses calendar year but the fluctuations are consistent between the two. I will use the CBO chart from now on though, just for you.....according to the CBO chart "hist07z1.xls" these are the debt stats as a percentage to GDP for each fiscal year. Now refresh my memory, when was Bush in office? When Did Obama take over?

1992 64.1
1993 66.1
1994 66.6
1995 67.0
1996 67.1
1997 65.4
1998 63.2
1999 60.9

Bush W
2000 57.3
2001 56.4
2002 58.8
2003 61.6
2004 62.9
2005 63.5
2006 63.9
2007 64.4
2008 69.4

2009 84.2
2010 93.2
2011 estimate 102.6
2012 estimate 105.3
2013 estimate 106.0
2014 estimate 105.5
2015 estimate 105.2
2016 estimate 105.2

Mark Elliott's picture

Now this time I used the

Now this time I used the official CBO data, as you guys said I should, and you disagree with me? Childish! It's time to face facts and admit it. Obama is ruining us financially, among other ways.

Mark Elliott's picture

actually I copied one too

actually I copied one too many years for Bush.....2000 belongs to Clinton and 1992 belongs to HW Bush

RONALD RIML's picture


You're not a mathematician, Mark....

The debt is not a static 'Do Over' every administration. We can blame Bush for it as long as those unfunded wars of his continue to remain on the balance sheet and cost us interest which must be paid - along with Veterans which must be cared for.

Your problem is that your truly don't know math - or are ignoring it.

Mark Elliott's picture

This isn't about "total

This isn't about "total debt", it's about "increase".

Mark Elliott's picture

Oh Riml! I know you're

Oh Riml! I know you're smarter than that! Those numbers clearly show that the national debt that was aquired through the Clinton years (with NO wars or natural disasters I might add) then "maintained" through the Bush years even WITH 9-11, two FUNDED wars, AND a natural disaster. The debt jumped a bit during the first year of Obama which I will give you the benefit of the doubt and call it "grey area" but the sudden surge on his second year is ALL Obama's and deny it all you want, it just makes you look like a fool and I know you're not. It's time to admit it. The Obama administration is reckless with our money!

RONALD RIML's picture

Nice Spin

But no Cigar..... WE haven't paid for the wars yet v- merely went deeper in debt.

The wars technically were 'Funded' - but never 'Budgeted' - therefore they were added to the great Federal Credit Card - the National Debt. The Republicans did NOT want to tax to pay for it.

I would refer you to:

How US is deferring war costs

Christian Science Monitor By Ron Scherer, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor / January 16, 2007

"To pay for World War II, Americans bought savings bonds and put extra notches in their belts. President Harry Truman raised taxes and cut nonmilitary spending to pay for the Korean conflict. During Vietnam, the US raised taxes but still watched deficits soar.

But to pay for the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US has used its credit card, counting on the Chinese and other foreign buyers of its debt to pay the bills.

Now, as President Bush is promising to boost the number of troops in Iraq, there is increased scrutiny over how the US is going to pay for it all.

The US is spending about $10 billion a month on Iraq and Afghanistan. By the end of this year, the total funds appropriated will be nearly $600 billion – approaching the amount spent on the Vietnam or Korean wars, when adjusted for inflation.

However, the actual impact of the war on the economy is different than in the past, largely because the US economy is so much bigger now. During World War II, some analysts calculate that the US spent as much as 30 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on the war effort. The Korean War, at its spending peak in 1953, represented 14 percent of GDP; Vietnam was about 9 percent. The current war, however, is less than 1 percent of America's annual $13 trillion GDP.

Payment due: in the future
The US can certainly afford the war, says budget analyst Stan Collender, a managing director of Qorvis Communications in Washington. But the spending is taking resources from other areas, he notes. Because the US is borrowing to finance the war, the cost will be borne by future generations. "And it's still going to be one of the most expensive wars we have ever fought," he says.

Unlike in previous major wars, the United States has cut taxes at the same time it has increased military spending. "It's fair to say all of the money spent on the war has been borrowed," says Richard Kogan, a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a think tank in Washington. "But eventually everything has to be paid for."

-- read the entire article - true cost to be over two trillion....

Afghanistan war tax met with skepticism on Capitol Hill

"Some Senate Democrats bristled at the Republican opposition to a tax, noting that the GOP passed budgets for five years that allowed the Iraq war to continue funded through supplemental measures and not the federal budget. Democratic Policy Committee Chairman Byron Dorgan (N.D.) called that “shameful.”

“All these years we sent young men and women to war and don't have the courage to pay for it,” Dorgan said. “We need to find a way to pay for it whether it is expenditure cuts of revenue raisers. We can't continue this.”

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.), when asked about funding for Iraq and Afghanistan through emergency supplementals, took a shot at his 2004 presidential opponent by noting that the Bush administration pursued the war without off-setting funding."

Mark Elliott's picture

Oh look! Something shiny!

Oh look! Something shiny! Stay with me Riml, you've taken a discussion about the ratio of our national debt to GDP and turned it into a Bush/Iraq/Afghanistan rhetorical commentary. Your the one that claimed it was "unfunded" and one of your first comments here supported my correction when you said: "The wars technically were 'Funded'" thank you for confirming! But now you are starting to appear desperate and scrambling for a defense..........

RONALD RIML's picture

Mere semantics

By 'unfunded' I meant they weren't paid for.

They still aren't paid for, but they've been funded by China, which you are obviously quite contented with.

You are obviously the desperate one.

RONALD RIML's picture

C'mon, Heroes!!!!

I get 'Four Disagrees' but nobody tells me who's paying for the Wars.....


