No curbside Christmas tree pickup for Lewiston and Auburn residents

LEWISTON — The cities of Lewiston and Auburn are not doing curbside disposal for Christmas trees this year.

Lewiston residents may dispose of trees in two locations:

Public Works Yard
103 Adams Ave., Lewiston
Open 24 Hours

City's Solid Waste Facility
424 River Road, Lewiston
Open 7:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. on weekdays; 8:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays

Auburn residents may drop off trees at the three following locations until Saturday, Jan. 21:

Public Works Garage
296 Gracelawn Road (behind the community sand shed)

Mid Maine Waste Action Corporation (MMWAC)
Goldthwaite Road
Open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays and 7 a.m. to noon on Saturdays

Engine 2 Fire Station
181 South Main St. (by the community sandbox)

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Oh Christmas Tree ....

Well what are we doing with all the money saved on sand and salt and plowing ? We should decorate the tree's .


Mark Elliott's picture

Just use the same method to

Just use the same method to get rid of the tree that you used to get it in the first place..........

David  Cote's picture

Describe what "non essential" means

I don't believe the pick up of discarded Christmas trees qualifies as an essential service. I visit a number of public works garages during the course of a given week and I notice many of the workers are constantly maintaining existing equipment, a fair amount of which is outdated. This is due to budget constraints which prevent them from updating the equipment they use. The budget constraints are due to the general public's perception that the department doesn't need their funding to increase any to compensate rising costs for parts and worker salaries. Some of the prices for the parts they need have jumped as much as 30% over the last fiscal year. So where is the line drawn to prioritize how the money in the budget is spent? No one wants their taxes to increase so public works departments are forced to operate on the same amount of funds despite rises in costs for raw materials, parts and, dare I say, raises for employees. Something's gotta give. So haul your tree out of your house and bring it to your local transfer station and be done with it. Or better yet, buy a fake tree and you won't have this problem at all, and you'll be saving a tree to boot.

 's picture

David Cote, I am all for

David Cote, I am all for smaller government, but when I lose a service I expect a corresponding tax desrease. What irritates me is losing a service just to spend the money elsewhere for non essential things, and then get a tax increase to boot!

 's picture

For what I pay in taxes and

For what I pay in taxes and what little the city does in return, I suggest that we all dump our trees in the parking garage beside city hall. Anyone in?

 's picture

My taxes went up 40 bucks a

My taxes went up 40 bucks a month last budget, but we have no money to pick up the trees. No money to plow the streets. No money to salt and sand the streets, but we have money to narrow Main St and hang art. We also have plenty of money to supply all kindergartners with Ipads. We need to take care of the needs before spending on the wants!

By the way, since I haven't gotten a raise in years, that 40 dollar a month tax increase is just going to take away from what I have to spend at a local business.

 's picture

dry christmas

Dry Christmas trees make nice bonfires

David  Cote's picture

Can't have it both ways

Kind of funny how these things work themselves out. I read and hear about how some people want smaller government and look to government agencies, such as public works, to be thrifty and to make do with the funds they have allocated. Well, here's a perfect example of a government agency trying to save money by trimming back on a unneccessay service. But when that affects the rank and file complainers of bigger government they scream bloody murder. Hey John Q. Public, you reap what you sow.

 's picture

Anything to save a buck...buck...buck

It seems lately, Lewiston city management will do anything to save a buck. They wait until the snow storms are half over before putting sand/salt or plows on the road. Waiting until the day after xmas to announce they're not picking up trees is par for the course.

Scott Fongemie's picture

Trees and roads

It was announced but not announced well unless you were looking for it. I saw it listed early November when I opened the Quarterly Collection Schedule searching for possible dates that the transfer facility or trash pick-up was interrupted by holidays. Here is the link they had on the website As for the roads it is beyond the point of ridiculous. My street isn't a commonly traveled street by any means and in the last 2 years the snow removal, salting or sanding has only seemed to go downhill.

Mark Elliott's picture

What happened to the days

What happened to the days when they didn't plow as much and they didn't remove snowbanks as quickly. Instead we put orange balls on our antenna and snow tires on the car and drove in it.........welcome to Maine, where it snows in the winter.

Randall Pond's picture

No curbside Christmas tree pick-up for Lewiston and Auburn resid

I can't believe this is happening. What's Next? Cutting Trash Pickup?

What about person's who have No Cars or trucks to get to these Facilities? What about the Elderly?

Way to Go Lewiston/Auburn!

Mark Elliott's picture

How did those persons without

How did those persons without the car actually get their trees?

Jason Theriault's picture


They can just chuck them on the street... Which is already happening.


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