J. Duchette: Traffic laws apply to plows?

What rules or laws apply to state and town snowplow vehicles — the rules I have to follow, or do snowplows qualify as emergency vehicles?

I was driving during a recent storm that brought one inch of slushy, slippery snow. I came across two Auburn municipal plows deliberately running red lights with no intent of trying to stop. Had I not been paying attention, I would have gotten T-boned while turning on a green light. The other plow passed two stopped cars at a red light and went directly through. I was one of those stopped cars.

That does not seem right. Snowplows do not have sirens, just flashing lights.

I say, play by the layman's rules and stop at red lights.

Jonathan Duchette, Turner

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Bob Wright's picture

Frank, are you willing to

Frank, are you willing to accept the financial liability when someone gets killed by a plow truck running a red light or stop sign. As a taxpayer, I am not. As a municipal employee, I know that we are not above the law.

Frank Lambert's picture

Snow Plows

All I know is that I would want them to go through the red light to get the snow and ice plowed and sanded before I drive on it. Stop complaining or do the job yourself!

Bob Wright's picture

Snowplow drivers have to

Snowplow drivers have to follow the same laws as everyone else.


I can't speak for Mr. Duchette ...

... but I don't run red lights. Breton must be describing his own habits.

Jonathan Duchette's picture

Red lights

I do not blatently run red lights, and driving in 1" of snow in Maine to go to work is a normal activity. If you cannot handle it, leave the state. Running red lights is illegal unless driving an emergency vehicle. Auburn snow plow drivers are not considered emergency vehicles and should stop at all red lights and stop signs. I wrote this as a precautionary warning. Someone will get injured if this keeps occuring.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Jon ? 12.01.02 8:30 pm Wrong

Jon ? 12.01.02 8:30 pm
Wrong forum • Please contact the Human Resources Department at 207-333-6601 ext 1416 or 1414 or e-mail to dgrimmig@ci.auburn.me.us or cmumau@ci.auburn.me.us
They obey the same laws as your policemen and women
Report 'em ? Post a picture
h t h /s, Steve Dosh , Hawai'i
~ Happy New Year - all - Auburn Public Service Employees Unionized , Tenured or not ~


One more time.

What is this nonsense? The poi has caused severe brain damage. Government should not be the first resort - it should be the last. If you're a resident of Hawaii, why are you shilling for the Maine DHHS? Your grass skirt needs a retread.

Happy New Year to everyone who is employed, especially in what remains of the private sector. If you're tenured, meaning you don't have to take responsibility for your actions, I hope this year brings you close, personal knowledge that actions have consequences. If you're in a union, meaning you pay someone else to do your thinking for you, I hope this year you'll learn how to think for yourself. If you're any kind of public employee, I hope in this year you will be appropriately grateful to the dwindling group of us who pay taxes to support you.

All those hopes will be fulfilled when pigs fly and sing arias.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Any kind of public employee?

Really? Are you willing to do without a standing Army? Airforce? Navy? Marines? Your taxes support them, too.

You sound like a shill for Fux Gnus.

Oh, and the next time you are cited for a ticket, please be sure to tell the police officer that he had better be appropriately grateful. I'm sure it will make his day.


Take a deep breath, Joanne.

In these threads, the term "public employee" means teacher, municipal worker, or government apparatchik. The good folks in our armed forces, in the overwhelming majority, know what they're supposed to be fighting for, when they're not hamstrung by politicians, and who supports them. That goes for most LEOs as well

With that cute phrase "Fux Gnus", are you related to Mark Wrenn? He too is hung up on alleged witticisms like that and considers them oh so clever. Get a room - you two are a perfect match.

Next time? I'm 63, been driving since I was 16, and have never had a ticket for anything. As I observed above about Breton, you must be commenting on your own habits. You gotta go with what you know.


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