Pair left scene after crash that killed two in West Paris, official says

WEST PARIS — The driver and surviving passenger of a car in which two people died early Saturday left the scene and were found a mile away, the fire chief said Monday.


Kristina Lowe

Kristina Lowe, 18, who suffered serious injuries, returned to a house where a drinking party had been going on, said Fire Chief Norm St. Pierre. He said an ambulance crew picked up Lowe at the house, about a mile away from the crash scene.

Passenger Jacob Skaff, 22, also left the scene and was found a mile from it, but not at the same place as Lowe, St. Pierre said. He said Skaff was found with relatives.

Maine State Police are investigating several aspects of the crash that killed two teenagers.

According to Maine State Police spokesman Steve McCausland, driver Lowe was texting people at the party when she crashed.

Passengers Rebecca Mason, 16, of West Paris, a sophomore at the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School, and Logan Dam, 19, of Norway, a former Oxford Hills School District student, were killed when the 2002 Subaru Impreza they were in went out of control and crashed on its roof into trees off Route 219 Saturday morning, just after midnight.

A fourth passenger, Skaff of Paris, was treated and released at Stephens Memorial Hospital.

Texting while driving has been illegal in Maine since September. Maine has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol consumption for drivers under 21.

McCausland said that drivers in fatal crashes undergo blood-alcohol tests under Maine law, but said he didn't know specifically whether a test was administered on Lowe.

Lowe was at Maine Medical Center in Portland on Monday. The hospital is not releasing information on her condition, but McCausland said her injuries are “not life-threatening.”

“I suspect there will be a long recuperation period,” McCausland said.

St. Pierre, who responded to the crash, said he didn't know who the surviving passenger was until he heard Skaff's name in news reports.

The final crash report will be forwarded to the District Attorney's Office before any charges are filed. McCausland said the speed of Lowe's recovery could affect the charges and when they are filed.

McCausland said there are subsequent investigations under way into the party where underage drinking was taking place and on where the alcohol was purchased and how.

Police say Lowe had gone to Mason's home and that Mason was riding back to the party with the others when Lowe lost control of the car.

No charges have been filed yet as a result of the accident.

“This crash is a sad reminder of the dangers of texting and driving,” McCausland said.

What do you think of this story?

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As Parents

My heart goes out to all of you . I hope that we all can learn from this. Do not drink and drive and text. Do not drive with people who are drinking and driving or texting. If they do get out of the car and use that cell phone to get another safe ride immediately. Responsibility falls on the driver but no one forces you to drive with them. My prayers go out to all of you on this Fathers Day.

PHILIP LAINE's picture

According to one television

According to one television report this was Kristina Lowe's third auto accident. Third time is not a charm.

Kim Waite's picture

As I've been saying online over the last couple of days...

It's time to plunk down a mangled car from a drunk driving accident (not referring to Kristina's car....could be a car from another accident somewhere in Maine) where a person (or more than one) were killed in it and put it next to the Oxford Hills school sign out front for the high schoolers and adults to see as they go to school or drive by. Why? Because I think we all need to be reminded of what could happen if we drink and drive. As pointed out by Missy the other day: a moment of silence at the school doesn't have much impact on these kids. I agree. They need a powerful image to see for them to understand what consequences of their choices could result in!

My heart still aches for all of the families involved. I can't even begin to image your pain and suffering. :(

Sad reminder!!! You think... Maine has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol consumption for drivers under 21...and the fact that texting is illegal should assure her a place behind bars for awhile, but I highly doubt it..this state is too lenient on these offences..maybe if someone was ever held accountable for the death of people while under the influence, it would maybe make them think before the drinking begins and the damn texting...2 kids were snuffed out in the prime of their lives because of the careless act of this girl...and I really don't care to hear about how they were just teens having a good time..that is no excuse..hope she serves a good long time behind bars so she can think about what she has done to the 2 families that have had to bury their children this week..wake up Maine and start inforcing the laws that are on the books...and after reading the other comments, I just want to add that even if she had been sober and not texting..she lost control of her car and crashed into a grove of trees and killed 2 other people...she needs to reflect on her actions and pay the price..

