Lewiston man sentenced in federal gun case

LEWISTON — A former FedEx worker has been sentenced to nearly 12 years in federal prison for stealing a shotgun from the distribution center and selling it on the street.

Raymond Adams, 43, of 112 Howe St., Lewiston, was sent to prison for 94 months after he was convicted on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

In September 2009 Adams was working at the distribution center in Lewiston when he came across a package marked "firearm," according to documents from U.S. District Court.

The gun had been sent from Texas and was supposed to be shipped to a gunsmith in Harpswell. But prosecutors said Adams took the Beretta 12-gauge shotgun home with him, stashing it in a co-worker's car before leaving work.

Four days later, Adams sold the gun to another man for $150, prosecutors said. The man who bought the weapon paid for it with a check, according to a court document, jotting the serial number of the stolen gun in the memo field.

The Central Maine Violent Crimes Task Force was called to investigate the case. Their probe led to Adams as a suspect, prosecutors said, and agent Derrick St. Laurent questioned him at his Lewiston home.

Police said Adams confessed to the theft. Agents were able to track down the man who bought the gun and they seized the Beretta as evidence.

"They did a great job tracking down that gun so it wouldn't be available for use in a crime," said Dale Armstrong, resident in charge of the Violent Crimes Task Force.

Adams was convicted in federal court. Because of previous convictions, he was prohibited from possessing firearms.

According to records in Androscoggin County Superior Court, Adams has convictions for sexual abuse of a minor, burglary and robbery in 1995. In 2002, he was convicted of trafficking in scheduled drugs.

Adams was one of several local people convicted in U.S. District Court recently for violent crimes committed in the Lewiston area.

Four local people have been convicted with operating a crack cocaine ring in the Lewiston area, a case also investigated by task force. The main defendant in that case, Trezjuan Thompson, was convicted of arson in relation to a fire on Academy Street in Auburn.

Also convicted were six people who committed an armed home invasion on Marble Street in Lewiston last year in which two people were wounded by gunfire.

Each suspect from both cases is expected to be sentenced in the spring.

Androscoggin County Jail

Raymond Adams

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He was an employee of a

He was an employee of a vendor, not Fedex.


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