White Christmas odds grow in northern New England

GRAY, Maine (AP) — The National Weather Service says the latest outlook opens the door to a sliver of hope for a white Christmas in northern New England.

Meteorologist Stacie Hanes says the forecast calls for a low-pressure system to develop off the coast, bringing the possibility of rain or snow on Christmas Day. She says it's too early to predict with any certainty what will happen. But she says it "looks like some snow is possible."

Across the region, Cornell University's Northeast Regional Climate Center says there's typically a 66 percent probability of a white Christmas in Portland, Maine, 70 percent in Burlington, Vt., and 73 percent in Concord N.H. Right now, the ground is brown, not white, in those locations.

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I like green.

A Christmas without snow id fine for me. If it has to do anything, let it rain. You don't have to shovel rain.

Green Christmas

I spent three years of celebrating Christmas in Guam, and those of you are geographically literate know that it never snows in Guam. I enjoyed Christmas nonetheless. It won't be a big deal for me if it doesn't snow for Christmas in Maine. I still feel the spirit and celebrate its true meaning: the birth of Christ!


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