 's picture

compassion for drunk, texting driver

I have read a lot about having compassion in the comments to this story. I believe in having compassion. But more importantly, I believe is being responsible. I believe this young lady and young man who survived the accident should be held accountable for their lack of responsibility. The fact she had been drinking, and then to top that she was texting while driving is not being responsible. Their are consequences to your actions

Mike Meserve's picture

I am not sure about most

I am not sure about most people, but my parents raised me to be smart about not getting into cars with people who were drunk driving. I know that if I did something like this my mom was raise me from the dead, kick my butt, and put me back in the grave. For that earlier comment. If it was a boy or a girl driving drunk and killed their friends, its the same for me. I lost a coworker to a drunk driver so I have an idea how it feels. Whats makes it worse for the girl is she was the driver, and ran from the scene, is that alone a charge itself? The girl is gonna have a long rough life now. Most likely shes out of that job now too.

Would this be possible ?

States should not allow kids to drive for many reasons and one way to prolong that would be to NOT let children drive until they complete high school and have a diploma in hand to give the dept of motor vehicles. Think of the benefits of this, more kids would complete school, two more years to mature, accountability,incentive to work for your goals ETC,ETC...Kids have been giving too many privileges that have fed their entitlements without building the necessary life skills.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

David Coty


David  Cote's picture

First of all

I expect an apology from you, Frank for the namecalling. There are better ways to get your point across. I suggest you discover them. Second of all, my question to you was very fair to ask. Why do you want to give this girl a pass on jail time if she's convicted? Being a girl doesn't give her immunity to serve a proper punishment. If the driver had been a young man I don't believe anyone would show him mercy, including yourself. One other thing... The last name is COTE. Either spell my name correctly or don't engage me in conversation.

Joe Morin's picture

This stuff makes me sick...

what a tragedy for the families and the community involved. Ms. Lowe is 18 as reported by the article. The law, as far as I know, does not make a distinction between the responsibilities of a 18 year old adult and an 80 year old adult. This young lady was texting & driving, in all likleyhood drunk, fled the scene of an accident where two peers died. She is responsible. I don't like it but this young lady needs to go to jail. The law doesn't make exceptions for pretty or young ADULTS.

 's picture

Drinking, Driving and Texting

How many times does this have to happen until teens and young people get it through their heads that drinking, driving and texting is illegal? Sad to say but the driver needs to get the book thrown at her - Under 18, drinking, driving, texting AND leaving the scene!!!And the surviving passenger too needs to be charged also. Plus how about the ones who furnished the alcohol to them! NO COMMON SENSE!
Our condolences to the families on the 2 who were killed.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

We can't forget

Whenever something like this happens, emotions run wild,as they should. Everyone has to wiegh in on what should be done. Those responsible are tormented and told how many years they deserve in prison. Everyone calls for laws to be enacted to prevent this, we now know that has no effect, as texting became illeagle a few weeks ago. And everyone heard about it nomatter where you were.
In three weeks very few people will even remember this incident. Thats the real problem. We need to keep the memory alive to educate the younger kids coming along. Two young people died the other night, lets not let thier deaths go in vain. I'll admitt it won't work on alot of kids but if just one life can be saved its all worth it.
I don't think the driver should go to jail. Thats not going to accomplish anything. She should go from one school to the next all over the state and lecture other kids. also use blown up photos of the actual accident itself. The torment of having to relive this tragidy will punish more than any jail can . the most important thing is keeping the memory alive. And if just one kid, in some small school, in some small town, thinks before getting behind that wheel after drinking,than potentially numerouse lives have been saved. doesn't that make more sense than a jail cell. I know everyones emotions are high right now, but lets not waste an opertunity to have something good come out of this for those two kids, otherwise its just another accident.

David  Cote's picture


Would your sentiments change if the driver was an eighteen year old boy?

Jason Theriault's picture

Of course she should go to jail.

Of course she should go to jail. She killed 2 people. Even if you send her school to school doing a presentation, she should be in shackles with an armed guard. And when she's done, she should return to jail.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Where's your compassion?

Where's your compassion?

Jason Theriault's picture

I thought out of anyone you

I thought out of anyone you would be for having her "Walk the plank"

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Just shows how little you

Just shows how little you really know me. The plank is reserved for the incorrigably stupid and egregious. Not sure this individual qualifies for both.

