LePage in Lewiston Thursday for public meeting

LEWISTON — Got questions for the governor? Comments, suggestions?

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Paul LePage

Here's your chance. On Thursday, Gov. Paul LePage will be back in his hometown as part of the administration's Capitol for a Day tour. It will be the 12th Capitol for a Day since the governor kicked off the program last year.

The Lewiston Regional Technical Center will host the town hall forum from 6 to 7:30 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

The forum will be streamed live on the Sun Journal's website, sunjournal.com.

A panel consisting of the governor, several commissioners and Maine's treasurer will participate in the meeting, at which audience members will be encouraged to ask questions.

“I hope Mainers take the time to come to the town hall, ask questions and engage with the people who are working for them," LePage said in a prepared statement. "I think people are realizing what our administration is trying to achieve and they are seeing results. We are listening to the people of Maine and as a result, changing the attitude within government.”

While he's in the area, the governor is expected to visit Geiger in Lewiston; K&K Excavation Inc. in Turner; and Savage Safe Handling Inc., Newfab Inc. and Proctor & Gamble Tambrands, all in Auburn.

“To build a stronger economy, we must listen to our job creators of today," LePage said. "Our business community has the key to unlock Maine’s economic growth potential, and this administration is ready and willing to listen to their needs so we can introduce policies which encourage job creation.”

LRTC is at 156 East Ave., at the site of Lewiston High School.

Who: Gov. Paul LePage

Where: Lewiston Regional Technical Center, 156 East Ave.

When: Thursday from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

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I just watched LePage's visit

I just watched LePage's visit to Lewiston. It was a joke. He used numbers which he is known for making up. He threatened to not pay hospitals and to close schools if the legislature doesn't act. We don't need more bullying by someone who has trouble telling the truth and doing the math.

Mike Lachance's picture

really? speaking of "making

really? speaking of "making up"......


Really Mike!!! After all his

Really Mike!!! After all his misstatements I find it impossible to believe him. I also fail to see how he can threaten to close schools because the legislature doesn't act...is he going after another federal waiver for that too? And as far as not paying the hospitals well the state hasn't been paying them for years so how does that carry any weight. He has been nothing but a mouth full of contradictions. When discussing education tonight he claimed he wanted to do what's right for the kids and yet he wants to cut MaineCare funding for programs dealing with children, he wants to close schools because the state is broke, he thinks Lewiston has the most innovative schools in the state and yet all our schools are failing to meet standards. Give me a break...the more he talks the more he is blowing hot air and yet you think he is the best think since peanut butter and jelly.

Mike Lachance's picture

really? speaking of "making

really? speaking of "making up"......

"you think he is the best think since peanut butter and jelly."

Speak not of what you know nothing about.


The business community

The business community pretty much gave him their answer this week when they moved 600 jobs to Michigan because we wouldn't come up with the cash to cover their risk and Michigan did. The business creators are happy to create jobs as long as the taxpayers take most of the risks. You can do it that way or you can put money in the hands of the middle class which ends up creating demand for products and that reduces the risk to private enterprise and adds businesses that service real existing needs. If I understand correctly, part of the problem was that Kestrel was reluctant to provide financial information. So they think the taxpayer should take on the risk but we have no right to their financial information? And ironically enough it was a private non-profit firm that put the brakes on the project while Michigan's state run program whizzed it right through. Job creators my eye.

Mike Lachance's picture

Well, if they failed to

Well, if they failed to provide the requested financials, I would say Maine did the right thing.

Hey Claire, can you give me $100? I assure you I'll double your money in a week, but I'll need it first. Oh, and dont bother asking to see my track record, my word is good enough for you.

Michigan might benefit, but then again, look at Michigan; they are worse off than Maine right now (no small feat)... Perhaps they are a bit more wreckless in their desire for somebody... ANYBODY... to set foot there.

Carl Kimball's picture


I just have one question. How come i have never heard a word from his brothers and sisters?

Mark Elliott's picture

What happened to American's

What happened to American's desire to be involved in their community. When the desire exists, the methods to make it happen will exist also.


Gotta love it...some people

Gotta love it...some people just assume we are all free to make night time meetings and workshops. There should be a way that we could have input without having to take off work or hire childcare for our children.

Mike Lachance's picture

Really Tina... if they had it

Really Tina... if they had it in the middle of the day you'd complain that it was deliberately planned to disenfranchise the taxpayers...

But a night time meeting disenfranchises those who work nights and have children and cannot find anyone to take care of their kids for 2 hrs on a weeknight from 6-8pm...


prevarication extraordinaire!


