Macdonald elected Lewiston mayor, promises surprise for opponents

LEWISTON — After winning the mayor's chair Tuesday night, Bob Macdonald promised a surprise Thursday for the people behind opponent Mark Paradis' campaign.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Bob Macdonald greets voters as they arrive at the polls at the Multi-Purpose Center in Lewiston on Tuesday.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Ronnie Paradis of Lewiston greets voters as they arrive at the polls at the Multi-Purpose Center in Lewiston on Tuesday. Paradis' husband, Mark, died Friday but was on the ballot as a mayoral candidate.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Bob Macdonald talks to a voter at the Multi-Purpose Center in Lewiston on Tuesday.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Ronnie Paradis of Lewiston and her supporters greet voters as they arrive at the Multi-Purpose Center in Lewiston on Tuesday. Paradis' husband, Mark, died Friday but was on the ballot as a mayoral candidate. Lillian LaFontaine O'Brien, back left, and Patti Gagne shook hands with voters alongside Paradis.

Macdonald claimed 2,543 votes in Tuesday's special runoff election, 70 votes better than those cast for Paradis, who had 2,473 votes, according to unofficial results. Paradis died Friday of pneumonia, but his name remained on the ballot.

After the ballots were counted Tuesday night, Macdonald said he would have a surprise for the people who led Paradis' campaign.

"Mr. Paradis was a very honorable person, a nice man," Macdonald said. "But some of the people behind his campaign were very sleazy. And Thursday, they'll find out what's going to happen."

Macdonald accused Paradis' backers of starting a rumor that Macdonald's wife had Alzheimer's disease.

"They said I wouldn't be able to fulfill my duties as mayor because I'd have to care for her," Macdonald said. "But my wife is fine. She doesn't have Alzheimer's."

Michael Dumas, campaign director for Paradis, denied that his group had started rumors about Macdonald.

Tuesday's vote put an end to a long and memorable mayoral campaign. The two candidates were among a group of five seeking the mayor's chair in the November ballot. Paradis and Macdonald claimed the most votes of the five candidates; Paradis got 32 percent and Macdonald got 31 percent.

The City Charter requires the mayor to get a majority of the vote to win election — at least 50 percent, plus one vote. Since neither did, the runoff election was scheduled.

Paradis announced Wednesday that he had been diagnosed with cancer and had begun radiation treatment, but he vowed to continue his campaign.

Paradis died two days later. His friends, family and supporters encouraged voters to select him, anyway. Rather than elect a mayor Tuesday, voters would be calling for a new mayoral election.

Macdonald said that was foolish.

"People around the state would be looking at us and laughing, once again," Macdonald said. "Voting for a dead man. That's what they're going to be saying about Lewiston, and it's just ridiculous."

City Clerk Kathy Montejo said Tuesday's vote would put an end to that controversy. Macdonald will be sworn in Jan. 3 with the city councilors and School Committee members elected in November.

But Macdonald said he was not finished.

"If you were taken through the coals, called a racist and called all these names, how would you feel?" Macdonald said. "There was no need for this. I am sorry that Mr. Paradis died. If he had won, we would have just said this is the way the city wants to go. It was going to be a referendum for the people, and I wish it would have been that way. But when he died, the people who ran his campaign came after me."

Macdonald said he wants to bring the city together, but residents have to stop comparing recent immigrants to the Canadian immigrants of 100 years ago.

"When you start comparing these people to people's ancestors, what do you think is going to happen?" Macdonald said. "It causes a lot of stress, and it causes Lewiston residents to hate these people."

Macdonald said he understands that immigrants came to Lewiston looking for a new life.

"We need to let them get established, and help them," Macdonald said. "But instead of comparing them to someone's ancestors, we have to stop that. That's just aggravating."