Jason Theriault's picture

More seriously

To give you a more serious answer, I'm not looking to destroy the woman's life. But from the sounds of it, she may have been drunk driving, and was texting while driving. So her negligence lead to the deaths of two people. I'm sure she didn't mean to, but she did kill them, and deserves some jail time for that.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'm inclined to wait until

I'm inclined to wait until she makes a statement on her version of what went down before passing judgment. Again, who the hell are we to judge in the first place? It's awfully easy to take a couple of facts and run with them. It's a highly emotional and tragic situation in which two young people died, but we've yet to hear a single word from the two survivors.

Jason Theriault's picture

Well, obviously

Well, obviously i'm not saying she should be jailed purely based on what is in the Sun Journal. I think she should have a trial and be it a jury or judge, sentence her appropriately. My comments were aimed more at people in the comments asking what good would jail do in this instance.

However, I am comfortable saying she should go to jail based on what I've read. If she was drunk and texting while driving as they have said, her criminal acts resulted in the deaths of others. Now, if she wasn't drunk and texting, thats another thing entirely.

 's picture

I had a wicked thought today

I had a wicked thought today at work. Hit her where it would really hurt. after jail ban her from using a cell phone and the internet.

Jason Theriault's picture

To be fair

She destroyed many lives.
The two people who died and their families.
Her own and her families.

And I agree. I think she needs jail time. How much, I dunno, but really, that's why I'm not a judge.

David  Cote's picture

Mike stated it well

Teens, and actually the younger generation do believe they are invincible and so clever they can pull the wool over older adults eyes. We all have either seen that or experienced it. And a lot of we forty and fifty somethings wete no different back in our day. I had to bury several of my friends due to their stupidity. And Al, I know you want tougher laws but there are laws on the books now and any new laws, like existing laws will be ignored as well due to the reasons I mentioned. Beside that, there was a 22 year old in the car as well who also showed a complete lack of responsibility. And since this accident two more young people have been killed in accidents on Maine roads. We can take away their cars but that won't solve the problem. They manage to find other ways. A big part of the problem is the 16-19 year olds hang with the twenty-somethings. The teens think the young adults are cool and those young adults prey on the minds and vulnerabilities of the teens. Why else would a 22 year old guy hang out in a car with a 16 yr old girl? If laws need to be addressed I'd start with laws pertaining to furnishing the booze, (or other substances), by both adults who throw these parties and stores that sell alcohol. Massachusettes only allows alcohol to be sold at specialty agent stores where employees are well trained. I question the training these chain conveinence stores provide their employees. Plus, given that those employees make squat for dough it's quite possible they'll take 10 bucks to look the other way.

Mike Lachance's picture

As the parent of a 17 yo

As the parent of a 17 yo girl, I can confirm 100% of the examples given in your post. Spot on analysis.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great point, David. What IS a

Great point, David. What IS a 22 year old doing hanging out with 16 year olds unless he's procuring booze for them.

David  Cote's picture, maybe???

Maybe you're right, Dan. And how would a 22 year old male better his chances on impressing a 16 year old girl? Or an 18 year old girl? Guys tried getting girls at parties drunk for that reason back in my day. I'm sure that practice hasn't changed very much today.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If that's his quest, at 22 he

If that's his quest, at 22 he ought to be looking for 30 year old chicks. At least there's a chance they might know something.

Mark Elliott's picture

and they are in their

and they are in their "prime"........

 's picture

Jacob Skaff, 22 probably

Jacob Skaff, 22 probably bought some of the alcohol for the party...

JASON JOLIN's picture

no charges filed yet?

one she was texting and two two people were killed in the crash. But in a way she will be punished for the torment she will endure for the rest of her life.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

My,my, where is all the

My,my, where is all the compassion that is so frequently trumpeted in these forums?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

So we all get to judge and

So we all get to judge and condemn her while not knowing a thing about her or what happened other than what we've read about in the papers or have seen on TV. "that's just plain sick". Is that what Jesus said to Mary Magdelene?

RONALD RIML's picture


Dan is trying and convicting her on a newspaper forum without Due Process and Evidence.

- Also Illegal

So wait for the Mill of Justice to grind, be it ever slowly and finely

RONALD RIML's picture



Let us know what the purpose of arrest - and Government's responsibilities to the arrested person are - and if it appears you actually know them - you'll be in a better position to intelligently discuss this.

