Franklin Memorial Hospital launches internal review

FARMINGTON — Officials at Franklin Memorial Hospital said Monday that they would conduct an internal review of complaints aired in the media from a Nova Scotia woman who says she and her late husband were mistreated by a crew from the hospital's ambulance service, NorthStar, last Thursday.

Dana Morse, the widow of David Morse, who died Thursday following a skiing accident at Sugarloaf, told a reporter with the Chronicle Herald of Halifax, Nova Scotia, that the ambulance crew left her by the side of the road when she asked to ride in the back of the ambulance so she could hold her dying husband's hand. 

Morse also charged EMTs with not taking proper care of her husband and said she performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him in front of them, according to the story, which ran Sunday in the Canadian newspaper.

Morse is a nurse practitioner with more than 20 years experience, including 10 years working in an intensive care unit, according to the newspaper.

She told a reporter she had grave concerns about the care given her husband and said she plans to launch a complaint with Franklin Memorial Hospital, which owns the ambulance service.

On Monday, Jill Gray, the community relations manager for the hospital, said they only learned of Morse's concerns over the weekend.

"We are only now learning about the press reports related to this situation that came out over the weekend," Gray said. "Today we have launched our own internal review of what happened in this very tragic situation, until we conduct that review it would be premature for us to respond to the allegations reported by the press."

Gray said the hospital had no other comment at this time.

According to the report in the Chronicle Herald, David Morse received some type of injury to his chest, including possible broken ribs, after an accident on the lower Timberline Trail at Sugarloaf.

According to local police, Morse told the patrol he caught a ski edge and landed in the trees before he died. Police have said Morse was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and apparently died en route to the hospital.

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David Morse tragic accident

I will reserve any opinion until the entire story is told. THis is all too bizaar.

 's picture

Hospital being evasive

The hospital should have known there was a problem before they read about it in the weekend press, since Dana Morse showed up there asking what happened to her husband, after she was abandoned by the ambulance and had to make her own way to FMH. She reported that they acted as if they didn't know what she was talking about. If they didn't, they should have found out promptly. I'm afraid it's all too typical of FMH to be interested only in their appearance and reputation, and in avoiding liability--but if this horrible abuse by their ambulance personnel didn't happen it's strange that as yet we've heard no denial of it from the people responsible. Being told that the hospital will "conduct an internal review" is little comfort.


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