Lewiston residents vote for mayor today

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Lewiston mayoral candidate Mark Paradis, right, listens to his opponent, Robert Macdonald, make a point during the Monday, Nov. 30 debate at the Lewiston Public Library.

A special run-off election is taking place today in Lewiston for residents to choose a new mayor.

The candidates are Robert MacDonald and Mark Paradis. As Paradis passed away last Friday, if he is chosen by popular vote in today's run-off election, the office of mayor will be vacant and a new election cycle for Lewiston mayor will begin.

Below is a review of the Sun Journal's coverage of the 2011 Lewiston mayoral run-off election:

Video from the the Lewiston run-off mayoral election debate

The Sun Journal partnered with the Lewiston public Library and Great Falls TV to host an interactive debate between the two run-off candidates on Monday, Nov. 30.

Sun Journal Video Election Guide 2011: Lewiston Mayor

We asked all mayoral candidates, including MacDonald and Paradis, about their stance on three issues facing Lewiston.

Election profile for Bob MacDonald A more in-depth look at MacDonald's candidacy.

Election profile for Mark Paradis

A more in-depth look at Paradis's candidacy.

Making sense of subsidized housing and calls for a moratorium

Affordable housing is an issue in this campaign. A look at the scope of available affordable housing in Lewiston, and what role local government can play in shaping that.

Mark Paradis, Lewiston mayoral candidate, dies

Candidate Mark Paradis passed away on Friday, Dec. 9. Earlier that week, he anounced that he had cancer.

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Mike Miles's picture


Mr MacDonald is an I'll-tempered, ignorant bully, in the cast of the Governor. If you are delighted with Lepage, you'll love MacDonald. What happened to higher aspirations?

RONALD RIML's picture

Very interesting

In Lewiston they can vote for the Dead

In Chicago the Dead can vote.......

Ya gotta love it

Mark Elliott's picture

and in East Boothbay, the

and in East Boothbay, the dead can blog.... LOL....you didn't think that would go untouched did you?

RONALD RIML's picture

And when I lived in Lewiston

And when I lived in Lewiston, they told me never to move to a town that had the name 'Falls' in it.....

What a 'Pecking Order!'

If your happy the way this

If your happy the way this city is going vote for Paradis, if your tired of this Liberal bleeding to death situation of this city and want a change vote for Macdonald

GARY SAVARD's picture

This election is not between

This election is not between Bob Macdonald and Mark Paradis. Mr. Paradis passed away last Friday. This election is between a man who sees some of Lewiston's problems and wants to shed light on them and between the same democratic machine that brought us where we are today and doesn't want to change a thing. Your choice. One way or the other though, go vote, please.

 's picture

If your looking for no change

and for things to stay as they are then yes vote for Mark Paradis and force another election at tax payers expense. What has Larry Gilbert done for this city? He and Paradis are one in the same. Get them looking at the right hand while you mess things up with your left. Honesty has never been a strong point of Lewiston Democrats.

Mike Lachance's picture

Dan, for once we agree on

Dan, for once we agree on SOMETHING! :-)
Get out and vote folks!


The higher road

I want to commend both sides for the civility and sensitivity they have showed in this tragic situation. They have shown the kind of character and integrity that is so rare in politics today and made me proud of my community. I wish both sides good luck in the election and I hope people show up to vote. We need the input from many citizens of good faith.

 's picture


Vote for Mark Paradis...

Mike Lachance's picture

Vote for Bob Macdonald...

Vote for Bob Macdonald...


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