RONALD RIML's picture


Where did I say I wanted to give the girl 'A Pass?'

I asked you what the purpose of 'Arrest' was - and the ramifications of that.

Once you answer that question, then you can decide if 'arrest' is the best course of action now.

So answer the question, Dan.

Mark Elliott's picture

Wow! Dan has distanced

Wow! Dan has distanced himself from another liberal!? Dan has trouble with questions Ron. He will not answer one that he feels will incriminate him.........he has not mastered the art of the "spin" yet.

RONALD RIML's picture

You don't have a clue, Dan

No trick question - you simply don't know what you are talking about.

The purpose of 'Arrest' is to detain a person during investigation to prevent them from fleeing a jurisdiction while charges are filed. The arrested person must be be allowed to the opportunity to post bail, or brought before a judge or a magistrate within a reasonable amount of time to have bail set, or be remanded to the custody of the county sheriff.

So we know this woman left the scene and returned to the party; she was then admitted to Maine Medical Center with “not life-threatening” injuries according to Maine State Police spokesman Steve McCausland.

In the event Ms. Lowe is placed under arrest while she is in the hospital, it is then necessary that she be placed under 24 hour police supervision. The state/county also becomes responsible for her medical bills as she is 'in the custody' of law enforcement.

There is absolutely no useful purpose served in placing her under arrest at this time, as all it will do is take officers off the street and park them by her bedside guarding her 24/7, and put her medical bills on the taxpayers tab.

And you want to do this why, Dan???

She's not going anywhere - and the hospitals are normally advised to have their security hold such people prior to their release so Law Enforcement can pick them up if necessary.

Usually in these cases evidence is presented to a Grand Jury, an indictment comes down, and a warrant is then issued. We're not talking about a violent criminal that needs to be watched like a mad dog and chained to a bed.

Use some sense.

Kim Waite's picture

Thank you Ronald!

You are so right. Situations like this take time and this one especially is not within the normal processing time frame! :D

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

To some of us, reading this

To some of us, reading this is like finding out that you just won a grand in some silly lottery.

Mark Elliott's picture

Yep......watching Dan get

Yep......watching Dan get spanked by Ron is just like winning the lottery!

RONALD RIML's picture

Now you know I'm

Now you know I'm an 'Equal Opportunity Spanker'

It's just that 'Youse Guys' have it coming so more often than Dan.....

Mark Elliott's picture

ah yes.....kinda like when we

ah yes.....kinda like when we insisted voter ID should be required? I thought of you when I saw this ->

notice the name of the project? Ironic huh?

RONALD RIML's picture

So you

So you set up a 'Scam' to show that a 'Scam' is possible?

I wouldn't say that they are out of the woods on obtaining a ballot fraudulently.

Mark Elliott's picture

Ron, Ron, Ron, you didn't

Ron, Ron, Ron, you didn't watch the video very carefully! Watch again and you'll notice not once did any of them vote. They gave the ballot back and said they wanted to go get their ID before they vote......

RONALD RIML's picture

And where

And where did I allege they voted?

Read my post again - this time concentrating on reading comprehension.

Mark Elliott's picture

When you said: "So you set up

When you said: "So you set up a 'Scam'", it would have been a "scam" had they voted. They did not vote.

Mark Elliott's picture

The document was offered to

The document was offered to them and they did not accept it Dan........

Mark Elliott's picture

again.....the ballots were

again.....the ballots were handed to them and they gave them back. Putting their hands on them does not constitute receipt. This was to prove they were able to obtain a ballot without an ID and they were successful, just admit it Dan.

Mark Elliott's picture

You're grasping straws now

You're grasping straws now Dan...if that were the case then the poll worker committed multiple cases of fraud. Touching a ballot wouldn't be illegal, the act of voting would be. Did your dad not spank you enough when you were a kid?

RONALD RIML's picture



Mark Elliott's picture

what's the spin?????

what's the spin?????

Kim Waite's picture

She's still in the hospital

for a reason, Dan. It's not like she's going out partying this weekend or something! Her injuries are significant. Gees. The State Police have stated many times that charges are coming. And they will. Be patient for crying out loud.

RONALD RIML's picture


Perhaps she needed a camel????

RONALD RIML's picture


When did you get your M.D. - Dan???

