Brunswick couple evicted from home of 40 years

BRUNSWICK, Maine (AP) — A Brunswick husband and wife have been evicted from their home of 40 years after the town condemned their apartment building because of a rotting wood porch.

Town officials say the porch is in such poor condition that it can't be used as one of the apartment building's two required exits, leaving the town no other option than to condemn the structure.

Joe and Jackie Toth as well as five other tenants have moved out.

Joe Toth tells the Times Record that he offered to pay for repairs himself, estimated at $15,000 to $25,000.

But Code Enforcement Officer Jeffrey Hutchinson says repairs cannot be made without express permission from the landlord. And that landlord, who has a business address in Washington state, is nowhere to be found.


Information from: The Times Record,

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Just a comment from a dumb old trucker


 's picture

Where do they pay rent?

So, where do these people send their rent checks to? Would it not make sense to follow the money? There has to be some way other than condem the home and put these people on the street.

Mark Brennick's picture

Obviously we know which way

Obviously we know which way you lean. This is a town ordinance not a state goverment law.Your so blinded by your political ways,you don't even make sense.


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