J. Davis: President should be impeached

Audacity. The Oval Office occupier now wants to consolidate numerous government agencies, claiming it will eliminate duplicity and reduce the work force. That, after engineering expansion of many and creating new ones for processing his myriad bailout and boondoggle programs, along with appointing dozens of czars to assist Cabinet posts and hiring a six-figure dog-sitter.

He said the nation needs a different kind of government, implying what we’ve had since dumping a king is the wrong type. It may be huge and not 100 percent perfect, but it is way better than what those so-called “socislamist” buddies whom he accommodated from day one by constantly sidestepping the Constitution and laws, have and live under.

What is next? Removing the American flag from the Oval Office to prevent it from clashing with Middle Eastern golden drapery and decor replicating a caliphate’s chamber?

Psychic Vickie Monroe predicts re-election. I pray to God (and don’t care who is offended by my use of his name) that she is wrong. Taxpayers don’t need any more of his $4 million Hawaiian vacations, gobbledygook statistical press releases, nor jetting to Disney World Mondays and sing-alongs in New York theater Thursdays.

I’m not a psychic, but I can see his plan clearly: usurping all government power to himself and forcing an ideology on this nation that the majority do not want, unless enough members of Congress stand tall and impeach him before November to uphold the Constitution, as the oath specifies.

John R. Davis, South Paris

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You're in with the wrong

You're in with the wrong crowd, John. All the arrows point to the left.

 's picture


Fox News has created a delusional, misinformed audience that belongs more on the Comedy Channel than in the voters booth. Not one specific charge is made here. Just one vague generality after another none with a cintila of justification.
Perhaps that's because President Obama has been the most successful President in our history in fighting Islamic extremism and its tactic of terrorism. Bin Laden death. The leadership of Al Qeada destroyed. At least 20 leaders have joined Bin Laden in the grave. This must be the old Rove trick - attack a politician at his strength.
For what should he be impeached - success?

David  Cote's picture


While I disagree with most of what this writer is saying, I have to disagree with you on your assessment of Bin Ladens death last year. Although symbolic in nature it came about ten years too late. Bin Laden became a shell of what he once was. He was pathetic and cowardly hiding all these years. There were no new attacks on our land and this adm. And the previous adm. should take credit for that. I'm glad we finally got him, however given the catastrophic damage he created upon and the many lives lost I didn't find myself celebrating too much.

 's picture

I agree with you

Bin Laden should have been captured and if necessary killed in Tora Bora in 2002. He was a shell of himself in 2011. But he was active. He did try to initiate actions. Someone said yesterday on TV just ask Chief of Police Kelly (NY) if you think he was inactive. His death was important symbolically, as a statement of justice,and as a warning to other radicals that we would not simply give up. So I don't do a lot of celebrating, but I do do some.

 's picture

My your giving him a lot

of credit for things that were already in place and only had to follow through on. I would also consider him the worst President concerning domestic issues. The Al Qeada leaders your talking about were all replacements to those that had passed prior to your beloved Obama taking office.

 's picture

Bin Laden? He as a replacement?

Fact, Bush tried and failed from 2003-2009 to find or kill Bin Laden
. Obama succeeded. Bush tried and failed from 2003-2009 to destroy the Al Qeada infrastucture. Obama succeeded. And we know that inspite of strong cabinet objections, Obama made the decisions to attack.
What was in place was 8 years of policies that had the economy collapsing when Obama took office. Unemployment was falling by 675000 jobs a month when Obama won the election. That increased to over 700,000 by the time he took office and finally to 780,000 by the time that he could take effective action (stimulus). Then the rate began to fall. What was already in place was a plan for economic collapse.

 's picture

Let me see ,

how many times has this so called president and his administration violated the Constitution. His administrations latest venture:

"Department of Health and Human Services has ruled that religious institutions must, like all employers under the new Obamacare law, provide free birth control and sterilization services as part of health coverage."

Gee, what happened to separation of church and state?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Good job, Mr. Gagnon

Good job, Mr. Gagnon

 's picture

Where in the

ruling does it stipulate that Danny boy. It stipulates all religious institutions. If you happen to work for the Diocese of Maine that means they have to give those benefits. If you work for the Catholic Charities Appeal, you now can demand those.

 's picture

ignorance is amazing

Just because its not on Fox News doesn't mean that its not there. Did you read the ruling? No, Didn't think so. The distinction between the Diocese of Maine and Catholic Charities is precisely the point. Catholic Charities is a secular organization set up by the Catholic Church so that it can provide secular services. The Diocese of Maine is the Church and the separation of Church and state applies to it not to Catholic Charities. The Diocese can not be required to provide secular services that contradict its religious mission. Charities can.

 's picture

So please explain,

was the Bishop delusional when he wrote a letter to all the parishes stating those exact concerns. Your splitting hairs, the charity is an entity of the church and always has been.

 's picture

That's what the law does - splits hairs.

Check the Church specifically created that entity so it was not government by the separation of church and state (needed to get some government funding)

JOANNE MOORE's picture

I seem to remember Bush saying....

it would be easier to rule if he were a king.

Where was your outrage then, John?


The right wing

A recent news article says that research has determined the the extreme right wing tend to be be of lower IQ and more subject to manipulation than normal folks. I submit: Exhibit 1, John Davis. Exhibit 2, those folks that agree with him.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Who wote the awticle? Bawney

Who wote the awticle? Bawney Fwank?

JOANNE MOORE's picture


I read that article, too! Spot on!!!

 's picture

poor John

I bet Obama had CMP put a smart meter right outside John's bunker, next to the windmill. Now all he can pick up with his foil hat are some strange Kenyan ramblings about islam and communism and fascism read by Reverend Wright.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You left out the soundtrack

You left out the soundtrack of Tim Geithner repeatedly affirming how he knows what he's doing.

AL PELLETIER's picture

What next?

He hasn't removed the flag has he? Did Lepage remove a mural? And, I am a little psychic and I predict four more year of Obama so suck it up, John.

RONALD RIML's picture

Submitted for Your Approval

John R. Davis may claim he's not a psychic - but he sure needs a physic.


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