J. Beaudoin: Gov. LePage on right 'page'

I wanted to thank Gov. Paul LePage for attending the Lewiston town hall meeting and sharing with the people some of the issues going on in Augusta. I appreciate his straightforwardness.

I was very impressed by the fact that he did not pander or take the easy way out in answering questions that were being asked. He has proven to me to be a straight shooter and will tell you the way things are, even though it may not be what you want to hear.

The reality of it is that Maine is broke. Changes and tough decisions need to be made now.

After listening to Gov. LePage, I feel he is on the right "page." I encourage legislators to join him in making the necessary changes — and not the kind of changes that are being made in Washington, but actual changes that will be both beneficial and in the best interest of Maine and the people who reside here.

I also want to commend the governor's spokeswoman, Adrienne Bennett, who did an outstanding job at coordinating the event. Those of us who attended know she surely got her exercise getting the microphone all around the room so people could ask questions.

Jane M. Beaudoin, Lewiston

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Maine is broke?

I don't believe we are any more broke today than we were in the thirties, forties and fifties and yet Mainers found a way to help each other so that people did not die from poverty. What we have today is ideology that trumps people. Why would a rational person believe that everyone on public assistance is there because they are too lazy to work when there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the vast majority are either too young, too old , too sick or otherwise unable to work. If I were to suggest that we should kill disabled people as they are born so that we don't have to support them would that seem ethical? No? But its OK if they are older? Some people are lazy and maybe the cure is to cut off their food and shelter but my experience tells me that although they may be too lazy, unintelligent, or unskilled to work they are not unable to steal. When we are paying for their food, rent and medical care at the grey bars motel will we really be better off? Maybe there are better ways to help someone to acquire a work ethic and to learn job skills. I don't believe anybody wants to support the able bodied. What we disagree on is who is able bodied and how we get them to go to work.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Ron, I think what David was

Ron, I think what David was implying is that he and his work and live within their means and do not rely on public assistance for their basic necessities. There is pride in being self supporting, and some people still have some self respect left. Everyone who pays taxes pays for the costs of public infrastructure, and we share that cost for the common good. We don't, however, have to like seeing that tax money spent to support those who choose to live off of public assistance because they are too lazy to work do so just because they can. Of course, you knew this already, your comment is just you being you.

RONALD RIML's picture

And how many

And how many "choose to live off of public assistance because they are too lazy to work do so just because they can" as you state??

Is there employment opportunity for all of these people to match the judgement that David is rendering???

Newt Gingrich says: "Stop whining, take a bath and get a job."

Are those jobs out there in Maine?? What's the situation??? Or do we considered petitioning the governor to start shipping the unemployed out to greener pastures?

It's so damn easy to complain when one doesn't have the responsibility of coming up with a solution.

GARY SAVARD's picture

There are jobs out there Ron.

There are jobs out there Ron. For starters in Lewiston we have the Wal-Mart Distribution Center that is typically always hiring. Hard work but pretty good money. If people have no job skills, they should expect to find jobs that pay accordingly in most cases. The problem arises when welfare benefits are sufficent for the layabouts to get by without having to work hard at earning their own way. It's so damned easy to snipe at people you don't agree with when you don't have to back up your BS with facts.

Jason Theriault's picture

The problem

"We don't, however, have to like seeing that tax money spent to support those who choose to live off of public assistance because they are too lazy to work"

There will always be people who take advantage of charity. That doesn't mean you get rid of charities. You try and get rid of the cheats, but acknowledge that charities provides a valuable service. The same applies for government assistance. There are people that abuse it, but it provides valuable services.

RONALD RIML's picture

Do you think

there are wealthy people who take advantage of the tax code????

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Anyone who doesn't take

Anyone who doesn't take advantage of it, rich or poor, as long as it is legal, would have to be a nut, NOT to, wouldn't they?

Jason Theriault's picture

"Tells it like it is"?

I agree that Maine needs to take steps to reign in spending, but half of what comes out of LePage's mouth is crap. While you may like the fact he doesn't avoid questions and is very blunt, the reason politicians are vague and non-committal is because running a State or Nation is a complex matter, and nothing is as simple as "If we don't have this fixed, I'm gonna close schools" solution. And I don't think LePage understands that.

As Abraham Maslow postulated in Maslow's Hammer: "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail".

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"MS Beaudoin, the only reason

"MS Beaudoin, the only reason the state of Maine is 'broke' is during the last session of the legislature, the republicans",....
And, 30 years of democrats in control doesn't account for any of the mess, huh? It only started with the republicans during the last legislative session. That's what you want us to believe? And you stand in awe as to why you get ridiculed?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Just can't tell you T, how

Just can't tell you T, how great it is to be rich. And, of course, being a pirate, I don't pay squat for taxes.
To a conservative, the truth is refreshing. To a liberal, it is nothing more than a lie undiscovered. Slight difference.
As far as the poor suffering, a family of 4 earning minimum wage has more disposable income than a family earning $60 grand a year and paying taxes. The difference is the minimum wage earning family is lavished with government largess, while the taxpaying family earning $60K doesn't qualify for any of that crap.