Mark Elliott's picture

Looks like you and Dan have

Looks like you and Dan have taken a sudden interest in the number of "likes" and "dislikes" you have. Why is that?

RONALD RIML's picture


There are no "likes' nor "Dislikes"

There are 'Agrees' and 'Disagrees'

I mused that there were "four disagrees" with my post that China was financing our wars, though none of them posted who they thought was paying for it. We're certainly not - and we're borrowing to fight them - with China being a major creditor.


AL PELLETIER's picture

Good God Mark

How can you take 8 years of Dubya screwing up our country and blame it on Clinton and Obama? I would consider voting for a GOP candidate if someone running looked like the greatest hope for our country besides Obama. Right now your party sucks.
You and the Pirate would not vote Democrat if the candidate was George Washington, Abe Lincoln and FDR. rolled in to one. Your such a bunch of close minded DAHS!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

By the same token, Al, you'd

By the same token, Al, you'd vote for Satan himself as long as he had a "D" tattooed on his butt under his tail. And, you're right about me not voting demcrat. I'd vote for a communist first; after all, they're after the same things, aren't they?

Mark Elliott's picture

You missed the boat Al! I am

You missed the boat Al! I am not blaming Clinton and Obama for any mistakes of the Bush administration. I am clearly blaming Obama for the OUTRAGEOUS spending coming out of Washington TODAY! You liberals constantly claim that Bush put us more into hawk than anyone, but the numbers can't be denied. That prize belongs to Obama and nobody else. Nice spin though. I give it an 8.

As far as me never voting for a democrat, you obviously don't know enough about me to make that claim as I used to be a democrat..........until, that is, I opened my mind and started paying attention.

FYI: If you're gonna use specific people to represent the democratic party, you may want to make sure they actually WERE democrats. Washington was a federalist and Abe was a republican.

Mark Elliott's picture

Damn, that was supposed to be

Damn, that was supposed to be "never below 85%" for obama

AL PELLETIER's picture


I didn't hear you screaming impeachment when George Dubya was screwing up the country.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You must not have been paying

You must not have been paying attention. The screams were there.

 's picture

Gee, Dan

it took 5 posts before you decided to chime in. Here are your answers:

[This comment has been edited by the administrator]

 's picture


Got anything from planet earth, or the reality based community?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

How about refuting with

How about refuting with believable documentation what he just posted, Lilly?

RONALD RIML's picture


You mean what he plagiarized????

He should credit other folks' work.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Maybe, but does that make it

Maybe, but does that make it any less true?

 's picture

You in the cult parrot?

I had to opportunity to see the comment before it was removed. Some quick research revealed that it came from the Lyndon LaRouche camp. I was dying laughing. You a big fan too Paul? What, Ed couldn't find anything good to copy and paste from the Ted Kaczynski website?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You don't know me. You

You don't know me. You shouldn't go making assumptions about me that have little or no factual basis.

 's picture


I asked you a couple of questions. You wrote that Ed's post was true. The reality is that neither you nor Ed really read or understood what he posted or where it was from. It was just another classic case of oppositional piling on. Unless you really are fond of the works of Nancy Spannaus and LaRouche.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If you'll take the time to

If you'll take the time to read my post, you'll see that I, also, was asking a question. I wasn't stating or agreeing with anything, I was asking a question. Read the words. Oppositional piling on...c'mon what is this, a school yard?

 's picture

Toughen up.

I thought you were a pirate.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The Pirate's tough enough;

The Pirate's tough enough; just trying to be benevolent given the Christmas season and such; doesn't always come across very well. Point well taken, though.

RONALD RIML's picture


He's Pontius, the Good Pirate.....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"NOT GUILTY", screeched the

"NOT GUILTY", screeched the inflammed parrot. "I heard they weren't making Pontiacs any more."
WHAT???? As Veritas, knower of all truths, will attest; being good ain't always easy. And, if you're a pirate, it doesn't always matter. As the great Eastern philosopher, Filmore West, once said, "There are only two things in life that matter, but I forget what they are".

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He can't argue it's true

Only that he cut and pasted it.

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Oh, yeah, lying under oath

Oh, yeah, lying under oath and having sex in the oval office with a 22 year old were trumped up charges. Guess we forgot about that.

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He was merely performing a Presidential Probe of her tonsils......

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A tonsilectomy of

A tonsilectomy of presidential proportion?

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"Jaw dropping development, I

"Jaw dropping development, I say!!", said the jealous parrot.

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Then why was he impeached.

Then why was he impeached. And he WAS impeached. There is no way you can fabricate your way out of that. He was impeached.

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But impeached, nonetheless.

But impeached, nonetheless.

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If you and your ilk were

If you and your ilk were truly interested in helping America, there is no way you'd be able to continue your blind support of oBAMa. Our goal, if you haven't figured it out yet, is to SAVE America from oBAMa, his regime, and people like you, T...

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Really Guy....

In all my discourse, reasonable and otherwise, about the Cowboy-in Chief, I never sunk to capital-letter-mandering.

hOw lOw cAn yOu gO.......

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Is that what they call it?

Is that what they call it? The parrot calls it annoying.

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Actually, Clinton almost was impeached.

The vote was 55 - 45 in the house and 50/50 in the senate. I wouldn't call that "not even close".

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Clinton was impeached.

In this context, the word 'impeach' means that the House, serving as grand jury, voted to send the matter to trial in the Senate, where the jury, 100 senators, voted not-guilty. That is, 'impeach' means the same as 'indict' in regular court settings. And, as in regular court settings, 'not-guilty' does not imply 'innocent'.

Two US presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Neither was convicted. One should have been.

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Hahaha....man, you're fun to

Hahaha....man, you're fun to watch.


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