Mike until you walk in my

Mike until you walk in my shoes then dont think you know what I go through. Finding night time child care for a special needs child who cannot handle change of any kind in his routine is something many of us face on a daily basis. If the governor were truly interested in hearing what the public had to say he would hold two meetings...one during the day and one at night. As it is you would defend him if he had a gun to the heads of the people of this state and think you were the only one with all the answers. Well I have bit my tongue long enough....Mike you know nothing about the lives of the people you put down all the time. You find a way to try to act like you are bigger than anyone out there, smarter than anyone out there, and better off then anyone out there. Well let me say this....people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones and those that defend Governor LePage to the level that you do had best make sure their closets have no skeletons because at some point all LePage is doing is going to come back and bite every citizen in the butt. And one other thing...as a parent it is my job to be home with my child when they are home and to help them with homework, to feed them, to prepare them for bed and to see that they have quality time with family so they learn values. I do not go out and leave my child with babysitters. I plan my life around my child's. I do not just up and go and leave him with whoever. I am a PARENT FIRST. So maybe you think I need to change my priorities and at some point I might but until my child is an adult he will ALWAYS come first.

Mike Lachance's picture

Claire... have you walked in

Claire... have you walked in my shoes? (no?) then perhaps you might consider holding yourself to your own standard... Whats this about skeletons? huh?

Who am I putting down? exactly whom... stretching the truth seems to be the way of the day today... Your defensiveness is self incriminating for a crime that remains to be seen. I honestly have no idea what that might be... you do.... Perhaps you have your own skeletons? (Incase you didnt knw... everyone has skeletons, some big some small... some somewhere in-between)...

Now about glass houses... how's yours? Or did it break along time ago.... Because youre lobbing boulders in the most fantastic manner imagineable...

I would "defend him if he had a gun to the heads of the people of this state"....???? Really Claire? If you expect one ounce of respect as an adult you might want to reconsider such ridiculous statements and fantastically personal insults. Who's throwing stones?

If you make a personal choice to stay at home with your children 24-7 thats great. But dont go off on LePage because he didnt personally come to your home to accomodate your parenting decisions. Such an expection is beyond mypoic. You plan your life around your child... LePage (and everyone else in the country) do NOT plan their life around YOUR child. I'm sorry, but thats just the reality of the matter.

You make your own priorities... and they seem to work for you... Dont expect them to work for anyone else though... they are yours and yours alone.

Finding a friend, relative or other trusted person to watch your child for 2 hours is nothing astounding, nothing extreme and definately nothing MOST ANY parent would find problematic on occaision... If you choose to see this as somehow wreckless and immoral thats your call.. but the affairs of the City do not come to a stand-still for one mother in Lewiston. Nor do they come to a stand still for THIS father is Lewiston.

Before assuming you know anything about me you would be best served by recognizing that you are no more lofty than anyone else. I certainly am not.


Mike, first my name is Tina

Mike, first my name is Tina not Claire so maybe you need to go back to school and learn to read again. I live with my choices and do what's best for my children, one of whom is in college and one who is special needs. Do you have the money it costs to hire childcare for a special needs child? I sure don't. Leave him with a trusted friend???? Be real it is not their job to take care of my child it is mine. You put many down, you have put down not only myself but Dan as well as others. You come across as you know best and yours is the only opinion worth having here. This is a blog to give everyone a chance to comment. However, when I originally made the comment about having a meeting at a more convenient time why couldn't the governor hold two meetings...one during the day and one in the evening. I am sure I am not the only one who would have liked to attend the meeting but couldn't because of other commitments...like a night time job. I don't assume anything about you but you assume alot about other people. I think you need to get off your holier than thou pedestal and come back to the real world.

Mike Lachance's picture

Tina, my aplogies about the

Tina, my aplogies about the Claire thing... you two are very similar..

About me putting people down... give me some quotes where i put you down. Hmmm... just one... On the other hand, you talk about throwing stones and you are an active participant in the put-down circus. You do it with great disdain for those who see the world outside your own eyes. The point here is we all have differing opinions. I dont agree with yours and you dont agree with mine. You say mine are [insert words here] and I for the most part see your statements as being misguided and myopic. Myopic... is tha a put down? You may call it that, but it is my opinion, which I am free to make. Youve done far worse (and you know it)...

If you choose to care for youyr special needs child 24/7 there is little ANYONE can do to accomodate your every need. It is unfortunate, but the Governor, more than likely, be he a Republican, a Democrat, or whoever, will fail everytime to satisfy your own special needs. Youve stated it clearly. You will not bend to anyones ways but your own, yet you expect the Governor, who (like ALL Governors) is extremely busy, to bend to your ways. To accomodate you, specifically, at the expense of every other scheduled item on his itinerary. Tina, do you seriously think the Governor deliberately snubbed parents of special needs children in his not protesting the schedule arranged by his aides and the City of Lewiston???

That in itself is an insult, albeit a back-handed one. You are the queen, it seems, of these backhanded insults. Do I make them? More than likely yes, but the difference is, I dont deny it. And the greater difference is I am making an effort to illustrate how utterly self most of your posts have become. Everything is based on your own needs, and no one elses. Thats your right, but if you cannot accept that the needs of those who disagree with you are no less important than your own, then there is no point in having a conversation.

If you have other committments, its too bad. I was invited to attend, and wanted to attend... I didnt... Guess why! I had other committments that were more important. Yes Tina. I couldnt go. Do you see me complaining here? Nope.

It's time to wake up and realize that each of us have our priorities and the Governor has a tight schedule. He's not going to do (2) events in Lewiston just for special needs moms and those who work second shift or otherwise have more important things to do.