RONALD RIML's picture

It depends upon

It depends upon whether or not the family of four earning $60K is also getting health insurance.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture



 's picture

Excuse me Danny boy but

nobody ever supported my family nor I while I grew up.My lobster events are but once or twice a year, compared to what I see at the local lobster pound that a friend of mine owns and the local Shaws and Hannaford, being paid for by food assistance programs which are supported by my tax dollars.I support my family members as most of us do in order to keep them off the endless down hill slide of your beloved social programs. My offer still stands Danny boy, anytime you want to swap tax bills with me Ill be glad to. Enough is enough. People who don't put into the system nor have ever put into it, are sucking it dry cause its so easy to do. That's why the state has no money to help the real poor and elderly and those that may be temporarily down on their luck.

RONALD RIML's picture

No one ever paid

No one ever paid taxes or tithed to a church to send you to school?? Amazing!!!

No one ever paid taxes so that you father would have a road to drive to his place of employment on?? Really???

No one ever paid taxes so that you lived in a safe, secure environment where you would not be over-run by lawless cut-throats?? Huh??

No-one ever paid taxes to ensure that the food you ate and the pharmaceuticals you took wouldn't drop you like poison? Incredible!!!

No-one ever paid taxes to ascertain that the structures and buildings your family lived in, shopped in, worshiped in, sought amusement in - were constructed in a safe manner to minimize the chances you would be negligently incinerated within? Who'd a thought that??

No one ever paid any taxes in to ensure that some care and assistance were available to you in the event your parents were unfortunately killed while your were still quite young?? Damn!!!

I could go on and on, David - but with your insular conception of how your family did it all their own without any of the advantages of a government supported by the taxpayer - I wonder if you believe you're 'Swiss Family Robinson' or something like that.....

 's picture

Well Ronny boy,

my parents were those same tax payers that payed to build the roads, support law enforcement, create the over baring government, and all your lovely social programs. They paid in Ronny, they were one of the wagon pullers, not one of the lifelong riders who have never paid. The same life long riders you like to defend and tell me I should be paying more in taxes in order to support those riders.

RONALD RIML's picture

Your parents paid in

Enough for all those programs?????

Wow!!!! Too bad they and the rest of us didn't get our money's worth when you were taught how to spell 'paid.'

Is this an example of your 'over baring government?' Washington should put something on before he freezes to death.....

 's picture

Gee Ronny,

I made a spelling error in my rush to get out the door for lunch with my wife. Amazing how you can pick up on that and not pick up on how your getting screwed by the wagon riders.

RONALD RIML's picture

We're getting much more screwed

We're getting much more screwed by the wealthy who are not paying their fair share of taxes.

The top 20% in the U.S. possess 93% of the wealth - and you're worried about alleged 'Wagon Riders' rather than the toy buyers at 1.2 Million $$$ a pop.....

 's picture

Class envy, Ronny boy, class envy

is what I call it. I worked for what I have they should do the same. I'll give you the same challenge I gave Danny boy, exchange tax bills with me any day.

RONALD RIML's picture


Perhaps you were raised as a 'Boy' - I was not.

And there's nothing on your profile to indicate you've participated in any 'Manly' activities - much less learn to use your brain.

RONALD RIML's picture

And don't forget sales taxes

And don't forget sales taxes - is that on your tax bill???

You don't have a freakin' idea of who's paying what taxes - and it's obvious if all you want to do is exchange 'Tax Bills'

RONALD RIML's picture

Exchange tax bills???

You know what you paid in taxes???

Federal Taxes: Income, payroll, excise (tobacco, alcohol, gasoline, communications), etc, etc

State Taxes: Income, gasoline, tobacco, alcohol, communications, etc again

Property Taxes: City (Town) County, School District, Refuse, etc, etc.....

You gonna pay for an accountant to figure all this out???

Or are you one of these idjits who only considers 'Income Taxes?' and disregards the rest....

 's picture

Let you in on a little secret Ronny boy,

I paid all those taxes and then some and still do. I also paid for my kids to attend the school of their choice cause the government said they didn't qualify for government sponsored loans. And yes Ronny boy, I pay for an accountant to figure out my taxes so I don't have to pay more than I really have to legally. The invite to you and Breton stands.

RONALD RIML's picture

Then post all of your taxes

Then post all of your taxes

 's picture



PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The Chevy DeLuxe has come a

The Chevy DeLuxe has come a long way, eh?

RONALD RIML's picture

You can burn

You can burn through a tank of gas in twelve minutes going 'top end' in one of these babies.....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You must've read the same

You must've read the same article I did, R&T, perhaps? It'll do 253 mph, but it won't go 253 miles in an hour, because the tank, as you stated, runs dry in a bout 12 minutes. The parrot thinks they must've gotten the replacement hood from a junk yard after the crash, because "it isn't even the same color as the rest of the car", said he.

RONALD RIML's picture

There's been one down in Boothbay....

I believe it belongs to Lewiston's native son Paul Coulombe, who has a luxurious gated compound recently constructed down on Southport Island here....

Evidently turning from White Rock 'Poland Spring' Vodka to Yuppie Pinnacle flavored infused Vodka has done him well. A buddy of mine is a car nut, and talked to him while admiring his ride. He's been very generous to the area and has used many local craftsmen and artists in completing his dream home.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Know the White Rock history

Know the White Rock history quite well; the wife has worked there for several years. Great place to work, wages, benefit packages are top shelf. Treat their people really well.
Down East magazine recently did an extensive article on Mr. Coulombe's new home and how he used local people and materials in its construction. Nice to see good people doing well.

RONALD RIML's picture

They had

Good taste in populating the library... ;)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

They seem to apply good taste

They seem to apply good taste (pun intended) to everything they do.


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