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Abdi Hassan's picture

McDonald is Anti Somali

Mr. Mcdonald is pure racist. He keeps referring Somalis as "These people" For god sake, just say the name! Everybody knows you don't mean other groups. Why are u so afraid mentioning them when you clearly talking about them.. He used the word "These people" 420 times on paper & tv. During the debate, he said " Downtown Lewiston looks like 4th world country" He means Somali stores. Why would he say that? They are business owners, they are tax payers, they are proud Somali/americans. Also, one of the first debate, a group of lewiston youth council were asking 5 question to each mayoral candidate questions ranging from Mill 5, Jobs, river front, welfare, kids going out of state after they graduate, etc... AND Guess what McDonald answered all 5 questions? This is his quote, "AGAIN, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE WELFARE" . all 5 of his answers had something to do with welfare.He never answered the question that is being asked....If you think I am making this, go back and watch the video over at great falls tv . He used lame examples like: "Go to walmart, you will see "These people" holding EBT cards" while elderly man next on line is busy counting coins" Do you honestly think this guy is qualified for the job? I voted for Mark Paradis (Rest in peace) Because this guy is full of hateful toward Somalis..


Abdi I will be the first to

Abdi I will be the first to admit that I do not usually agree with the Somali viewpoint. However, in this case I do agree to some extent with you. But I also believe that it was not just Somali he was talking about but all low income people of all ages, race, religion, and disability. I also agree that he never really answered any questions put to him in debates...his answers were vague or "I do not have enough information to answer that". There are issues that need to be addressed regarding people who receive assistance and issues that need to be addressed regarding people who do not receive assistance. The way to solve all of these issues is as one unit and not multiple groups of people who refuse to work together. It is time to unite this city for the good of all and not divide it further than it already is.

Mike Lachance's picture

Tina, I agree, please send me

Tina, I agree, please send me the next (5) checks you recieve from the State. After all, I just want whats coming to me... I just want "my fair share".. please send me your money ASAP... you can manage fine without. (after all, its MY money)

Abdi, Sorry to burst your bubble, this isnt the 1950's and this has zero to do with race.
As far as those standing inline at Walmart with shopping carts full of groceries and paying for it all with EBT cards that *I* paid for, I dont care what color or race you are, I want to know why the hell ANYONE would buy THAT many groceries on MY tab.

My mother raised three boys on her own with ZERO welfare. She worked her butt off. We had very little, but just enough to get by. Nothing more. I dont want to hear about "the poor". I was there.

If you are disabled, cripple, or handicap, fine. There *ARE* those who truly DO need assistance. Otherwise take the hand UP and then walk on your own. Get a job and get off welfare, or leave. I dont care if youre American, Somali, white or purple.

Its called accountability. If youre spending MY money I want to know you arnt wasting it, and that you are actually trying to find a job. Be you white, black, green, American, Somali or Norweigan.

About the "4th world country" comment Bob made... he wasnt far off the mark. Cultural diversity IS a good thing, but at the mono-ethnic saturation point you end up with nothing but a ghetto marketplace which is socially introverted and culturally disfunctional. And thats what Lisbon street is rapidly devolving to.


Mike you are a real piece of

Mike you are a real piece of work. You assume that people are getting assistance. For those that do get assistance, EBT cards are loaded with cash once a month, food stamps load about 10 days later....maybe the full baskets are supplies for the damn month. You never know. Do you know me personally? NO. Do you know Abdi personally? Probably not. Do you know the circumstances of every person in the city? NO. Do you think you are the only one with a correct opinion? YES. Do you have a job? I have to wonder since you seem to have so much time on your hands.

Mike Lachance's picture

So, when the cards are loaded

So, when the cards are loaded "once a month" does the recipient only have 3 days to spend it all? Hello? No reason to buy 1 months worth of groceries in one trip, once a month, then the food stamps on top of that 10 days later.... again, do the food stamps expire in 3 days? Tina, the logic behind your point is both impractical and without merit.

As far as me knowing you, I only know what youve disclosed here, and I do believe from everything youve stated, that you do recieve state assistance. Nothing wrong with that if you truly DO need it, and I can only assume you do... but then again, assumptions can be wrong (your own words). Maybe you dont?