As far as Dan is concerned, accusing me of insulting him is akin to telling a match that it is responsible for the burning of the Sun.

The only thing wrong with your posts are the glaring double standards.


Mike, I do have great disdain

Mike, I do have great disdain for those who seem to think theirs is the only opinion. Insulting, maybe, I do tend to insult people who think they know everything because in effect they are actually showing their stupidity. I.E. Lepage saying he will close schools when he does not have that authority. You were invited to attend...gee sounds like someone was trying to stack the room with LePage supporters so he would have an easy time and be less apt to stick his foot in his mouth..too bad it didn't work that way. He is not just the Governor for the people who support him but he is the Governor for the 61% who don't support him and I would wager to say that he has even less support then he did before. This I know because I have friends who were all for him and now they wish he would just go away. If you think I am angry then you are correct because what he wants to cut affects my family in multiple ways and I have become the "mama bear" trying to protect her children (and in this case protect a parent as well).

I know we each have our priorities but in my opinion if this Governor truly wanted to hear from ALL the people, he would find a way to have 2 meetings for each town he calls "Capital for a Day" so that those that have other commitments and work could attend (and yes, taking care of a special needs child is work, even if you do not consider it so)...he would have the priorities of taking care of everyone in the state and not just his "buddies".

How much money is he spending on this investigation into the MSHA? How much money is he spending to investigate Mr. Poliquin? I bet he is spending more on MSHA then on Mr. Poliquin. He claims to be working closely with the hospitals and yet neither of the Lewiston hospitals were on his tour when he came here....why is that?

How can anyone be proud of a Governor who is a bully? Who threatens children and seniors? Who misstates most things? Who changes things to suit his agenda? And who has his staff spin the words out of his mouth because he wants to break the constitution and end up costing the state more federal money which is what would happen if he closed schools early?


Mike Lachance's picture

Tina, hows that seething

Tina, hows that seething hatred working out for you? Getting anything out of it? It's coloring your words, your views and most likely your health. Us "on the other side" put up with Baldacci for (2) terms... quietly waiting for the suffocation to go away. Baldy did everything you accuse LePage of doing, but the coin was flipped. It was YOUR special interests he was serving. So you were quietly content.

I suggest you continue to voice your opinion, but if you want to change things youre going to have to invest more than lip service towards your political goals. Perhaps you should run for office? You'd have many supporters, I'm sure.

Otherwise, I'm afraid you may not find solace in the direction the voting public is taking Maine.


Mike it is not seething

Mike it is not seething hatred that I feel. This Governor can't seem to do anything without resorting to threats and bullying and for a person that was elected with less than 50% of the vote you would think he would try a bit harder to not put his foot in his mouth and to actually know what he can and cannot do. Others have offered to work with him but he seems to only want things "his way". One person blogged that it was like him acting like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum. He is not the state of Maine but he is actually an employee of the people of the state of Maine. If he were to act like this in a real job he would most likely be fired in a heartbeat.

While we all know that changes need to happen the way he is going about it is WRONG. He lies, "misstates things" and tries to bully and threaten people into conforming to his way of thinking. There are cuts that can be made without affecting so many people but he doesn't want to see it that way...he wants things his way and his way only. For example, today I got 3 pieces of mail for DHHS in 3 different envelopes, 2 of them were identical...that is a waste of paper, postage, ink to print them, and someone's time to stuff the envelope and seal it....how much could be saved if the state actually put some effort into not doing duplicates for the thousands it mails things out to. How much work could actually get done if staff was not constantly putting a spin on his words? How much could be saved if, when investigating an agency, they focus on things that occur since that person took the position and not what happened before her time? How much could be saved if instead of bullying and threatening people he sat down and actually worked with people?

I have stated in my blogs multiple times that I am neither Democrat nor Republican and I stand by that. I may not always express myself in a way that some can understand but I will fight for what I believe in and the major thing is leave our elderly and children alone....The more things get taken away from the elderly and the children then the harder I will fight.

The other thing I will fight is being bullied or threatened in making my choices. I don't allow my children to bully or threaten others and I will not stand by while an elected official bullies and threatens others.

How much do you want to bet that the voting public takes us back to the Democrats just to put a stop to the bullying and threatening from the current administration? That's a real good way to make change....now that I think about it....keep it up Governor, I can survive a couple more years of having someone to laugh at......

Steve  Dosh's picture

Mark , Weds. 4:04

Mark , Weds. 4:04 pm
Someone should ask him how Bates Mill No. 5 figures heavily in hthe riverfront master plan : how much has been allocated and what he and the mayor plan to do with it and when they plan to start or finish the job •
Just a †hought :)
Steve , Bates '78

Mike Lachance's picture

Steve, did you attend the

Steve, did you attend the master plan Public Workshop #2 tonight at the Bates Mill Atrium?
Your questions are one you could have asked yourselves, the master plan developers and many others who were involved in this very subject at legnth.

In the end it will be the City Council, Manager and Planning Depts who you will be wanting to ask your questions to... but unless you are getting involved in this process there is little to complaining. The public is welcome to these workshops.


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