G. Graham: Health care is not an option

I am strongly in opposition to Gov. Paul LePage's proposed budget cuts to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services MaineCare programs.

While the state budget does need to be balanced, I feel it is wrong and unjust to attempt to balance it on the backs of the people who need it most — the elderly, the disabled and children.

Cutting out fraud in the MaineCare system is a good idea; cutting out vital services to those in serious need is not.

While President Barack Obama works to ensure everyone has health care, Gov. LePage should not be working in the other direction.

Health care, in my opinion, should never be an option. It should be a human right.

I hope that before the final decision is made on this proposed budget cut that Gov. LePage will come to feel the same way.

Genia Graham, Lewiston

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MARK GRAVEL's picture

Genia Graham: While stating

Genia Graham:

While stating that health care should be right sounds compassionate, we do live the real world where someone has to pay for it – there is truly no free lunch.

While there are many approaches that our society can take to reduce the cost of healthcare, Gov. LePage has to address a budget that out strips the State’s revenues.

As for the Obama plan, well, just let me say that few people have yet to figure out his plan is not affordable – they will in time.

 's picture

Right on Genia

I could not agree with you more Genia. Look at Cananda for example. Healthcare is not a priviledge, it is not a for profit business, it is a right made available to all its citizens. If Gov. LePage wants to reduce spending in the area of welfare, than he needs to consider ways to reduce the abuse of the system rather than created cuts to programs vital to our survival as a State. We need to reduce the number of people who come into this state simply to take advantage of our welfare programs. We need to reconfigure the system so that people are not discouraged from working at all, simply because it will result in a complete loss of their benefits. We need a system that will encourage people to become self-sufficient, rather than one that makes it impossible to get a job or obtain an education. Instead of focusing on ripping healthcare away from those who need it most (those we should automatically take care of FIRST), he should focus on the issues which landed us as the worst in 50 states in Forbes Managazine for businesses and econimic growth!

Steve  Dosh's picture

Letters G. Graham: Health care is not an option

. . We agree ? 11.12.15 10 :30 am -ish Health is the only option . .. and it is the law . We a l s o fully support Obamacare ® and †hank our Presient for bringing all the troops home from Iraq for Christmas . t y v m for that letter and Melé Kalikimaka from Hawai'i . The first lady Michelle , and Sasha and Melia will be here on Saturday
*<;Q~ /s Santa Claus

Steve  Dosh's picture

. . ... In fact , access to

. . ... In fact , access to adequate health care is a basic and - u n d e n i a b l e - human right . At least it is in Canada and every o t h e r industrialized nation
About all one can try to say to Republicans who can't listen and who can not raise taxes , Ms. Graham , is , try to hike medicare premiums instead . Your parents , in - laws and grandparents and grandkids will be moving in with you next under that plan . Those of you who have not watched Mike Moore's movie " Sicko , " need to .
About the last thing we need in the White House is an other former TX governor . Does anyone reading this really want the health care , police , EMS , Enron ® , immigration , and state government systems Rick Perry has in his state ? A : ______________
Of course not . They have a snow plow there . We've seen it . And to quote Jeff Foxworthy , " What does a Texas tornado and an Alabama divorce have in common ? " A ; " Someone's gonna' lose a trailer ." Just one Santa's opinion *<;Q~ kids - We've moved the workshop to the Sole Pole this century | http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/obop/spo/livecamera.html
Hire a vet ~ Please make doubly sure the homeless in your state have somewhere to go this season and something to eat and be joyful for ~ http://vhv-vetshelpingvets.com/

Wilma Turcotte's picture


If we were only helping the elderly, disabled and children there probably would be enough to do that but we aren't.


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