I dont know Abdi, but race baiting is very low on anyones scale. Tina, is your opinion correct? Is my opinion correct? Which is it? Apply the same standards to yourself as you apply to others please. Your opinion is politically correct, my opinion (apparently) is not politically correct.

 's picture

Paradis camp

Paradis camp. If your doorbell rings tomorrow and there's a lunch bag on you doorstep on fire, DO NOT STOMP ON IT!

 's picture

"People around the state

"People around the state would be looking at us and laughing, once again," Macdonald said. "Voting for a dead man. That's what they're going to be saying about Lewiston, and it's just ridiculous."

what is ridiculous is infantile mentality and remarks. especially for someone who has passed away-with his loved ones grieving his loss. jab for jab? eye for eye? because of someone else's doing? surprise? are you kidding me?

do we call it a 'victory' if it was won by a mere 70 votes? i'd say it was a pretty darn close call.

Mike Lachance's picture

definately a victory.

definately a victory. Especially for this town (city, etc) be it by 7, 70 or 700 votes.

Mark Elliott's picture

in a city that has had a

in a city that has had a democrat mayor for as long as I know, definitely a victory!

 's picture

I have known Bob literally

I have known Bob literally all of my adult life. I worked closely with him for 14yrs. He is part of a group of recently retired LPD guys who were fearless. Bob was always a very happy go lucky guy, who, trust me, was not easlily provoked. He never would have survived on the street without a thick skin. So, someone must have really teed him off. So, lets wait to see what he reveals. Maybe its a good surprise.

Jason Theriault's picture

A good surprise?

So, your saying he's gonna do something nice, like make a delicious cake? That would be good!

Mike Lachance's picture

*chuckle* ;-) funny is

*chuckle* ;-) funny is funny.

 's picture

That is an interesting way to

That is an interesting way to have your first moments as mayor be remembered, threatening. Regardless of whether or not his claim about starting rumors is true or not, an elected official should be more cordial. If you want to bring a community together, you don’t go out and threaten some of those very members. I am not to worry about any of his agendas because as I have said the mayor of Lewiston has little to no power (other than ribbon cuttings and things like that). The power resides in the city council and the city manager. So, unless they plan on pushing his agenda there is little he can do.

Mike Lachance's picture

Clan? So you're saying half

Clan? So you're saying half of Lewiston's voters are a "clan". What are the other half? Zombies?

David  Cote's picture

Worth mentioning

Within the shadows of this election, the claims made by MacDonald regarding the alledged doings of the Paradis camp, and the thin skin MacDonald apparently carries on his person, stood a lady of great strength and grace. Just days after losing her husband, Ronnie Paradis was at the polling station, greeting voters and smiling. She exemplifies the true meaning of how to lead, of how to shine in the face of darkness, of how to be giving of oneself while dealing with her own grief. Today, I celebrate her and the memory of her husband, not a man seething with tyranical rants who doesn't even have the decency to celebrate his own victory with any sense of humbleness or gratitude. To me, Ronnie is the true face of Lewiston, not the man who has now been elected
and has annoited himself "King".

Jennifer Chretien's picture

I am not from Lewiston and

I am not from Lewiston and did not follow the election thoroughly. I have seen and read bits and pieces over the last several weeks. I can't comment on whether or not Mr. Macdonald will make a good mayor. I will say this; I do hope he wants to bring the city together as he states in this video. I also understand his being angry for any untruths spoken about him during this campaign. However in my opinion the things he said last night will not help bring people together. They may likely pull the sides further apart. To essentially threaten members of his opponent's campaign will not bring Mr.Paradis supporters on board. I hope that he can see this and work towards being more effective in his goal of bringing people together and helping the city of Lewiston. Good luck to the city of Lewiston.