What experience have you in the ability of an injured human to perform feats of strength and endurance when injured or wounded??

I can joke all I want - I've seen crap you can only dream about.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The immovable object meets

The immovable object meets the unstoppable force...GIDDYUP!!!

Kim Waite's picture

After watching many episodes

of "I Survived", I now know and understand that human spirit and adrenaline are very amazing tools! :D

RONALD RIML's picture

So how many

Dan - So how many times did you ignore my questions on 'Arrest' before you criticized me??

I'm afraid you brought it down upon yourself.

Kim Waite's picture

Also Dan...

...what are the chances that Kristina & Jake were able to hold onto their cell phones or find them after the crash happened? Huh? Seriously, let's think about this for a second because we are the adults here: the car leaves the road and hits some trees with the ROOF FIRST, crumbling and crashing, and (as you saw in the picture) the vehicle ends up a total loss. Things that were in the car are now out of the car or they're inside the car and not in it's original place. Again, what are the chances anyone was able to hold onto ANYTHING during that crash? I was rear-ended this past March in Portland by a woman doing 35mph while I sat and waited for traffic to move forward after the light turned green. I can tell you: even my coffee didn't stay in the cup! Had my phone been in my hand (was in my purse) who knows where it would have ended up! Things I had in the car actually broke because of the velocity of the hit.

We don't know, but is it possible that Kristina & Jake were going for help because they didn't know where the hell their cell phones were to call for help? Could very well be. It was after midnight and I highly doubt 219 is a well traveled road that late at night.

Kim Waite's picture

Yep, she walked for a mile...

...because she wasn't unconscious. She was in shock and her adrenaline was in high gear. Saying her injuries are not significant, but yet, she's still in the hospital with her condition listed as SERIOUS, what does that tell you? Dan, there are people who fall off cliffs on a mountain and drag themselves a mile or so to safety. Does that mean their injuries weren't significant because they were able to drag themselves for a long way in pain? Gees. A guy I knew years ago was in a rollover accident and walked 2 miles to his house with many broken ribs. He had significant injuries to his body and yet, still walked!

Are broken bones significant injuries to you or not?

RONALD RIML's picture


What is the purpose of 'Arrest' - Dan???

Let us know exactly what that is - and why the absence of an arrest is abhorrent to you.

Mike Lachance's picture

Dan, I am going to agree with

Dan, I am going to agree with you on the grounds of the facts laid out. (see that little "agree (1)"? thats me) but the reality is this girl (far from a woman, in any way whatsoever) was allowed alot of freedom that she wasnt ready for. Regardless of her age, she was incapable of making correct choices. Such a mistake(s) will stay with her for the rest of her life. Only God can gove her the ultimate forgiveness and cleanse her from her sins. As fellow sinners, each and every one of us is JUST as guilty as she is. That doesnt mean we go around killing people, but that we need to understand that this girl will pay the price dearly. One way or another. You are right in your assessment, but wrong in your wrath.

My sympathies are with the victims, and that includes the girl at the wheel who is every bit as much a victim of her own sins as are the others.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You do a great job of reading

You do a great job of reading things that aren't there. Where did I say I condoned here actions? (Crickets can be heard in the background)
Both survivors were found approximately a mile from the accident. I agree with you in that perhaps a different outcome might have prevailed for the two dead victims had the time spent walking the so called mile been spent calling 911 instead. I believe there is much more information to be released in this tragedy. None of us should be so quick to judge as we are being.

 's picture

good point, I forgot about

good point, I forgot about cuffing her to the bed. but really how serious are her injuries if she managed to walk a mile from the scene? she is going for the sympathy vote. give tehe cops time they have to dot their i's and cross their t's. I see kids texting and driving everyday down here and used to see it everyday in Lewiston.

Kim Waite's picture

She and Jake were drunk, remember?

Drunk people even sleep in snowbanks until a friend comes by and wakes them up! My point is: after the car stopped...Kristina & Jake walked a mile from the scene and I'm sure they didn't feel their injuries until they stopped! It's called SHOCK. The brain will literally shut off pain sensors when need be.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The Pirate doesn't recall

The Pirate doesn't recall reading anywhere that stated Jake was drunk. The Journal, this morning, did state that the two deceased victims were alcohol free. The fatal accident was the driver's second vehicular incident of the evening according to today's Journal.

