'Deadliest crash of year' kills four men

PALERMO — Four men were killed Sunday in Maine's deadliest crash of the year.

Submitted photo

Emergency personnel work at the scene of Sunday's crash that killed four men in Palermo.

The accident occurred on Route 3 in Palermo, west of Augusta, when an SUV driven by Tyler Manduca, 18, of Bucksport lost control and skidded sideways into the path of the car driven by 64-year-old Dennis Sturges of Palermo.

Also killed were Manduca's 21-year-old brother, Kyle Manduca of Bucksport, and Sturges' 83-year-old father, Roy Lucier of Palermo.

State Police troopers said light snow was falling at the time of the crash, and Manduca was traveling too fast for conditions when he lost control of his vehicle, according to a prepared statement from Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland.

Alcohol is not considered to be a factor, he said. Assisting troopers at the crash site were firefighters from the Palermo, Montville, Liberty and China fire departments.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

'Deadliest crash of year' kills four men

. ....†hat's horrible 11.12.26 7 pm Hawai'ian time
Pray for the families , friends , and other survivors
Big crashes here , too , in Hawai'i
We helped a family just yesterday with small children who got hit on a blind corner on the Po'o'hi'ki Road ( Isaac Hale State Park )
This Saturday is New Years . Pay heed and be careful
/s, Steve and ohana , home for the holidays

 's picture


its winter time folks, time to slow down and leave earlier than normal because of the weather. Let's get there safe.

 's picture


While my prayers may help the families, accuracy in reporting will help this family and others more in the long run. Friends and distant relatives might be confused as to who died in the wreck.

 's picture

Article needs a rewrite

The second paragraph needs to be rewritten. It does not state that Tyler Manduca and Dennis Sturges were killed. It makes that assumption based on the third paragraph that starts with "Also killed....."

 's picture


if you read the headlines "4 killed in palermo accident... That should be self explanatory. There were 4 men, tyler, dennis, kyle, and roy. I understood who died, all four men two brothers and a father and son.

 's picture

It says in the very first

It says in the very first paragraph that all four were killed....My thoughts go out to both families.

Mike Lachance's picture

Sincerest prayers sent for

Sincerest prayers sent for all the victims and families.


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