Keeping the eye on the ball

OK, so I wake up to watching my new mayor on TV,in a rage, threatening his fellow citizens. Not very mayoral! Politics, sadly to say, is not for the thin skinned. Who would have guessed that a 70 vote victory over a deceased opponent would go to someone's head? I'm hoping that in calmer moments our mayor remembers why he went into this to begin with and starts working on a plan to make Lewiston a place people and businesses want to move to, not away from. We do not need navel gazing, posturing, p***ing constests, politics and amateur hour in city hall. We need to compete for economic development, jobs and money for our schools and roads. That will require a plan, organization and everybody working together for our city. Otherwise we spend the next two years watching development and jobs go to Bangor, Augusta, Brunswick and Portland AGAIN while we sit, dead in the water, AGAIN! I wish our new mayor the best of luck. He has a difficult job ahead and I applaud his wish to serve the people of Lewiston.

 's picture

Somewhere, the collective

Somewhere, the collective clan MacDonald is feeling the pain of this spelling.

 's picture

Just heard on radio, while driving to work

"MacDonald was less cordial about the win calling his opponents sleazy and threatening to exact revenge." Ugh. Just great. Gonna be a long and embarrasing couple of years.

Jason Theriault's picture


Nothing like the threat of swift retribution to your enemies to start off your "reign" as mayor. Now, I didn't follow the election closely, but doing a search of the sun journal doesn't show anything like that.

Seems silly. Maybe you should focus on the job ahead.

 's picture

Goodbye Moonbeam! Hello, Blowhard...

The guy has a right to be pissed about the "rumor mongering".

I just hope he is less factually challenged than Moonbeam. So far, his demeanor and willingness to not let facts get in the way of his arguements have not impressed.

Mike Lachance's picture

Congrats Mayor Macdonald!

Congrats Mayor Macdonald! Great to see you, your team and supporters tonite, and an honor once again to shake your hand after the win.

 's picture

...and so the embarrassment

...and so the embarrassment of the citizens of Lewiston begins....

Mike Lachance's picture

Larry, it would seem

Larry, it would seem "embarrassment" is a very subjective thing.

Mark Elliott's picture

yeah because crybaby Gilbert

yeah because crybaby Gilbert isn't an embarrassment right?


All I can say is can this guy

All I can say is can this guy be positive about anything. He won the election and he can't even just be happy with that but he has to go after Paradis campaign workers, and threatening about what is going to happen on Thursday. He wants to bring Lewiston together but he is being nothing but negative. As far as the accusations being made...where is the proof....I have seen nothing about Mr. Macdonald's wife....Mr. Macdonald here is a reality check for you ...THE GLASS IS HALF FULL NOT HALF EMPTY.....start being positive you might get further

Mike Lachance's picture

Yes Tina the glass IS half

Yes Tina the glass IS half full not half empty. So remember that from now on when you post comments. This is a good night for the City, and if Bob doesnt turn out to be so great, we'll all get a chance in a couple years to vote for someone else.

Congrats to Bob and his team!


Mike how can anyone be

Mike how can anyone be positive when our mayor-elect is so negative. And let's just hope that we can recover in 2 years if he doesn't start being more positive. And remember he is the one that said Lewiston would be the laughing stock...and we will if he doesn't change his attitude. I sure won't be letting my son listen to him as he is not being a "good sportsman" at this time. And for the record.....I have always said that NEITHER candidate was right for Lewiston and that Mr. Macdonald would serve us better in either Augusta or Washington but then again I have no reason to know what Mr. Macdonald really thinks as it seems his supporters articulate better than he does. Now Lewiston can be known for both Governor LePage and Mayor-elect that IS funny

 's picture

One more thing

Miss Hutchinson. What purpose was Mrs. Paradis presence serving being at the pole last night? I never for one minute would have expected to see her there.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Sympathy votes? Given the 70

Sympathy votes? Given the 70 vote margin between the two candidates, it worked.

Mike Lachance's picture

Definately a sympathy

Definately a sympathy presence, but still well within her right, (and understandable) of course, but perhaps not the best reason to "get out the vote".
What can ya do?

My condolenses to Mrs. Paradis nonetheless.

