Call to police backfires

JAY – A local man was arrested Sunday after police responded to his report of a burglary at his garage and police smelled marijuana. Police uncovered an “elaborate growing operation,” according officer Mike Mejia's police report.

Franklin County jail Photo

Earl Williamson

Mejia arrested Earl Williamson, 49, of East Dixfield Road, Jay, on a charge of cultivation of marijuana, Detective Richard Caton IV said Monday. Williamson was also charged with unlawful furnishing of schedule drugs and unlawful possession of marijuana, Caton said reading from Mejia's police report.

Mejia and officer Nicholas Gulliver responded to the East Dixfield Road residence after Williamson reported people trying to break into his garage, Caton said.

Officers questioned Williamson about the smell of marijuana, he said.

After an investigation, it was determined there was a growing operation in the upstairs of the garage, Caton said.

Police seized about 25 pot plants, several of them fully matured, and about 14 ounces of processed marijuana, he said. Growing equipment was also seized.

Williamson was released Sunday on $5,000 unsecured bail. He is scheduled to appear in a Farmington court on Feb. 23.

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Matt White's picture

Waste of time

So this guy caught some burglars in the act (maybe after his pot) and he is the one that gets the polices attention while the REAL criminals are still out breaking into peoples homes. I think I am not alone when I say I would much rather have the police looking for the REAL bad guys doing the break-ins and leave the guy that's growing a natural plant alone. What's worse?... a guy that grows pot and makes a few bucks to supplement his income rather than living off the state's welfare system, or the people most likely on welfare that broke-in? I really wish cops would just give up on the whole pot thing. Always has been and always will be a lost cause and a huge waste of taxpayers monies. Last time I checked I have never seen a news story in the past where pot made someone commit a crime other than the initial "crime" of having the pot. But it seems EVERYDAY i read about people doing break-ins, or robberies of pharmacies. I think it's time for a priority check that's been LONG overdue as to what merits police attention and what deserves a "sir we don't want to come back and see this again clean it up or else we will charge you the next time." Give me some feedback on this people. Thanks.

 's picture

I agree with Matt

enough is enough, go find a REAL criminal

 's picture

World's Dumbest...

Too bad this encounter wasn't captured on film. It'd be ripe material for the TV show "World's Dumbest Criminals".


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