Disgraced Maine turnpike chief to keep his pension

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The former chief of the Maine Turnpike Authority will get to keep his more than $5,000 per month state pension even though he may go to prison for stealing from the agency.

Paul Violette
The Associated Press

Paul Violette

Ex-executive director Paul Violette is scheduled to plead guilty to felony theft on Feb. 6. He faces up to five years in prison as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

Unlike many states, Maine does not have a pension forfeiture law to penalize public employees convicted of violating the public trust.

The agency's new head, Peter Mills, says much of Violette's pension will be used to settle debt he incurred paying $155,000 in restitution.

Violette's attorney tells Maine Today Media there's no reason to revoke the pension.

State Sen. Roger Katz says the Legislature should consider a pension forfeiture law.


Information from: Kennebec Journal, http://www.kjonline.com/

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ERNEST LABBE's picture

He will have

He will paid off the debt before he is released from prison. What a wonderful state we live in. Steal from us for 25 plus years and we reward you with a 5 grand a month bonus.

Carl Kimball's picture


This is not right 110%. Mr. LePage is hollering about wasted money and this is a good example. He goes to jail and loses his pension, final answer!!!!

Kathy Emery's picture

Keep his Pension

$155,000 in restitution, most of his $5K a month will be applied to that debt. How many months will it take to repay the enitre balance. 31 months it appears. I wonder if the State of Maine will garnish his State of Maine Income Tax Refund if he has one coming, they are certainly happy to take the returns of other Mainers who live at or far below the poverty level.

Dan Auger's picture

wrong job

boy did I pick the wrong path for a job. Who knew I could of had a job where I could of screwed the system the whole time working there, THEN when they find out, they reward me with a nice little pension. What a state we live in.


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