David  Cote's picture

No explanation needed

Actually, Mrs. Paradis owes no one an explanation as to why she was at the poll yesterday. And I would never raise the question why. It's no one's business but her own and for people to openly speculate about her motives for doing so is crass and in extremely poor taste. People that are compelled to find out her reason(s) are also fishing for excuses to discredit her, otherwise, you have no reason to guess or ask. And I suspect those that do so also have way too much idle time on their hands.

Mike Lachance's picture

Dave, not sure who youre

Dave, not sure who youre reponding to (read my post)


People handle grief in

People handle grief in different ways. I see no problem with Mrs. Paradis being at the polls last night. It was probably her way of supporting her husband even after his death. It might have been her way of coping with everything going on in her life at this time. It might have been her way of thanking people that had supported her husband over the years....

Mike Lachance's picture

Tina, according to Dave's

Tina, according to Dave's post, above, you are fishing for reasons to discredit her. shame on you.
(seriously though, i agree with all of the possibilities you mention)

 's picture

Well Miss Hutchinson

if you took the time and listened to what is truly being said about Lewiston, you would know that we are being laughed at by the citizenry of Bangor, Portland, Brunswick and other towns in Maine. Believe me, I've been hearing it for years form family members who live in those towns. Electing Mr. Paradis would have been more of the same. Go out and listen to what is said instead of walking around wearing your rose colored glasses. Larry Raymond tried to do the right thing a few years ago. What happened? Ill tell you what happened, all you bleeding hearts wanted to do was organize a lynch mob and go after him. What took place the last seven days in this town was disgraceful. Announcing your battle with cancer with a little less than a week to the run off served only one purpose. The proper decision would have been to withdraw and spend the rest of your time here with family and friends and enjoying life. The proper decision by his campaign committee should have been to concede the election to Mr. Macdonald and not waste tax payers money and valued time. Instead they tried underhandedly force another election down the road. Let your man rest in peace and let us see what happens from here. Over half of what you hear about Macdonald came from Gilbert's mouth, whom in my opinion was a bad Chief of Police and a not so hot Federal Marshall.


David if you would actually

David if you would actually take the time to read all of my posts you would see that I have stated multiple times that NEITHER candidate was right for Lewiston. I do not disagree with ALL of Mcdonald's views but in the way he presents them. I also have stated multiple times that he would better serve us in a position that actually could change some of the things he is wanting to change. The mayor is just a ceremonial figurehead and I believe he would serve better in Augusta or Washington where he would actually have a vote not just a voice. And if you would actually read all of my posts you would have seen that I mentioned the incident with Mr. Raymond and what he went through when he tried to change things. And I never said we didn't need view is that this election was a choice of same old same old or being bullied and threatened to get an agenda served. I have said many times there is a way to create change in this city and that is with EVERYONE working together as one. My opinion is that Mr. Macdonald is going to create more division between the citizens of this city because he cannot articulate his views TACTFULLY and cohesively. And as far as Bangor, Portland, Brunswick, and other Maine towns laughing at us that is there problem and they have their own issues but they don't have them in the spotlight constantly because their politicians do not constantly put their foot in their mouth. And you say the proper thing to do would have been for Paradis to withdraw from the election and concede it to Mr. Macdonald.....well the proper way for Macdonald to have won this election would have been for him to be gracious and not start off with threatening that things will happen on Thursday. I understand he is upset with being called a racist (maybe he shouldn't use words like "those people") and with alleged comments about his wife. To that I have this to put yourself in the race so you better start growing a thicker skin if name calling bothers you that much. And for the record I have not seen or heard anything about his wife during this election so I would like to see where it was said and by whom. And now he IS the mayor-elect and maybe he should think about acting like it instead of bullying and threatening others.....

 's picture

We I actually did

read them all before writing my post. Amazing how you people act when your being called out. I read a lot of anger and frustration on your part. What is this so called threat you keep talking about. If it's the surprise he mentioned then I would say your a bit thin skinned. I see no threat in his statement. The only thing I see by reading these posts, is a bunch of liberals showing a lot of anger.

