B. Mousseau: Core values being destroyed

It has been brought to my attention that several teachers, on a daily basis, wear slippers during the actual school hours they spend supposedly teaching children not only academics, but how to conduct themselves as young adults.

These are our children's role models? Someone to look up to for guidance and the proper way to conduct oneself?


These are the same teachers and faculty who call parents letting them know that their children are not dressed appropriately for school. Are you kidding me?

These are the same teachers who don't allow the children to talk during lunch. It's now called quiet time. For real?

These are the same teachers who won't allow the children to play with a ball at recess because, you guessed it, someone could get hurt.

When looking for answers as to why children are obese, dress the way they do and don't feel any sense of obligation to uphold tradition (whatever is easiest is today's mantra) look no further than the systematic destruction of this country's core values.

Once again it is a classic case of liberalism run amok. I try to imagine back many years ago and what would have happened if teachers wore slippers or children weren't allowed to play ball at recess or couldn't talk during lunch. It would not have been accepted. But now, liberals know what is best for all and will not take anyone's point of view but their own.

Bill Mousseau, Lewiston

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 's picture

Slippers, you are joking aren't you

If slippers can destroy the role of teachers, end education as we know it, weaken America and drive our children into ignorance; then I quess that slippers are more dangerous than an atomic bomb.
But then again maybe they aren't.



When I think of the miles I had to walk in one day in the classroom and the hours I had to stand on cement floors, I can say for certain that this will be a short lived fad. Even orthopedic shoes did not save me from arthritic knees and fallen arches not to mention the many feet stomping on my toes and a heavy student desk falling onto my foot. My advice, ditch the slippers and get steel toed boots.

 's picture

And another thing...

If my children have fantastic teachers who just happen to wear banana peels on their feet, I really don't care. I have four wonderful children ages 20, 11, and 10 (twins,) who are now or have gone through the Lewiston school system, so I am also speaking as a parent.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Lewiston School system isn't

Lewiston School system isn't anything to brag about. They can't be teaching much English. Kids, adults, in betweens; all you hear is Me and Lucy; me and Jim. No one ever learns that it's Lucy and I; Jim and I. Oh, well, I guess me and my wife will go out to dinner tonight.

 's picture

You're blaming the teachers.....Really?

I work in a Lewiston school. Believe me, it hasn't been the teachers making these rules. And your article is a wonderful example of how parents today blame the school system for not raising their children to be better citizens.....Here's a thought....IT'S THE PARENTS' JOB TO INSTILL THOSE CORE VALUES. I am so sick and tired of hearing the blame being placed on the education system! What happened to the parents checking to see what their children are wearing out in public, or doing family activities to encourage physical fitness? Parents need to stop playing the blame game, take some responsibility and actually PARENT THEIR CHILDREN.

AL PELLETIER's picture


Give me a "B+" for teacher, please.

AL PELLETIER's picture

So true

Charlotte. When I went to Brunswick High School in the 60's it was a simple brick and mortar building with plain tiled floors and toilets that you had to flush yourself. It was my teachers who taught me math, English, Latin, civics, etc. My teacher were darn good at doing their jobs and my parents were darn good at instilling in me the things that made me honest, hard working, reliable, trustworthy and respectful. My parents gave me character and common sense, my teachers gave me the ability to use it and I have the greatest respect you for your chosen profession.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

And I'll bet the teachers

And I'll bet the teachers wore suits, ties, dresses, skirts, blouses, real shoes and they probably enforced some sort of dress codes on you students, right, Al? Great post.

AL PELLETIER's picture



 's picture


I remember wearing my green gum-rubber boots to and from school in winter, carrying shoes in a paper bag and changing before and after. It doesn't make sense today. If a kid lives more than 10 feet from school, he has to ride a bus. Obesity has nothing to do with the food served in the cafeteria.

But that was back in the bad-old-days. I graduated from high school in 6/66, the number of the beast, which is why I know that from is required in the previous phrase. Girls had to wear skirts or dresses and boys non-blue-jeans trousers. And if guys let their hair get a little too long, they could expect a day off to visit the barber. Two or three years later, kids suddenly acquired "rights" and these rules were dropped - including grammar rules.

Today, any classroom from junior high on up is a freak-show that makes pale in comparison anything you could have seen at the Windsor Fair back in the bad-old-days.

Do slippers matter? No, they're just a small symptom of a much larger, decades long disease.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Its not

Its not the liberals, its the politically correct. They've been ruining this country for years

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

They tend to be one and the

They tend to be one and the same, Frank. All liberal may not be politically correct, but it seems that all the politically correct tend to be liberals.


Absolutey friggin' amazing

Slippers in a classroom is liberalism run amok?

How about ... people who make generalizations like that are most likely right wing nuts.

Or ... please make sure brain is in gear before putting fingers to the keyboard.

Of course, all teachers are commie pink libruls along with anyone who works in the lame stream media. They are trying to convert all our children to become gay mooslims and promote class warfare while taking food stamps and welfare checks. Did I leave any of Kuntz's buzzwords out?

 's picture

problem solved!

Every school should bring dodge ball back into the classroom. Teachers would probably wear better shoes for traction, and the kids would get to run around a little and play with a ball. There should also be varsity lawn dart teams.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Dodge ball and lawn darts are

Dodge ball and lawn darts are good, but remember..no score keeping. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. What's that, Little Rex? You came in 19th in the dash across the schoolyard? Excellent; here, have a trophy.

Steve  Dosh's picture

B. Mousseau: Core values being destroyed

Bill ? 12.01.28 11 pm hst •
umm. .Is this a real problem in ME ? Slippers , huh ? Next you know , pajamas ? What is the world possibly coming to . [ n.b. , Pajamas is an Hindu concept from India ]
We - all - wear slippers to school here in Hawai'i
In fact , you probably call them thongs , jap flaps , sandels , flip - flops or something of that nature
Doesn't bother us in the least
Then again , our very liberal President is from here
Or is he ?
When you and i were younger , [ Bill and Ronald ;] , we brought frogs to school . Frogs . Our core value
You bring a frog to school today , someone would probably shoot it •
h t h & Alo'ha from Pahoa /s, Steve http://hawaiiannames.hisurf.com/

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Nah, today, some jamoke would

Nah, today, some jamoke would eat it live.

RONALD RIML's picture

Bring a Frog to School?

Bring a Frog to School?

In Lew-ees-ton?? Dr. Dosh!!!

 's picture

Bring a frog to school?

Are you nuts? (Pause before you answer.) If they allowed one kid to bring a frog, the self-esteem of all the frogless kids would go down, requiring urgent action by teachers, their unions, and all other property tax parasites, to initiate support groups and a well funded frogs-for-kids program. Until all that got going, the one frogful kid would be suspended until he completes a remedial program in recognizing actions detrimental to the collective.

Shoot the frog? Even for suggesting the possibility, you would get picketed by PETA and all the various anti-gun nazis. There would be less reaction if you suggest shooting the kid.

Evidently, Dr. Dosh, your degree is not in medicine, because you clearly have no knowledge of Ritalin. Reports indicate it's a great help in fighting adult hyperactivity.

RONALD RIML's picture


"Once again it is a classic case of liberalism run amok."

Yearning for the 'Good Old Days,' Bill???

MARK GRAVEL's picture

If the good old days are the

If the good old days are the Bush era debt levels - I’m game.

 's picture

I was very easy.

His name is Eric Holder.


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