RONALD RIML's picture

Third time's

Third time's a 'Charm'.......

Kim Waite's picture


Not sure why I said that! Thanks for pointing it out and correcting me. :D

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

No problem.

No problem.

Pam Tracy's picture

Unfornuate Fatal Crash

It is very unfornuate that young people believe they are invinsible. They jump into their cars and without thinking ahead of what could happen. Their choices DO affect other people, whether they realize it or not. The decisons of some have changed lives of many. How sad, this tragic event could all have been avoided. My deepest sympathy to all those involved.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Such a beautiful child.

Kristina will now be tormented for the rest of her life with the stupid decisions she made this weekend. The parents of the kids that died will never be the same for the rest of their lives.
I beg our lawmakers to do something to help stop this unnecessary loss of life and the incredible sadness we are all feeling.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Unfortunately, Al, our

Unfortunately, Al, our lawmakers cannot legislate common sense and good judgment. It's up to the parents to teach their kids and up to the kids to heed the words and examples of their parents. Oversimplified, I know, but's beyond that, all the laws in the world aren't going to change it.

Mark Elliott's picture

Unfortunately Paul, you can

Unfortunately Paul, you can not force conservative values into a liberal. It's the "round peg, square hole" thing......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

As I've said on other

As I've said on other occasions, the Pirate does not come here to convert liberals, but, rather, to enjoy the fallacy they put on.

 's picture

exactly what the heck can

exactly what the heck can lawmakers do to stop this? nothing. maybe the judge can by putting her away for about 20 years. maybe the parents can by not purchasing cars for irresponsible little dopes. If they find out who bought the alcohol put them in prison. Stop giving the lawbreakers a pass. I have no sympathy for that girl, she messed up and now she should have a decade or so in prison to think about what she did. Pay the price you moron.

Kim Waite's picture

Ummm John?

With rants like yours, you will have people tormenting her or physically beating her up for the rest of her life! I'm sure she knows exactly what she did and is already tormented. We don't need to add to this young girl's mental state, okay? All her choices that night were stupid. We get it. She gets it. She will pay the price at some point in the court system, but please, do not (and others too) create anger against her that puts her in harm's way, because honestly, what good will that do? She has a family who loves her. Her injuries are significant enough that she will have a long road ahead of her. If you want her to feel pain and to be reminded about what she's done, she living it right now.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"We get it. She gets it." Not

"We get it. She gets it." Not so sure about that, Kim. Today's Journal states that she initially told the police that someone else was driving the car. Sure doesn't sound like someone who 'gets it'.

Kim Waite's picture

To say something like that to the police

means she gets it. She knows what she did and is deflecting. Normal. Adults do the same thing.

 's picture

The laws are in place - it's

The laws are in place - it's the kids and irresponsible adults who refuse to follow them. I too have no sympathy for that girl either.

Mike Lachance's picture

On the most basic level, I

On the most basic level, I agree. The best point made is your statement "...maybe the parents can [stop this] by not purchasing cars for irresponsible little dopes..." That, in a nutshell, is the single most powerful way (and perhaps the ONLY way) this pattern can ever be curtailed. Making laws will do nothing, as teenagers are and have always been invincible, irrespobsible, and too clever for their own good. We were, they are, and the ones down the road will be too.

As parents we need to verify the trust we offer our kids in small doses, and require that they prove themselves trustworthy before giving them the keys. The poor choices we ALL made as teenagers does not mean we need to trust our kids to "get away with" the same ridiculously stupid crap we got away with. It's not hypocrisy on our part, its wisdom. Shame on our own parents if they allowed us to get away with it. As parents it is our duty, our respobsibility and our JOB to insure our kids stay alive into adulthood, and learn that thier deeply desired freedom comes with a price and a responsibility beyond the capability of most any typical teenager.

Mark Elliott's picture

I agree Mike, 100%! It all

I agree Mike, 100%! It all starts at home with us! We are accountable for raising our children in a responsible manner, then our children become accountable for using what we taught them correctly. We can only hope we give them ALL the information and tools they need to live a long and happy life but it is our very own mistakes we made growing up that allow us to learn what our children will need to know as they grow.......

Mike Lachance's picture

{EDIT: apparently my keyboard

{EDIT: apparently my keyboard has consistent issues with "responsibility"]


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