Nicole Poteet's picture

What is this so called threat?????

"You know what? I just won and I don't have to be quiet anymore. They're going to pay for this, they're gonna pay! They're gonna have a surprise on Thursday, a very big surprise"! As stated by MacDonald about 1 minute into the video above all of these posts.

I don't know about the rest of you....but where I'm from, that would be considered a threat.

Mike Lachance's picture

Threat? Nahh, i'd say more of

Threat? Nahh, i'd say more of a promise. We'll see I suppose. But then again, if they dont pay then you'd say he was breaking his promises. Doh!


"you people" we go

"you people" we go again with people not saying exactly who they are talking you mean the citizens of lewiston, the republicans, the democrats, the liberals, the conservatives...can you actually name the group you are talking about or do you just want people to assume???the threat is the statement Macdonald made about the Paradis campaign getting theirs on thursday....and i hate to be the bearer of bad news...i am not a liberal...nor am i a democrat or a republican....i am angry but not for the reasons you think...i am angry because Mr. Macdonald is not really in the position to do us any good. He can take his bullying and threatening and use it some place else....but his actions have already shown us that he is going to have a very rough 2 years because he cannot seem to control his i said....articulate what you mean

Mike Lachance's picture

Tina, there's no confusion,

Tina, there's no confusion, "you people" refers to "you people" meaning, quite simply, "you" and "people" who think like you, say the same things as you, ignore facts like you, and spin everything like you. Duh!

Bob does have a feisty temper and because he is NOT a polished career politician, nor a lawyer, or a salesman, he has a challenge that most of us would ALSO be faced with. I believe he will go through a quick learning curve with regards to the media, etc and such before he takes the oath. (LePage had the same type of challenge)

I think Bob will do fine, but yes, he is going to take a few lumps before he gets the "image" thing dialed in. The last thing Lewiston needs is more Larry Gilberts who smile alot, try to make everyone happy and accomplish nothing. Give Bob a chance, come Jan 3... and vote for someone else in 2 years.


so Mike I guess if I use "you

so Mike I guess if I use "you people" in reference to Macdonald supporters who say the same things as you and ignore facts like you and spin everything like you then everyone would automatically know who I was talking about.......and we all know what they say about the word assume.....

How about he not try to please the people at the local donut shop and just do the job without threatening and bullying????

Mike Lachance's picture

Wow. ok Dan, whatever you

Wow. ok Dan, whatever you say.

Nobody wants to learn anything except people who think like you?
What do YOU want to learn from people like me? ...and can someone who disagrees with you teach you anything about how wrong you are? and how backwards your beliefs are? No? Gee, I guess you dont want to "learn" anything either.

Once against the classic left-field double standard put back into play.

Mike Lachance's picture

Ridiculous statement of the

Ridiculous statement of the week:
"he is just like lepage, and doesn't want to learn to do anything, just vent his venom"
How many face-to-face discussions with Bob have you had... How many at-legnth conversations have you had with him?

Whats that about nonsense?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Don't you wish you could have

Don't you wish you could have voted in this one, T? You could have cut MacDonald's victory margin down to 69 votes. Bummer.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Actually, the Pirate found

Actually, the Pirate found his post election result interview quite disappointing.

Mike Lachance's picture

Having lived in Bangor, and

Having lived in Bangor, and having worked in Portland, I can attest to this as absolute FACT. This was 5 years ago when there were no "uncultured republicans" anywhere to be seen. It was Dem controlled Lewiston through-and-through that was a complete and total laughing stock to the rest of the state.

Mike Lachance's picture

Hey Tina... what happened to

Hey Tina... what happened to the glass is half full huh? Different standard for different people? As far as LePage and Macdonald, you may think they are the laughing stock, but I can tell you, having spent 25 years OUTSIDE of Maine, the Maine that has festered to what it is today over 40 years, and those who have run it into the ground are the true laughing stock. The wave of conservative leaders that have and continue to take over Maine are anything but. They are what Maine needs to get the State back on track, be it a Mayor, a Representative, a Senator, or a Governor.

