Police say speed and reckless driving to blame for fatal crash in Wilton

WILTON — Police say speed and reckless driving were the primary causes of a fatal accident on Route 2 late Monday afternoon near the Farmington town line.

Ann Bryant,Sun Journal

Firefighters block traffic on Route 2 at the east side of the Comfort Inn in Wilton on Monday following a late-afternoon crash.

Joseph Breton, 36, of Jay was driving with a revoked license, headed west on the Wilton Road at about 4 p.m. when he attempted to pass a vehicle driven by Thomas Lake, 50, of Jay in a no-passing zone, Wilton Police Chief Heidi Wilcox said

It was an unsafe pass on an icy stretch of road with double yellow lines and guardrails on both sides, she said. 

Breton's 2004 Sebring struck an oncoming Ford Ranger truck driven by David Miller, 44, of Wilton. Miller's mother, Meta Sevigny, 80, of Farmington was a passenger in the truck. She and Breton were killed.

Breton's license had been revoked because he was a habitual offender, the chief said. According to state records, his driver's license had been suspended numerous times since 2001.

In 2007, he was charged with driving under the influence. Charges of failing to file insurance and failure to pay fines followed, and Breton was again deemed a habitual offender. His license was suspended indefinitely. Available state records only date back to 2001.

Registration records show the Chrysler that Breton was driving belongs to a Livermore Falls resident.


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Jessica Tibbetts's picture


That "dumba**" was my only brother! Not having a license does not make someone a good or bad person. Poor judgement, you can't tell me nobody else has made a poor judgement while operating a vehicle, but was lucky not to have something like this happen. He did not have the right to operate a motor vehicle but doesn't mean he didn't know how to drive. He was actually eligible to pay a fine and reinstate his license, if he had, would that change everyones perspective because he held a valid drivers license? It was ONE vehicle he passed and hit a patch of ice. How many other accidents have there been this year due to road conditions? They are called "accidents" for a reason. Do you really think he intentionally took his own life, someone elses, and harmed others, leaving behind his TWO little children? As a matter of fact, the registered owner had been warned to keep the vehicle off the roads repeatedly due to it not being safe (bald tires, inoperable air bags etc.).My DEEPEST sympathy goes out to all affected by this and sure do wish I could turn back time. He truely was a wonderful Dad,brother,son,uncle,and friend. He was loved by many just like every other person here holds a place on someones heart. It would be nice to keep that in mind when commenting on any article. If only we could use these tragedies as a learning tool, maybe there would be less of them. I am sorry to all hurt,saddened,angered, and affected. A few days ago, I was a big sister, today I have no siblings.

John Campoli's picture

wilton fatality on monday

what a horrible tragedy! that accident never should have happened. why did he(joe) feel the need to pass four cars on that road? due to his bad judgement and recklessness two people are dead. i do feel bad for his children. it hurts enough to know that not only did he have a suspended license but he was using some elses car also. plus he put his passenger in danger also. i found out that dave was taking meta to the hospital for an x -ray. how ironic that this happens to them. i can't imagine watching my own mother die right in front of my eyes and being unable to help her. i am a friend of the family, i have known dave and his family(including his mother)for a long time. such a shame that this happened due to someone having horrible judgement. i hope someone can find a way to prevent this from happening to others.

 's picture

@ Roger Moulton....No, that's

@ Roger Moulton....No, that's NOT all I took from the above article!
If it was, I would definately be a heartless moron!!! What I took from the article is that two innocent people lost their lives that day due to the fact that a habitual bad driver was allowed to use someones car and be out on the road when he had no license..FOR AN OBVIOUS REASON! Now 2 people are dead....2 families are suffering terribly today and for years to come because of this. I don't even know the victims and I cried when I heard of the terrible accident and deaths. I allow NO ONE to drive my car unless I know they have a valid drivers license and know their driving record. I know if they've been drinking or drugging, etc. Once I had someone my car keys...it's also MY responsibility allowing them on the road if they have no license or they are under the influence. Once MY car is on the road, whether I am driving it or someone else, it's still my responsibility.

 's picture

This is so wrong

People who shouldn't be driving for various reasons keep endangering and in some cases, killing people who abide by the laws. I am so sorry that this innocent woman lost her life all because some idiot who can't follow the rules of the road chose to drive illegally and was apparently so impatient that he had to pass unsafely. What can be done when people like this just simply ignore the law and drive anyway? What can be done when people no longer have the facilities to drive safely (sometimes as we age, we can no longer see well enough, yet continue to drive and endanger others.) My car was hit while I was stopped at a red light by a woman who simply should not have had a license, yet she still does. It makes me incredibly angry that that we are not safe when we drive because of people like this. Take away their license, big deal - they ignore the law and drive anyway. Yes...I think it's time to make them serve time. Maybe then they'll get it (and lives will be saved.) I think that EVERYONE needs to have regular driving and visual tests to keep the privilege of having a license after a certain age. I just can't believe that things like this keep happening.

Robert McQueeney's picture

This kind of instance always

This kind of instance always saddens me. Here, we have a habitual offender, who continues to violate the laws. it is only a matter of time before they kill someone. And yet they are continually released. I know it costs to house people in prison, but that is never the fear of the habitual offender. The law abiding citizen needs fear the habitual offender repeatedly endangering them while the court system sets them free upon us.

 's picture

I'm never sorry when Darwin

I'm never sorry when Darwin lets a dumbass go. I'm just sorry he had to take an innocent on the way out.

Roger Moulton's picture

You should be let go.

Well I understand why you would feel sympathy for the innocent people that were hurt in this, you should remember Mr. Breton has an 8 year old daughter and family members who read this so saying that you are not sorry that dumbass is dead really just shows your lack of intelligence and insensitivity towards people in general. To you I say GFY and boy would I like to meet you in a dark alley.

 's picture

Well, that's one way to look

Well, that's one way to look at it. Here's another: That little girl will wake up this morning, see the snow, and breathe the air. The same cannot be said for the woman this tool murdered by his combination of arrogance and dull wit. He was a habitual offender. Habitual; meaning he made the choice over and over again; the choice, to be unsafe behind thousands of pounds of steel. He wouldn't have cared if it were someone's grandmother or someone else's 8 year old daughter that he killed as long has he had his way on the road. Perhaps you do the same? Maybe you know the family. Maybe you know who thought it was a good idea to let him behind the wheel...again? No matter. If you meet me in the proverbial dark alley and you have half the personality defect of those you defend, I am confident you will todder into a dumpster long before reaching me to assert your penis size.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Now you know

I guess now you can see what happens to a teenager who gets behind the wheel and does stupid things, but somehow survives to adulthood. Some people never learn.

 's picture

Sooo...will the Livermore

Sooo...will the Livermore Falls resident be held responsible since they
lent their vehicle to Breton??????

 's picture

know him

If you think you know somebody well enough to lend them your car, you ought to know them well enough to know why they don't have or drive their own car.

Roger Moulton's picture

have a heart

Are you serious this is what you take from that article? You just want someone else to get in trouble? Hasn't there been enough negative from this accident. And just so you know you aren't required to do a license/background check on someone before you lend them your car. They would have to prove that the person that loaned him the car knew that he did not have a license, and how do you prove that? I'm not going to point fingers and all that I'm just going to say I'm terribly sorry for all of the family members of everyone involved.


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