Chamber pitches positive message to Lewiston, Auburn councils

LEWISTON — A big part of marketing is selling what you do well, and Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce President Chip Morrison said that's what he's been trying to do for the Twin Cities.

And Lewiston-Auburn has a lot of good things to talk about, he told members of the  Lewiston and Auburn city councils Thursday night.

From great restaurants and hotels to festivals and recreation, the area has a lot going for it, he said.

"I moved here 45 years ago, and this community doesn't look anything like it did then," Morrison said. "Clearly, we are very different."

Morrison presented his well rehearsed  "Look How We’ve Changed" presentation to members of the councils at the chamber offices in the KeyBank Plaza on Lisbon Street on Thursday.

He began giving the presentation a year ago, and said it's been given by him or by chamber volunteers 40 times since he started. 

"We talk about a lot of good things, and we keep adding more," Morrison said. "Every time we give this presentation, somebody points out something we've missed. We started out with a 15-minute presentation and now it's up to 45 minutes, if I talk fast."

He's talked to local senior citizens and grade school students, Rotary groups in Portland and Waterville, state tourism officials and community groups around Androscoggin County.

"I've said it before, I'll go just about anywhere," he said.

Morrison said the current promotional slogan, "LA: It's Happening Here," is still working well but is due to be updated. He told both councils that the chamber and the Lewiston-Auburn Economic Growth Council he would be coming to them this spring during budget season asking for money to help pay for a new marketing program.

"Marketing does not happen for free," Morrison said. "We're not asking for support of the chamber, but support for regional marketing."

He also urged councilors to be strong advocates for the region.

"You can be positive voices, here in the city and away from here," Morrison said. "When you hear somebody say something negative, don't let it hold. Jump right down their throats and say 'No, that's not true. You do not know the new LA.'"

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David  Cote's picture

Must of had you in mind

Reading the last paragraph in the story Morrison pegged you to a tee, Dan. Since you seem to believe you are of a superior intellect than those already serving each city might I suggest you throw your hat in the ring and run for city council in your district. If elected, you'll finally have a fitting platform for all your ideas. Of course, the trick to getting elected is you'd need to talk to people, not down to them. You'd need to listen without shouting above their voices. Can you do all of that? Or do you prefer to just bluster about an acid tounge that can be as bitter as a northwest wind in the dead of January? In my travels I visit a number of towns...Portland, Brunswick, Saco, etc...They're all decent places, however they're not my kind of towns. Lewiston/Auburn is because it's my hometown, my old stomping grounds and I've always felt a deep sense of pride when I think or talk about them. And Morrison is correct. The area is full of genuine points of interest, festivals and eateries. It's also full of good people. Deep down Dan, I believe you're one of them. You have a passion for issues and civil matters that should be commended despite if others agree or disagree with your views. Too bad you choose to be negative and surly all the time, unless of course you prefer it that way. There's no way I could.

Mike Lachance's picture

Chip does a good job. He

Chip does a good job. He fights for what he believes in and has alot of ground to cover. While I may not personally agree with every thing he does, on the whole, he is the driving force behind the chamber and brings together so many people, business owners, and leaders that he should be commended.

As far as "republican" Chip is extremely non-partisan in his work with the chamber. I woulnt tag him as republican... or democrat.

Mike Lachance's picture

In a nutshell.....

Proverbs 26:11

Kaileigh Tara's picture

What color are the skies in your world?

Dan, y'know, I am out of patience today. Really, I have seen this presentation several times. There is NOTHING to hide. All it does is BRAGG about us/Lewiston-Auburn!!
If you want to know, get off your butt and find out where there is a presentation- this one was open to the public as are all of them and go.

Why would any mentally healthy person complain about something that only serves to enhance our reputation and market our community?

Maybe it is the absurdity of Friday the 13th.

You need to have a psych eval if you think that this is some conspiracy.

Shame on you.


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