Its folks who, like you, continue to point fingers at the outsiders and laugh at them while the ship sinks, that are the laughing stock.

I am PROUD or the message Lewiston voters have sent to City Hall tonite. This IS a "glass half full" moment.


Mike be proud all you

Mike be proud all you want...that is your right but I just had a friend see Mr. Macdonald on the news and she called and said "what's up with this guy, he won and he is already threatening people".....the laughing has begun. And I still think the glass is half full....i am actually sitting here laughing at what a joke this already is.....however, he can't threaten and bully people forever and what goes around will come around. All of Mr. Macdonald's supporters should coach him on how to give an interview before he gives many more. And fyi...i saw the conversation on the sunjournal page while waiting for the results and one of the questions was along the lines of how to go about a recall in lewiston....and this was even before the results came out.....and for that matter if people are going to play the blame game why don't we put the blame where it belongs....on unfunded mandates from the federal government and the state government...

Mike Lachance's picture

Tina, re: the laughing stuff,

Tina, re: the laughing stuff, whatever, laugh all you want if it makes you feel good.

We do agree on the unfunded mandates from the Feds though. The EPA, for example has done more to destroy jobs in Maine than almost any other Fed agency. I think you and I would agree on may issues, but it seems Lewiston City Hall is not one of them.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"The EPA, for example has

"The EPA, for example has done more to destroy jobs in Maine than almost any other Fed agency." "Of course", said the parrot. "That's why they are called the Employment Prevention Agency."


Tell me one thing Mike.....if

Tell me one thing Mike.....if subsidized housing and "welfare" are state and federally funded then how in the world is Macdonald going to make changes to programs the city has absolutely NO control over. Again.....maybe he should have run for a seat in really are not hearing what I am saying....But he needs serious help in articulating what he is saying or he is going to cause more problems then he can solve.....and yes laughing makes me feel's better than being depressed over something I alone cannot change.

Mike Lachance's picture

Tina, he was elected by the

Tina, he was elected by the people of Lewiston on ISSUES. And that fact sends a BIG message to leadership at all levels (from City Hall to Augusta. That is just one way (indirect as it is) that Bob Macdonald can change things. The council will be shifting even more conservative in the next election cycle (watch and see) and at that point things will begin to move for Lewiston. People are Fed up. This pattern is happening across Maine, not just here in Lewiston. So, Macdonald has the ability to lead, the ability to project influence and to (hopefully) articulate what the voters told them they want.

Bob does need to work on the articulating, but I have spoke with him in persona a number of times and I know he is fully capable of meeting that challenge.


He was elected on the

He was elected on the issues???? he was elected because it was a two man race where one of the candidates unfortunately died. People didn't want the expense of another election process....70 votes is nothing...and he showed his true colors last night when he started by threatening campaign workers from the Paradis campaign. Great show of sportsmanship...NOT.....give him a chance you say????? we have no other choice at this point and he will divide this city more than he will unite it if he doesn't let go of his anger and focus.....

Mike Lachance's picture

EHHHHT! (buzzer) Wrong

EHHHHT! (buzzer)

Wrong Tina,

This election *was* a referandum on the issues. The voters knew they had the chance for a do-over, and if Bob was not on the right side of the issues, he would not have won.


And how many voters wanted to

And how many voters wanted to spend yet even more money that we do not have to have a "do over" was not a referendum of the issues it was a referendum of people's fears because people did NOT articulate what they were really talking about and everyone made ASSUMPTIONS.....Macdonald used the word "welfare" when he was talking about subsidized housing....he used the words "those people" which others took to mean Somali ....and why is it you cannot see that others have a view and opinions and you cannot learn from are so much a Macdonald man that I will enjoy the entertainment when he puts his foot in his mouth yet again leaving you to state his view with your words because he won't be able to do it in his own words

Mike Lachance's picture

Tina, So, you're arguing that

So, you're arguing that folks in Lewiston wouldnt want to spend money on an election to elect the right person when given the opportunity and would rather just anybody be mayor? Not buying that one, sorry. The election WAS a referendum on the issues. If folks didnt agree with Macdonald and knew that they could have the opportunity to elect someone else, they would have voted AGAINST Bob. Remember, once Paradis passed away, a vote for Paradis was nothing more than a vote AGAINST Macdonald. And so it is, the election was a referendum on Bob Macdonald, whether you like it or not. Lewiston voters chose Bob.

