D. Vaillancourt: Greedy members of Congress

Members of Congress have misinterpreted President John F. Kennedy’s famous quote: “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” Instead, they are making themselves rich (richer) using their positions to benefit themselves with disregard to any consequence.

They have voted themselves wages that are many times higher than the average American; also, a lucrative pension and health care benefits for life. They also use their prestigious positions to capture federal contracts for themselves and relatives. And now, I hear, they are involved in insider trading, as well.

I am fed up with the whole political process.

It does no good to have a president who tries to do well if Congress is determined to stop anything he suggests.

The Founding Fathers created the government system to benefit the American people. They must be rolling in their graves to see the fiasco it has become.

I suggest current members of Congress be replaced with an all-volunteer committee. For that matter, why not have volunteer groups starting at the city level, then state committees, all tied together to create and enforce laws. Federal contracts would be thoroughly scrutinized and laws would be created for the majority. There would be stiffer penalties for law-breakers.

I am writing in “Mickey Mouse” for Congress in the next election.

Donald Vaillancourt, Lewiston

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Russell Richards's picture

Greedy Congress - facts should be factual.

There are plenty of reasons to be disappointed with the US Congress but the items cited in a recent letter are not among them. This Congress has not voted themselves a pay raise - in fact they voted to not take the automatic pay raise they would have received for calendar years 2010 and 2011. As for pensions members of congress are part of the same pension system as all civil servants - which since 1984 includes Social Security and contributions to a 403b (the government equivelent of a 401K). Lastly the health insurance members of congress get is the same as all civil servants - I can assure you, that, while it is a good plan, it is not either gold plated or free. Also, a member of congress only gets a health insurance benefit after they leave congress if they qualify for a pension.

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Wilma Turcotte's picture

Greedy Congress

I am with you Donald and high time people woke up to the fact that whoever is President does not run this country and run it into the ground is exactly what Congress has done for years under many Presidents and continues to do. A Republican is not going to ever agree with a Democrat and vice versa even if its for the good of the country. With them its whats good for them. People will say if you don't like the Congress people then vote them out. Its not really mine that I don't like its some of the others which I can't vote out. Some of them are bringing pork back to their state at the expense of the rest of us and am fed up with it. It is time to vote out all the career politicians and get someone for the good of America and not just their own state or pockets. Martha Stewart did time for what alot of the Congress people do on a daily basis. Time for some fresh faces in there of people that have had to deal with real life. Bless you Olympia for bringing up legislation to prevent these people from fattening their wallets in stock trading but if they are benefiting by it then I don't see any of them voting for it and there is the rub. As one little congresman from years past tried fighting for the little guy and got told by a well-known Senator "don't you do anything that puts your hand in my pocket" and that was the last anyone saw of that guy and thats the way it goes in Gov. whether state or federal level.


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