Employees put out fire at St. Mary's hospital

LEWISTON — Employees quickly extinguished a small fire that broke out at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center Monday night, saving the building from damage.

The fire began in a rolling trash bin left near an elevator on the second floor, Lewiston fire inspector Paul Ouellette said. Smoke was first discovered coming from the bin, and when a trash bag was removed, flames shot out, he said.

Hospital staff put the fire out using two fire extinguishers, he said.

There were no injuries and no permanent damage was done to the hospital, but the fire extinguishers left a mess of powdery residue, Ouellette said.

Fire officials found a used cigarette butt in another trash can, just a few feet from the portable one where the fire started, Ouellette said. Hot ashes from the cigarette likely caused the fire, he said.

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David  Cote's picture


Kudos to the employees for their quick action. This could have been a lot worse. And I thought smokers were restricted from smoking within a certain area of the building. I know at a medical building on RTE 1 in Scarborough smokers have to walk all the way to the sidewalk to smoke, and that's a good 1,000 ft from the building.

Ed Enos's picture


Smokers are a bunch of disgusting inconsiderate jerks!
2. The world is not your ashtray!
3. You stink after smoking!

Genise Knowlton's picture

Pretty strong opinion Ed....

addiction is a real issue...especially Nicotine. When I quit in 2001 I don't think I could have done it if my peers around me thought I was a "disgusting inconsiderate jerk". I thank God they accepted me for who I was and for what I wanted to become....


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