And there are no assumptions as youve clearly stated that you DO understand what Bob is talking about. No confusion, no assumptions. As far as Somalis, You are blatantly incorrect by thinking "those people" are all Somalis. Some are, some arnt. Some are white, some arnt. Once again an attempt to race bait. There are whites, blacks, greens, yellows all colors are coming to Maine to abuse the system. The only difference is the Somalis are more visible. Its not a Somali problem its a systemic problem, and Bob has made this clear.

If Bob were anti-Somali, as you (and others) would like to paint him, he wouldnt have any Somali friends... and guess what. Bob's got Somali friends.

As far as not seeing that others have views and opinions and i "cannot" (?) learn from them.... I'd ask you that same question, but the entire premise of asking such a mypoic question would make me ill.

Assumptions? Youre question begs the only assumptions here.

Remember Tina, why is it you "cannot see" that the "glass is half full"?
You seemed to like that line.


Mike maybe you ought to look

Mike maybe you ought to look at the news sites that have shown the video from last night and see the comments there....your guy has gotten Lewiston the spot light and not in a good way and now he is saying he is not sorry about his comments last night but wants to let bygones be bygones (according to WCSH6)...can't he make up his mind....where is the proof of the comments that were supposedly made about his wife or is that just another line to make him look like the victim....okay...i'm not going to answer that for you okay....what are we in California pretending to be valley girls now

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While Frank Sinatra sings,

While Frank Sinatra sings, 'Stormy Weather', the flies and the spiders get along together....

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Gee, I thought Bob wasnt

Gee, I thought Bob wasnt capable of learning anything. As I've said, Bob is no politician. If you want 100% plastic walmart greet Bob will surely disappoint. He's not stupid, nor is he as shallow and closed minded and you'd like to think. Personally, I'm not surprised that he may be taking a bit of a deep breath and rethinking some options. What you call "cant make up his mind" is more like, stepping back a bit and getting his priorities in order.

It's one thing to campaign, and another to take office. He has nothing to apologize about, and frankly, he had every right to be P.O'd...

We're not in California (yet).... but things have been heading that way for a decade or two. Hopefully we can turn that trend around.

As far as Lewiston being in the spotlight "in a good way".. uhhh... let see...the Clay-Liston fight comes to mind...

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really Dan, It happens

really Dan, It happens alot...

Henry Roesler Jr (MI)

at least 4 in 2010:
Jenny Oropeza (D) CA
Keith Crass (R) AR
James H.C. Thomas (JD) MS
Keith Austin (D) MO

Found in about 10 seconds on google.
Probably many more but i didnt feel the need to waste another 10 seconds arguing with you....

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Well, you said it.

Well, you said it. Apparently, a monkey is smarter than you. You *could* become smarter than a monkey, however, by simply spending 10 seconds on google. I was gonna respond to your "memory" thing, but I forgot what I was gonna say.

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Not my fight but...

... arguments do get much easier with Dan when he uses just his brain. Oh man, I know I should just shut up but I couldn't resist! :)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Jeez, where do you suppose he

Jeez, where do you suppose he learned that from?...

Joe Morin's picture


Refute? I wasn't arguing anything from the thread. I live in Auburn Dan, not much controversey when 1 candidate runs. I was simply laughing your foolishness. I had no intentions on commenting on the story, just to read it. Then at the very end of the comments you go and hang a kick me sign on yourself because you jump to conclusions and assume you know what your talking about. I simply could not resist. Sue me, I'm human.


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