T. Hart: Glad Macdonald won

What is wrong with some people in Lewiston? I have nothing against Mark Paradis, but he is gone, so why vote for him? He cannot help the city of Lewiston.

I think Bob Macdonald will help. Changes are needed in the welfare system.

Enough is enough. Some of us have had it with the free rides. The working person seems to pay for that and I am glad Macdonald won.

Tom Hart, Lewiston

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Back in the late 50's one of my favorite things was listening to the Lewiston City Council on the radio. They were so bizarre it was hilarious. I am already looking forward to reading about the latest gaffe. The early returns are in. It could be hilarious, unless of course you are directly involved. Good luck Lewiston.

David  Cote's picture

No right to question

Mr. Hart... Most folks voted for Mark Paradis because they didn't want MacDonald to win. If Paradis had won then the entire process would have started over fresh. That probably would have been for the best. However, questioning people about who they vote for and such...none of you business. It's not your place to ask. The election's over.

Mike Miles's picture

Mr. MacDonald

Mr. MacDonald is on the horns of a dilemma. He has run for office on a crusade against welfare cheats. Either Mr MacDonald has cynically manipulated the people of Lewiston by crusading while knowing that welfare rules come out of Augusta, not Lewiston, or he does not know this. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and am calling him uninformed instead of a liar. But it is a close call, and neither label is particularly attractive.

His campaign was in the ignoble tradition of southern rednecks who used code words (welfare) for race (in this case african immigrants). Wink wink. Sure you can get yourself elected, Mr Mayor, by fanning the flames of racism, but what is the second act? Now that you have done your best to set the working class white people against Somali immigrants how does the community live together? Are you going to drive the Somalis out? Will you write anotehr letter that brings the scorn and derision of the world on Lewiston? You chose as your role model a man who is now the Governor, someone who is rude, small, loutish, ignorant, and also a redneck. Good luck with that.


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