D. Holcomb: Time for a change

There are more than 6,500 Mainers on the waiting list for affordable housing and the low income heating assistance fund is out of money. Meanwhile, Maine State Housing Authority has authorized all kinds of questionable spending, from luxury hotels, to contributions to political organizations, to $300,000 for single-unit apartments. This is just plain unacceptable.

However, there seems to be no accountability for MSHA spending. Even the governor or the MSHA Board of Commissioners can’t make a change in management.

Recently, legislative leaders put in a bill that would help make MaineHousing more directly accountable for its operations. Unfortunately, several Democratic legislators, including Sen. Margaret Craven from Lewiston, tried to block the bill from even getting a hearing.

The bill did make it through, despite the efforts of progressives in the Legislature, and, I hope, it will pass, bringing more accountability to an agency that is clearly in need of additional oversight.

This isn’t some political game. This is about hard-earned public dollars being wasted by frivolous management at MaineHousing, while needy Mainers are left out in the cold.

It is wrong, and it is time for a change.

Diana Holcomb, Norway

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The Maine State Housing Authority is audited regularly by federal bank exminers. The proposed changes would make it answerable to Maine politicians. I can't imagine why anyone in their right minds would think that politicians are more trustworty than bank auditors when it comes to money and for that matter openness and honesty. This administration, in particular, has been caught in a slew of misstatements, legal grey areas, and a stunning lack of transparency. It is especially noteworthy that all of these accusations are coming from a group that is making accusations and at the same time complaining about the inability to get the facts they are after. It seems to me you either know there is wrongdoing or you are guessing in the hopes of ginning up a lynch mob.

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Hmmmm and there was nothing wrong at the Turnpike Authority was there. Bank auditors only look at the income and expenditures to se if the accounts balance, not to check what the payment was for.

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Kudos to you Diana. Very well put and very much needs fixing. Its time these politicians and people making a living from a job they aren't even doing to either do the job or be removed and let some honest person have the job and do it. At this point blaming one party or the other is beside the point. This didn't just happen anymore then the country being in the mess its in because of this President's 4 yrs. They have all been guilty and more so Congress is the biggest culprit whether Republican or Democrat. It don't matter. They won't step on the toes of the ones lining their pockets. Time to clean the whole bunch of them out and will say it now and when the time comes to vote. "If you are running for "re-election" forget my vote." At this stage right now I won't vote for any of them running for President cause none of them will do the job and even with the best of intentions a few weeks in Wash. and you are sucked right into the sewer with the rest.

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The democrats have become the

The democrats have become the slave owners of the 21st century. They keep about 47% of the people in bondage (for votes) through their social giveaway programs and all they (the dems) ask for in return is perpetual re-elction to power. See how that works?

 's picture

Classic Republican BS

Apparently, Republicans envy the fact that people who support the interests of working people gain their support while Republicans supporting the interests of the top 1% of America's income earners must lie to misleading the public to gain election to pretty much anything.The nonsense that corporations are people and should have the civil rights of people and that corporate spending on elections is free speech are ridiculous positions.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

In your eyes and in your

In your eyes and in your mind; you've not said a thing to refute my statement.


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