Wind company makes pitch to Peru residents

PERU — Residents on Wednesday night had their first informal meeting with a Texas-based wind power developer that is considering a project on Black Mountain.

EDP Renewables North America LLC of Houston, Texas, was granted a permit in October to place a meteorological test tower off Black Mountain Road near the Sumner town line.

Dan Fitzgerald, project manager, said his company has not built a development in Maine yet. The company has constructed some in the Northeast, including upstate New York, project developer Katie Chapman said.

She described the process of building a wind project from start to finish and showed how long most of them take. She showed a map of Peru with three areas shaded for possible wind farm development.

Chapman showed the Wind Ordinance Committee, which is drafting laws to regulate such projects, how each area would be affected by certain setbacks, including road, parcel and town-line setbacks.

"A 4,000-foot setback would be a killer to the project," Fitzgerald said.

Committee member Warren MacFawn asked Fitzgerald how many turbines the company was looking at building in Peru.

Fitzgerald and Chapman said the company is still in the very early stages of research and many variables would factor into the decision. However, they said there is a possibility of 25 to 35. 

"We are in the very early stages and nothing is set in stone," Fitzgerald said.

Dr. Philip Bretz who resides on Lovejoy Hill was upset over the effect a wind turbine would have on the health of his family and the view from his property.

"We have pristine views, just beautiful views, and I don't want to see them destroyed," he said.

Benefits to the town were also discussed and Fitzgerald said he has seen other projects use tax increment financing. He also added that the company would work with the town and state to improve roadways to support the construction needs of the project.

Fitzgerald said he was pleased to see the town taking a proactive approach to creating a wind ordinance by having both sides represented and being informed on the facts.

Alice McKay of Carthage encouraged the committee to attend a showing of the documentary "Windfall." The film is scheduled to be shown March 4 at Dirigo High School in Dixfield by Friends of Maine Mountains.

Committee members agreed to accelerate the process of writing an ordinance so it could be on the ballot in June. The next meeting will be held at 5 p.m. Feb. 8 at the Town Office, Chairman Bill Hine said.

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 's picture

Peru, get your wind ordinance

Peru, get your wind ordinance drafted and make it a good one. The World Health Orgnanization is recommending two mile set backs from industrial wind projects. If they want to put 25 or 30 massive machines in your community, kill this project. Protect your residents, your property values and your quality of life.

 's picture

Not exactly

Property rights work both ways. If you do something which devalues your neighbors' property you should provide compensation. That includes 400 ft. tall INDUSTRIAL windsprawl which makes it impossible for the owners to sell their homes. It is not as simple as not liking the color your neighbor painted his house. Wind turbines make noise, infrasound, have distracting red blinking lights all night and do nothing to reduce C02 or lower energy bills. Wind turbines keep coal fired power plants burning out of compliance by providing RECs.It is an energy game, and the increased trans. capacity will make it easier for the next Enron schemers to swap energy around like before. Peru , protect your citizens with siting and noise regs. If windsprawl was so wonderful, these Texans would build them in their own backyards.

Alan Woods's picture

"We are in the very early

"We are in the very early stages and nothing is set in stone," Fitzgerald said.

You gotta love that comment! Mr. Project Manager, when it comes to wind projects in Maine, nothing is EVER set in stone unless it favors you!

Just look at how First Wind scams the system:

1) Initially 17 turbines in Carroll.

2) Then they added Kossuth.

3) Then the number increased to 21 turbines.

4) Next the total increased to 27 turbines.

5) After three plus years of planning they still haven't told LURC how many turbines of what size will go where!

6) They still haven't told LURC where the permanent MET towers will be!

7) Then, when LURC's preliminary vote is to deny, they expect to withdraw the application for fine tuning!

And with all this vagueness on their part, First Wind has the gall to complain that they need more "certainty" and "predictability" in the permitting process in order to do business successfully!

 's picture

windfall movie

you tube

google: windfall trailer

one 1000 mw hydro or 4000 GRID scale WIND turbines?

Jon Cantin's picture

There goes Peru.

This is the begining of the end. Peru has had some nice homes built in the last decade. It's a bedroom town. I'm sure this development will hurt my homes value. I would like to be wrong but you all tell me how it worked out ten years from now. Those rolling hills and mountains used to be beautiful....

People used to crab about the paper companies managing the local forest. I wish they still were!

Robert McQueeney's picture

It is very unfortunate to buy

It is very unfortunate to buy land with a great view and have that view get "developed", be it with other houses, a shopping center or an energy project. If people truly want to preserve the view, but the land for yourselves and do whatever you want with it. Unless you own it, you really have very little right to demand anything be done with it.


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