B. Wilner: 'Middle class' has disappeared

The last time I went to the dentist it was $200 for 12 minutes. I had an appointment early this week to fix a cavity that has been there a year. The office refused to see me because I did not have $200.

I am 60 and have had health issues that caused me to be fired from my part-time job. I receive retirement from the state, which pays most of the big bills, but I fall further behind every month.

One issue that is top of the list in this economy is despair. Good people with the best intentions cannot pay their bills.

I used to consider myself “middle class.” But, there is no middle class any more. There is the rich and there is the rest of the us; all we do is worry about money.

I am constantly reminding myself I am luckier than most. I can get firewood off my own property so I will not be cold like that poor, 92-year-old woman in the news a few days ago.

I am afraid for the sick, the elderly and the children who will go without proper food and warmth this winter.

Because of medical bills I cannot pay, my credit has dropped and I receive mail offers for $1,000 to be placed in my account tomorrow. Interest? Three-hundred percent.

The ones who need it the most have nowhere to turn.

How those big-business CEOs sleep at night is beyond me.

Bobbi Miles Wilner, Norway

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CRYSTAL WARD's picture

Mark ,

I should have been more clear I put a / between the two issues
supply side eco. and taxes for the rich -- I did not mean to have them as one thing . I do not believe that supply side eco, has helped the middle class but it has really helped the very few at the top. As for lower the taxes on all-- no -- taxes on the middle class need to go down --but taxes on the top 3% could go up. Remember if the people have less money to spend than businesses will not expand .
As for the need to leave the foundation of democracy ( Majority rule) in favor of 60% rule in the Senate -- I do not favor it for ALL bills . The filibuster was established to deal with bills that were so terrible that the minority had only one weapon left to use-- the filbuster . Maybe it would be best to go back to the original constituion and let majority rule.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture


As you stated the House and Senate made and passed the bill and the President signed it -- So I quess your saying should be the "House , Senate and president" have plowed over the constitution??? Not really -- the constitution is working just like it is suppose to work -- the House ,Senate and Pres. have had their say now the Judicial branch (Supreme Court will check things out -- if the law as passed stands the consitution was followed -- if the law falls the constitution was followed -- Appears all is good in constitution land

Steve  Dosh's picture

B. Wilner: 'Middle class' has disappeared

Bobbi , 11.12.26 6 pm hst •
The 'Middle class' has disappeared in Iran , not here
Melé Kalikimaka from Hawai'i •
Dr. Dosh

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

plowing over what?

Just what is Obama "plowing over" in the Consitution? please provide specific parts (ie Art. 3 sec. 1 ) Statements about breaking the Constitution are made all tot often with little proof provided , but it makes a great sound bite. Can you tell me where you find "filibuster" in the US Constitution?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

The 2012 Department of

The 2012 Department of Defense Appropriations Bill, passed by both houses and signed by President Obama, allows the military to arrest and detain indefinitely U.S. Citizens on U.S. soil without due process.

This Law will hopefully be challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court for violating the due process clause in the fifth amendment of our constitution.

So where do you stand on this law?

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

congress /legislature MAKES laws

The 435 member of the House of Rep. and the 100 member of the Senate MAKE LAWS-- the spending is being done by the laws being passed. The House is controlled by the Republicans and although the Democrats have over 50% of the Senate the Republicans have decised to filibuster everything making it take 60 votes or 60% to pass a bill (this is the first time in US History that the filibuster has been used this way) Remeber when you were taught majority rule --well not any more according to the Republicans. .
So if you believe that Obama is passing laws you have another think coming. The best he can do is Veto and then that can be over ridden.
Republican supply side economics/ no increase in taxes on the wealthy is removing the middle class and making a very small percent of the people control most of the money in the USA.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Crystal, Perhaps you should

Perhaps you should use “Supply Side Economics” in the proper context instead of your narrow definition you so choose to provide the readers?

Supply side economics supports LOWER marginal tax rates for all, not NO taxes for the rich. You are confusing an economic theory with what are perhaps bad policy choices and your emotions.

The two are mutually exclusive.

Moreover, if the Senate cannot muster 60% support for a Bill, perhaps it is not worthy of passage into Law.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Kool-Aid, anyone?

Kool-Aid, anyone?

Mark Elliott's picture

when you have a president

when you have a president plowing over our constitution like Obama is, it is everybody's responsibility to stop him and a filibusterer is an effective tool to do so.


Tis the season

When did we stop praying for "Peace on Earth" and start praying to be #1 in everything regardless of who we run over. Money and power seems to have become our newfound god. I no longer listen to people who say we are a "Christian country". There is too much evidence that we now worship a very different jesus.

Mark Elliott's picture

They probably sleep pretty

They probably sleep pretty cozy and warm, but why is it you blame them? What is causing our inflation is the massive amount of spending coming from Washington......you see Bobbi, every time Obama signs another bill that requires more spending he either borrows it from another country or simply prints more money. Printing more money lowers the value of our dollar causing prices to rise. If you want to stop the inflation, tell Washington to stop the spending and vote accordingly next November!

 's picture

I believe...

...the bills he signs are passed by Congress. You're right - next November, vote this do-nothing Congress OUT.

Mark Elliott's picture

....aaaand the senate! All

....aaaand the senate! All three branches need a cleansing.

 's picture

Mark shoots...

.......and misses. Was this explanation of our economic situation from the elementary school edition of the Young Republicans manual?

Mark Elliott's picture

and what is YOUR explanation

and what is YOUR explanation Tony??

 's picture


Well it’s a long and complicated story, but blaming it on Obama is like telling your children not to go out at night because of the Chupacabra. One could focus on one aspect of Bobbi’s letter, healthcare, and talk about a U.S. system that is out of control for a wide variety of reasons that were in effect long before Obama: health insurers constantly raising rates, care providers charging unrealistic rates as a result, uninsured Americans seeking care in ER’s, pharmaceutical companies charging exorbitant rates, lobbyists in D.C. pushing hard to save high profits. Now I love supporting local economies by eating out a local restaurants and such, but when one considers the national healthcare problem, one wonders about the possible positive outcome of taking greed and profits out of the mix. Know what I’m saying here? Starts with an S. Hmm?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

So tell me how the outcome

So tell me how the outcome would be different between corrupt leaders of a Capitalist country and corrupt leaders of a Socialist country both of which whom can be bought by big business?

Mark Elliott's picture

corrupt leaders are corrupt

corrupt leaders are corrupt leaders, not matter what type of government or what party, and need to go.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Elephant looks fat and happy!

Lots of compassion there Mark. Try to have a nice Christmas Bobbi.

Mark Elliott's picture

When one places blame on the

When one places blame on the wrong people, there is no compassion......

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Elephant looks like it’s

Elephant looks like it’s charging to stomp on that Donkey!

Al, don’t confuse having the moxie to make the hard choices with a lack of compassion. At times, doing what is necessary hurts and appears on the surface to lack compassion, but it is better for all in the long run.



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